Level Cheat

There are achievement points for completing all levels on different difficulties, but they are not stackable. So if you were to play this game legit, you would have to play the game three times to get achievement points for easy, medium and hard.

However there is a cheat to bypass a whole chunk of levels and pick up all the level achievements without the need to play the entire game again.

You will need to first complete the entire game on Yellow (easy). All the levels are divided into chapters. Once you complete the game, return to the main menu and change the difficulty (medium or hard). Select and play the FIRST chapter, then JUST the last chapter of EACH level. (You will need to play the first chapter, and this has been verified on xbox.com forums) Once you complete the very last chapter, the achievement should unlock.



This is basically a very simple first person shooter and you can collect a whole lot of points by doing just that. Shooting. Thats right, kill a lot of aliens and an achievement pops. However, some these are a little time consuming, but they are also very easy to rack up. For all weapon achievements it is best to complete the game first, then re-select certain chapters.

There are some online achievements that are also very easy to collect by boosting with a friend. The online lobby lets you choose your host. I personally feel this is the only way to pick up the online achievements, as there are very few people playing this game online anyway. Some games require four people to start and so you may need to rent three copies! Others can be done with just two.

The Downward Spore                                                                 10 G

Bring down a Spore Tower.

The first Spore Tower you encounter is in Episode 3, Rachel, near the beginning, after you clear the gas station area. Just shoot the glowing segments on it and NOTHING else! This achievement is glitchy and will not unlock if you shoot anything else during the battle.

I said Drop and Roll!                                                                   10 G

Bring down a Fire Brute.

The first Fire Brute is in Episode 5. Again shoot the glowing segments on it’s back and NOTHING else. Yes , this achievement is a little glitchy as well. Shoot Anti-tank missiles at it’s back and the beast is down. Don’t worry if you shoot those crawling bugs. They don’t affect the glitch.

Beware! Octopus Dog!                                                               10 G

Kill more than 25 Drudge using only melee.

I found this confusing at first because these things had two names. Drudges and Octopus Dogs.

The best place to do this is Episode 4, Counter-Insurgency, Transfer of Authority chapter. Jump down off the platform and melee  (hit the “B” button) the ugly two-legged bugs around the Spore Tower. Do not kill the Spore Tower or the bugs will stop re-spawning.

Rapture                                                                                        20 G

Kill more than 250 Reborn.

Reborn are enemy soldiers turned into aliens. There are loads during the whole campaign, but if you want to rack them up quickly, there is a place where they continually re-spawn until you finish your objective.

Load Episode 4 Counter-Insurgency, 2nd chapter, Hearts and Minds. After you clear the medical center assault, your next objective is to use C4 to blow up the drain pipes. Don’t bother about setting the C4. Just continually shoot at the Reborn that spawn until the achievement unlocks.

Master Delegator                                                                        20 G

Get your squad  to help you get more than 250 Focus Fire Kills.

Load Episode 4 Counter-Insurgency, Transfer of Authority. Jump down off the platform and one of your teammates should automatically operate the turret on your left. Head to the other side of the compound and then hit RB to target the Drudges (Octopus Dogs) that spawn out of the Spore Tower.  A little red target should appear above them and your teammate on the turret should now be shooting them. This is a Focus Fire Kill.

Don’t kill the Spore Tower or they will stop spawning. It takes a little while, but you should eventually get 250 kills here.

Professional Motivator                                                               20 G

Get your squad to High Morale more than 20 times.

This is very easy to do on Yellow (easy). You need to do well in battle to get High Morale. What I did was not to take any damage and focus kill a lot. Your squad morale will become high. Then take damage and it will go back to low. You are bound to get it somewhere in the campaign if you play it on Yellow.

Small but mighty                                                                         10 G

Get more than 10 head shot kills with the pistol.

Try aiming at the Drudges. They have huge heads. This total is accumulative.

Magic Bullets                                                                               10 G

Get more than 10 kills while the M4 is equipped in Campaign.

This achievement is slightly glitched. The only way to get it is to get all ten kills, with one clip, WITHOUT reloading.

Long distance charges may apply                                            10 G

Get 5 kills while the Sniper Rifle is equipped in Campaign.

There’s a Sniper Rifle in the first level, when you each the very first compound. It is next to the gate on your left. Just shoot any 5 enemies here to get it.

Meatseeker                                                                                  10 G

Get more than 10 kills using the Antitank Launcher’s target-lock in Campaign.

This must be done by locking on to the target first. Click LT to zoom in and lock on to a target first, then fire. Your target reticle will turn red when you are locked on.

Load the Episode Topside, Catastrophic Success. There’s a Rocket Launcher ammo case with unlimited ammo. When you first enter the compound, head right towards the metal staircase next to the metal building. Climb to the top and jump onto the roof of the carport to grab your Rocket Launcher.

