Completing Bioshock on Hard isn’t as hard as it may sound. But there’s no need to tell your friends that! A lot of casual gamers steer completely away from hard difficulties simply because they dread dying a lot and the frustration of not being able to move ahead of the game quickly. So they immediately start the game on easy or normal.

Here’s where Bioshock is different. When you die, you are actually  reborn at a Vita-Chamber and the game remains how you left it. So essentially, all enemies (you were trying to kill) health bars are  exactly where you left them. So you could easily bash an enemy, die, then repeat until you have finished them off.  With unlimited lives, you don’t get a “Game Over”

Please note that the tactics below are for those wanting JUST the achievement and for completing it quick.

Seriously Good At This (Hard)

Because of the Vita-chambers, you could theoretically complete the whole game by just using a wrench and bashing all your enemies. Die, return and bash again. So approach the game like you are invincible and charge through it.

Don’t go out of your way for Diaries, Tonics or extra Big Daddies. Only hack what needs to be hacked and grab and use anything at enemies. Run pass splicers and only kill objective completing splicers. Conserve all your ammo for the last boss if possible.

With this attitude of “I don’t care what you do to me, I’ll only come back and bash ya” , you will storm through it. Sure you will die a lot , like a real lot, but you will also progress and inevitably unlock the “Hard” achievement.

The only obstacle will be the last boss, where there are no Vita-Chambers and you cannot save. But this will be the ONLY obstacle.

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