I loved playing Crackdown simply because there was so many achievements to go for. Some were incredibly easy, others insanely hard!

Driving High Achievement Glitch

This glitch will allow you to get an achievement, to get a vehicle to height above 115 feet, without leaving the ground ! If you spawn at the Garcia Point supply point in La Mugre, look behind the building, and you'll see a large statue of a Los Muertos Kingpin. Drive any vehicle up to the statue’s feet and the achievement will pop. If however, you have defeated the Los Muertos Gang, then the statue will not be there. You are just going to have to guess where the statue is, or reset gangs.

Shot Putter Glitch

This achievement, throw any object besides a grenade 205 feet, is not hard to achieve. But if you want to do it sneaky i.e. cheat, just throw the Volk Kingpin Vladimir Golyak dead body into the sea, once you have defeated him. For some reason, it will count the sea level as 205 feet.

Street Racer Elite Glitch (Downloaded Content)

This achievement is worth a whopping 150 points. The easiest way to win these races is to knock out the competition. You can block the raceway with concrete blocks or dumpsters, then shoot out their tires. Or block a bend with a ramp truck and watch them fly into the sea one by one.

Another method is to use the Agency Supercar.  Here’s how:

  1. Start any race.

  1. After it starts, do not race, but drive to the Agency building and get            an Agency  Super Car.

  1. Drive back to the Starting line and park the Supercar on the side, out of the way from the starting grid, and jump out of the car.

  1. Hit the Back Button and Restart the race. The Supercar should still be there.

  1. After the race starts, jump out of your racing car and into the Supercar. Now race and shoot all the other cars out of the race.

  1. Before you cross the finish line , park the Supercar back to the side and cross the finish line by foot! This will enable the Supercar to remain there for when you select the same race with another car.




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