The ammo case for the Rocket Launcher is underneath the carport, next to the burnt out Humvee. This case continually has three rockets stocked.

Geometry Kills                                                                             10 G

Get 5 kills with the Scatter Gun’s bouncing projectiles in Campaign.

Load the Episode Topside, Catastrophic Success. There’s a Scatter Gun right next to the APC ( Armored Personnel Carrier) when you enter the compound and ammo all around. This can be a little glitchy as well. I managed to unlock the achievement by holding down RT for a couple of seconds, waiting for the gun to charge, then firing straight on.

Dodge This                                                                                  10 G

Get more than 10 kills by detonating the Plasma Rifle’s projectile in Campaign.

Another slightly glitchy achievement. This gun shoots big glowing projectiles. Hold RT after you shoot, then release to detonate the projectile near the enemies. That’s how I unlocked the achievement. Although it has been known to unlock by shooting them straight on.

Load the Episode Topside, Oversight. The two Reborns on top of the roof, drop Plasma Guns when you shoot them. Pick up the gun, then when you turn the corner to climb the set of railway sleepers near the fence, there’s an ammo case on your left. After you climb the fence, there’s about 20 enemies you can shoot at.

Going for the Gutso!                                                                   25 G

Get more than 100 kills with each weapon.

See “Look upon my works and despair” achievement.

The instrument of your doom!                                                   50 G

Get more than 200 kills with each weapon.

See “Look upon my works and despair” achievement.

Look upon my works and despair!                                          100 G

Get more than 400 kills with each weapon.

These achievements require 100, 200, and 400 kills with EACH weapon. They can be done through a combination of campaign and online multiplayer. However they can be a little time consuming, but if you know where to rack up the kills quickly, there’s no need to go through the whole campaign again.

The trick is to load an episode chapter where you can get the most kills with each weapon. Unfortunately there is no way of seeing how many kills you have racked up with each weapon, so you will have to make an estimated guess by how many times you have completed a chapter run through or how much ammo you have used.

Below is a list of each weapon and where to get the most kills. I recommend going through each weapon guide below until you think you have reached hundred, then change to another weapon. Once the 100 achievements pops up, run through the guides again to get 200 and so forth. 


Load the Episode Topside, Catastrophic Success. This is the one with the Spore Tower and unlimited rocket ammo case. See “Meatseeker” achievement above. Unlike the Meatseeker achievement, you do not have to rack up the kills using the Target Lock-On. Remember not to kill the Spore Tower or the Drudges stop respawning.

I found this the most time consuming as the Anti-tank Launcher only holds three rockets, and you continually have to dodge to reload and then run back to the ammo case.


Load the Episode Topside, Catastrophic Success. There is a Scatter Gun in front of you, next to the APC when you walk through the gate. Unfortunately there isn’t an unlimited ammo case like the Anti-tank Launcher, but there are about three or four cases with 50 rounds in each around the compound.

Unlike the Geometry Kills achievement, you do not have to hold RT to make the projectiles explode in mid-air. You can hit the Drudges straight on to rack up the kills. If you get up close, they get killed with one shot, otherwise it normally takes two shots. With this in mind, you can guess how many kills you have done. Once the ammo runs out, kill yourself with a grenade.


Load the Episode Topside, Oversight. Shoot the first six Reborns with the pistol or assault rifle to help with those achievements. Once you have shot the two Reborns on the roof and they will drop a Plasma Gun. Pick up the gun, then when you turn the corner to climb the set of railway sleepers near the fence, there’s an ammo case on your left. After you climb the fence, there’s about 20 enemies you can shoot at.

Once you get the objective that the helicopter is about to land, kill yourself with a grenade. Do this about 5-6 times, and the 100 achievement should unlock.


Load the Episode Topside, Oversight. Shoot the first six Reborns with the pistol or assault rifle to help with those achievements. Once you have cleared the area , turn the corner and next to the railway sleepers is a ammo case and a Sniper Rifle.  The ammo case has about 15 sniper rounds and there is another case inside the metal office on your left after you have cleared the fence.

You should be able to kill about 20 enemies here, so it is quite easy to keep count. Once you get the objective that the helicopter is about to land, kill yourself with a grenade.


If you like me, I hardly even used the pistol during the campaign. I recommend doing this on Episode Topside, Oversight, as you can keep track of how many kills by how many times you run through the chapter. I count about 26 enemies here you can shoot before the objective. Unlike the Small But Mighty achievement, you do not need to do head shots to rack up your kill count.


It is more than likely you could have racked up quite a few kills already if you have played through the campaign and used mainly the assault rifle. Just to be on the safe side, I recommend doing this on Episode Topside, Oversight, as you can keep track of how many kills by how many times you run through the chapter.

Researcher                                                                                  10 G

Collect a Dossier.

See “Investigator” achievement below.

