This is an easy RPG if you play it on EASY! The enemies and bosses are very, very lame on easy and you can pick up roughly about 500 points in an afternoon.

Because the game is very linear, it becomes a first person shooter and it is strictly not an RPG in the same class as Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion. You naturally level up, not by defeating enemies, but by just completing objectives, with the game automatically allocating your skills.

The game also forces you to choose your class at the beginning. There are achievements for weapon kills, however it is easier to play each class to unlock some of these.

There is also a “lets collect” achievement, that seems to be in so many games now. You need to find and collect about 102 Relics, although, there is a glitch that will allow you to collect them all at one place without the need to look for them. It occurs in Chapter 7, so don’t bother collecting relics, unless you want to, until you reach the glitch point.

Relic Glitch

You will need to reach Chapter 7, Fire In The Blood.  Once you have escaped the Giant Worm, you will fall down into a long shaft  into water. At the bottom lies a Relic.

Dive down into the water and grab the Relic. Then climb the ladder and proceed left into the next tunnel. A loading screen will appear and the game will load a new area. TURN AROUND and move back to the old area. A loading screen will appear and you return back to the shaft. The Relic you have just collected has re-spawned at the bottom of the shaft. Rinse and repeat until you have all 102 Relics.


Sniper                                                                                         25 G

Kill 50 enemies only with a bow.

Easier to start a Archer class character and you begin with a bow. There are not many enemies in the first two levels, but it should unlock sometime around Chapter 3. You could you use the Rope Bow given to you if you started another class, but it doesn’t do much damage.

Swordsman                                                                                25 G

Kill 60 enemies only with a sword.

Start a Warrior class character and just hack and slash your enemies. You can forge swords if are not a Warrior.

Cyclops Hunter                                                                          25 G

Kill 4 Cyclops during your adventure.

You will encounter 5 Cyclops throughout the story. The first one you kill does not count towards this achievement. Some of the others, you do not have to kill, but they are quite easy to kill on easy. Just aim for the eye.

Arena Master                                                                              20 G

Kill all enemies in Rubby’s Arena.

Part of the storyline and cannot be missed.

Shadow Soldier                                                                         25 G

Kill 20 enemies with Backstab strikes.

This can only be done with the Assassin class. You obtain the Backstab strike skill when you reach Level 2, which is near the beginning. You will need to sneak up on an enemy, then when your hand reaches out and starts to glow, pull RT to stab them in the back.

Warlock                                                                                      25 G

Kill 50 enemies with magic.

I found this easier to just start a Mage class character. Collect as much mana as you can, then kill enemies with spells. If you are not a Mage, then use scrolls, but this will take longer as you need to find scrolls and collect mana.

Thanocide                                                                                  25 G

Kill 50 enemies amongst spiders, undeads or ghouls.

This achievement comes easy just by playing the game. There are numerous spiders, undeads and goblins throughout the whole story.

Adventurer                                                                                 15 G

Recover 30% of relics.

See Relic Glitch at the top of this guide.

Archeologist                                                                              30 G

Recover 60% of relics.

See Relic Glitch at the top of this guide.

Crusade Knight                                                                          40 G

Recover all relics.

See Relic Glitch at the top of this guide.

Code of Honor                                                                           15 G

Defeat Aratok loyally without magic.

While searching for the Skull of Shadows, you will encounter an Orc leader. This is story related so you cannot miss it. He will shout to you, before you begin to battle, that he wants you to fight him honorable without magic. Bash him with your sword only.

Demoniac                                                                                   10 G

Kill 10 enemies in the form of demoniac.

Around Chapter 7, you will turn into a Demon. This is part of the storyline and you know when Xena tells you and she has given you a new power. The screen will change, then just kill 10 enemies anytime you are a demon.

Dead Rescuer                                                                            20 G

Save Ishtavan in the Necropolis.

After you have entered the Necropolis, keep going down until you will find Ishtavan. He will supported by two chains over a large glowing pit. Look carefully at where the chains lead to. That’s where you have to go to release the chains.

For the first chain, you will need backtrack and go back to the room where you fought a Black Guard Archer. You should see a chain coming out of the wall, into a stone. Climb onto a ledge and you will see a pin holding the chain. You will know you are on the right ledge as there is a Relic above the ledge. Pull the pin out.

For the second chain, walk back down where you discovered Ishtavan, and facing Ishtavan, then look behind you. To your left should be a broken staircase. Use the hanging chain to climb the stairs and when you reach the top, you should see a huge statue, a Vampire Knight, a Necrolord and a Lich. Cross the arch to your left to get to the pin.