Hunter                                                                                          20 G

Collect 25 Dossiers.

See “Investigator” achievement below.

Investigator                                                                                  50 G

Collect all Dossiers.

Dossiers are black cases with a big green glowing triangle above them.  You can’t really miss them and none are really hidden in impossible areas to reach. There’s 48 of them and there is a separate menu under the Main Menu indicating how many you have collected. You can repeat levels to pick up any you have missed.


  1. 1.After you reach the upper level of the first compound, you head outside then back inside into an office. It is on a desk in the corner.

  2. 2.Once you head up the stairs, there’s a room full of soldiers, which surrender. Go outside to the left corner.

  3. 3.Once you enter the room to find Noa Weis, the dossier is next to the desk.

  4. 4.When you enter a building and the path splits with stairs on your left and right. The left stairs leads to ammo and a dossier.

  5. 5.After you enter the Mosque, drop down through a hole in the floor. Turn around opposite and it is at the end of the hallway.

  6. 6.After Somers blows a hole through the bunker (after a loading screen), it is in a room on your right.

  7. 7.After commanding Somers to open a large door, you kill soldiers firing at Grayson and Ambrose. Climb the stairs on the right to find the dossier.

  8. 8.When you reach a room with a busted pipe and barricaded elevator, it is behind a blue tarpaulin in the corner.


  1. 9.As you drive through the canyon, you will find the dossier at the end of a long stretch of rocks. You will  have to drive across a rocky bridge to get to it.

  2. 10. When you reach the highway, turn right. At the end of the road is a blockade with a dossier.

  3. 11.After arriving at guard post, you will kill a few drudge. When the area is clear a gate will open. Walk outside and look left to find it.

  4. 12.After you blow a tanker and clear the road, drive and you will reach a bend, there’s an oil pump on the left side of the road.  It is next to a red sign.

  5. 13.As you approach Little Ale’inn, a road block obstructs your path. The dossier is behind the trailers on your left.

  6. 14.Next to the metal hangar where the store owner was hiding, it is near the garage beside a caravan.

  7. 15.When you reach the weigh station, drive right towards a stream behind the station. The path leads to big concrete floodway. Turn left and the dossier is in the left pipe.

  8. 16.After you meet the 4th Infantry, it is in the right tower with the turret.

  9. 17.In the women's restroom, when you reach the train-wreck.

  10. 18.In an open boxcar, as you go through the train wreck. It’s just before the exit, on your left.


  1. 19.After the first battle, go outside the store and it is at the end of an alley.

  2. 20.On the rooftop of the courthouse, follow the metal walkway around.

  3. 21.When your reach the courtroom through a vent, it is on the judges bench.

  4. 22.At the end of the canal floodway, after you activate two doors, you reach a big room. Before you activate the final door, head into the room to the left. There’ a scatter gun in the corner.

  5. 23.After you pass through an objective iron gate, shoot the gas tank inside the play structure, to get access to the dossier.

  6. 24.In a garage across the street, after you enter a cul-de-sac, when group of Reborns attack you.

  7. 25.Next to a swing set, where you pushed a trailer down the hill.

  8. 26.Next to the portable toilets , behind the projection booth at the drive-in.


  1. 27.Inside the Command Center, where Colonel Green gives orders.

  2. 28.Exit the Command Center and turn right. It’s under a satellite dish, next to a truck.

  3. 29.Inside the Chinook helicopter, outside the research center, where Somer’s escapes.

  4. 30.Behind the counter in a room next to the gas station.

  5. 31.In the infirmary, after you blow up the pipe bridge with C4.

  6. 32.After you pass through a restaurant, on your left, under the metal staircase.

  7. 33.At the top of the staircase, behind some sandbags.

  8. 34.in a guard tower, up a dirt slope,on the other side of the landing zone, next to a gun turret.


  1. 35.Once you clear a high tower, there’s a broken fence on the right. Head through it and follow the path to the right. It is under some stairs.

  2. 36.Under the steel staircase, in the Armory basement where you get a rocket launcher to kill a Fire Brute.

  3. 37.Inside the same basement, look for a locker room on your right.

  4. 38.After defeating the Spore Tower, head up the stone ramp through the wall. Continue ahead to find it near some rubble.

  5. 39.After getting into the truck, you will eventually turn left and head underneath an archway. Continue forward and drive over the ramp. It is sitting there near another truck.

  6. 40. After driving through all the broken sewer pipes, you will drive back onto some concrete pavement. Head right and it is near some garage door.

  7. 41. Once you have killed the Fire Brute, head over to the otherside of the area, to a building. Climb the stairs on the left. It is on the broken balcony.


  1. 42.After some Reborn burst through a steel door, there are two sets of stairs. The dossier is under the one on the right.

  2. 43.When go through some wrecked areas, you go through a large doorway marked “Section 12B”. It is on the raised platform on your right next to some ammo.

  3. 44.In the control room where Noa speaks to some guy.

  4. 45.After you head through a broken wall created by the Reborn, you descend into an area with control room on the upper left marked “Dock 5” The dossier is on a raised platform on next to it.

  5. 46.After a loading screen, you head down some metal stairs. It is at the bottom of the stairs.

  6. 47.After your third descent by rope, Grayson gets attacked by a Drudge (Octopus Dog), head through the door until you reach an “outside” balcony with a broken light. The dossier is at your immediate left.

  7. 48. In the room where Somers punches you. Immediately on your left.

Complete Episode 1                                                                    10 G

Complete Episode 1: Iraq.

See “ Complete Episode 6 ” achievement below.

Complete Episode 2                                                                    10 G

Complete Episode 2: Quarantine.

See “ Complete Episode 6 ” achievement below.

Complete Episode 3                                                                    10 G

Complete Episode 3: Rachel.

See “ Complete Episode 6 ” achievement below.

Complete Episode 4                                                                    10 G

Complete Episode 4: Counter Insurgency.

See “ Complete Episode 6 ” achievement below.

Complete Episode 5                                                                    10 G

Complete Episode 5: Topside .

See “ Complete Episode 6 ” achievement below.

Complete Episode 6                                                                    10 G

Complete Episode 6: Wrecked.

This is a pretty linear game and as such you really don’t need much of a walkthrough. Just hit the Start button to show you your objectives. These level completes can be done on any difficulty. Check the Level Cheat at the top of this guide on how to complete the game on harder difficulties.


To defeat the final boss Somers, you need to shoot the orange glowing things to deactivate the green beams and orange walls. Once they are all down, you will fight him in a ring. Just keep shooting him ( like a million bullets!) and he will eventually go down.


There are very few people online who play this, so it would be easier if you got a friend to rent a copy as well. Because you can choose your host, a lot of these achievements can be boosted very easily. If you have not anyone to play with, send a friend request to anyone with a copy of the game on their games played list who have not received any online achievements.

Otherwise you can just sit and wait until someone joins.

Home Field Advantage                                                               10 G

Host an Xbox Live game of Blacksite versus (any game type).

Host any Xbox Live Game. Go into the Main Menu select Versus, then Ranked, then Create. I would try Deathmatch as most people play this. You will need four people to play. Or invite three friends.

Boot Camp                                                                                   10 G

You competed in your first Xbox Live game of Blacksite.

You don’t even need to win. You will get this with “Home Field Advantage” at the end of the match.

I Fear The Reaper                                                                        10 G

You completed a ranked match of Deathmatch.

See “...And Justice For All” achievement.

We Fear The Reaper                                                                   10 G

You completed a ranked match of Team Deathmatch.

See “...And Justice For All” achievement.

Probed                                                                                         10 G

You completed a ranked match of Abduction.

See “...And Justice For All” achievement.

...And Justice For All                                                                  10 G

You completed a ranked match of Capture The Flag.

You do not need to win, just complete the whole match. If you have not got any friends to boost then this may take some time as they’re are not many people online with this game.

Around The Block                                                                       10 G

You completed a round of every Xbox Live Ranked Match game type.

Just play each different type of game on Xbox live.

King Of The Block                                                                       25 G

Win a round of every Xbox Live Ranked Match game type..

Now you have to WIN one of each every game type.

Flag Feeler                                                                                   10 G

Capture your first flag.

See “ Flag Dealer” below.

Flag Stealer                                                                                 25 G

Capture more than 25 flags.

See “ Flag Dealer” below.

Flag Feeler                                                                                   50 G

Capture more than 50 flags.

You can do this with just ONE other friend in a single player match. Just have one player capture all the flags in one match then return the favor.

The Skulls Of The Vanquished                                                  50 G

Get over 20 kills without dying in a single Versus match!

Very easy. This can be done in a single player match with a friend. Just shoot him twenty times without dying.

Exposed                                                                                       49 G

You played in a game with a Blacksite virus carrier.

Whoever wins a match becomes a carrier. You bound to get this on your first match.

Blacksite Virus Carrier                                                               51 G

Finish first in a ranked match containing a Blacksite Virus.

You need to win a match in any game type with someone who has the virus (someone who has won a match). If your boosting with  friends, try normal Deathmatch. 30 kills and the match is won.

Always remember your first                                                      10 G

Win your first ranked match.

See “ Vae Victus” below.

Spoils of War                                                                               30 G

Win more than 25 ranked matches.

See “ Vae Victus” below. 

Vae Victus                                                                                    55 G

Win more than 50 ranked matches.

If your boosting with friends, try normal Deathmatch. 30 kills and the match is won.  I have tried doing this legit and hosting, but you spend ages just waiting for somone to join.


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