If you have trouble, just keep looking at Ishtavan, and follow where the chains go.

Princess Rescuer                                                                      15 G

Save Leanna in the giant spider’s den.

This occurs in Chapter 8 and is an optional quest. While hunting down Anatir, a cutscene will show that Lenna is still alive but been thrown into a giant spider pit, right down below. Follow the path around the pit until you find a web-lined tunnel leading down. At the bottom you will find another elevator, take it down to the pit.

On easy, a couple of fireballs and the giant spider is toast. After the fight, climb a ledge to rescue Leanna.

PaoKai 9                                                                                     10 G

Kill PaoKai near the Necropolis.

This happens in Chapter 9. After you climb up stairs from swimming through a water way, you will come to some sunny ruins. Climb up the small hill and to the right is a small archway. Turn right up the first flight of stairs and at the end is a ballista (arrow gun). Shoot the PaoKai down in flames and the achievement is yours.

Learner                                                                                         5 G

Complete the tutorial.

Just finish the first level of the game.

The Skull of Shadows                                                                 5 G

Recover the Skull of Shadows in the temple of the Spider Goddess.

Part of the storyline and cannot be missed.

Mission Accomplished                                                             20 G

Complete the game.

Take a wild guess.

Free the boat                                                                                5 G

Take over the boat in the hands of necromancers.

Part of the storyline and cannot be missed.

Find the gems                                                                              5 G

Find the gems in the temple of the Spider Goddess.

Part of the storyline and cannot be missed.

Reach the Necropolis                                                                  5 G

Reach the Necropolis.

Part of the storyline and cannot be missed.

PaoKai 5                                                                                       5 G

Kill PaoKai at the temple of the Spider Goddess.

Part of the storyline and cannot be missed. You will need to lure the Paokai underneath the gate by attracting it’s attention. Once it follows you , pull the lever to shut the gate onto it’s neck.

Slanted Step                                                                               20 G

Make 5 enemies fall on the frozen ground with the “Freeze” spell.

Cast a freeze spell on the ground in front of your enemies and this should make them slip.

Executioner                                                                                15 G

Kill 10 enemies under the effects of adrenaline.

Your adrenaline bar is the yellow bar on top left of your hud. When it fills, press “X” to release an adrenaline power strike.

Slaughter                                                                                    10 G

Kill 2 enemies at once under the effects of adrenaline.

Once you level up, you will acquire a new skill and be able to strike two enemies at once with adrenaline.

Explorer                                                                                      30 G

Discover at least 42 secret places.

Easiest class is Assassin for this, as they can see all secret levers, and passages with a blue glow around them. Explore every new area fully before moving on.

Funny Moments                                                                         20 G

Push 5 enemies into the void without be spotted by the victim.

Easiest down with Assassin. Hold RB to stealth behind a victim then kick them off the edge.

Physics is lethal                                                                        30 G

Kill 50 enemies using these methods: fire, pick, void and physical object.

Easiest is to kick a lot of enemies on to spikes or off cliff ledges.

Weapon Collector                                                                      30 G

Weapon collection complete (Swords, Daggers, Staffs and Bows)

Throughout the game , there will be collectible items. They will have a message appear above them saying “collectible item”  Pick them up and they are stored in the pause menu. It doesn’t matter which class you use, as it will remember what you have collected during every play through.

You can check what you have collected, by going into pause menu and selecting “Collections”

Equipment Collector                                                                 30 G

Equipment collection complete (Armors, Shields, Rings)

See Weapon Collector Achievement above.

Blacksmith                                                                                 10 G

Forge 3 different swords during your adventure.

Throughout the game there will be Blacksmith areas where you can forge a sword. The first one you will come to is in Chapter 3, after you have climbed down a trap door and then some stairs, leading to a door. Go through the door and then the door next to some barrels. You can’t miss it. There will be stove-like fire and a bellow (air blower) next to it.

To forge a sword, pick up the steel bar on the table and put it in the pot. Turn the wheel so the pot swings over the fire. Pump the bellow so the fire becomes hot. Turn the wheel so the pot returns back to it’s original position, then tilt the pot so the hot metal flows into the mould. Pull the lever next to the mould to cool down the metal. Pick up the sword and then place it on back onto the fire until it glows. Pick up the sword and place it on the stone anvil. Use the hammer to bend it into shape. Once it is ready, take to the table where you found the steel bar and place it into the device to add a handle. Once a handle has been added, a message will pop saying your sword is ready.

Different metals forge different swords.


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