There’s a good chunk of easy points on this game, although it is moderately time consuming. The fact you have to ride the horse everywhere and sometimes when a side quest or mission ends, you are left without one. Meaning you have to run around looking for one! All this takes most up of your time.

The enemies and bosses are quite lame on Easy except for the last boss which can be quite annoying. However I have posted a video from YouTube showing how to defeat him quite easily.

There are 230 points on completing the game on harder difficulties, but  they are not stackable. So you would have to complete the game four times if you were to do it legit. But there is a cheat that allows you to start a new game then jump to the final boss fight, and  pick up the all difficulty achievements without the need to play the entire game again. But you will need to complete the game first, before the cheat can be activated.


This is a level cheat that will allow you to select the last checkpoint. Follow this guide carefully as it is quite complicated and lengthy.

  1. 1.Complete the game first and you should be outside the mine after the credits.

  1. 2.Find a horse then ride back to Blackfoot Territory. To do this, go back to Dodge, then ride the ferry across the river. Blackfoot Territory is where you started the game. You know you are in the right area when it is green grass with trees and surrounded by cliff sides. Here is a video below showing the starting point and cheat.

Credit goes to Nikra for the video. LINK : You Tube Gun Video

  1. 3.Once you have the right spot, between the two rocks, you will need to put this code in. Press and HOLD LB + LT + RB + RT + A for a few seconds until you hear a strange sound.

  1. 4.Once you hear the sound press START. Select OPTIONS from the menu and make sure you see a new option listed as GUN.

  2. 5.Once you have GUN, then select QUIT, then NEW GAME. Select what difficulty . Then  once the game loads, Go back to OPTIONS and select GUN.

  3. 6.Select MISSIONS. Then select MAIN. Pick the final mission, Magruder’s Mine. Once the mission loads, go back to OPTIONS, then GUN option, CHECKPOINTS and select the final checkpoint, Kill Magruder Part 2. If you want to keep your stats, press TOGGLE HELP once before you load the checkpoint.

  1. 7.Now all you have to do is defeat the final boss, on each difficulty. I’ve posted a video in the achievement guide below on how to do defeat him easy.


The Hunt Completed                                                                   5 G

Progress through “The Hunt” level on any difficulty

This is at the start. Just basically follow Neds instructions. At the end Ned will be attacked by a Grizzly Bear. Pick up the rifle then shoot the bear in the head when it is standing up. The achievement will unlock once the bear is dead.

Steamboat Massacre                                                                15 G

Progress through the “Steamboat Massacre” level on any difficulty.

Continue through the story and you will find yourself on a steamboat. You will have to fight some enemies and defend. Just use Quickdraw. You then have to unblock a water Paddle and then Ned will ask you to shoot at some boats with a stupid cannon. Stupid, because the aiming on it is really crap. After the steamboat runs aground, you will need to get to the top deck and shoot some more enemies. Once they are defeated the achievement will unlock.

Honest Tom Complete                                                                5 G

Progress through the “Honest Tom” level on any difficulty.

This is basically another training level like the first. After a couple of cut-scenes you will find yourself in front of two horses. Hop onto the one on the right by pressing “Y”. Just follow Tom’s instructions and eventually after you have raced and killed wolves, you will need to kill him and his buddies. Once they are dead, the achievement will unlock.

The Red Hand Gang Complete                                                20 G

Progress through the “The Red Hand” level on any difficulty.

At the start, you need to head to Dodge City. Just follow the “Trail to Dodge”  and when you reach the river a cut scene will happen. After crossing on the ferry, get on your horse and use your compass to get to the Alhambra Saloon. Talk to the bartender then you will need to take out some enemies. You will need to head upstairs and kill some more. Use Quickdraw to kill the guy holding Jenny. Just brain (head-shot) him. Eventually after a few battles, including shooting gang members who trying to burn down the place, you will have a last gun fight where you have to kill Crude. Just use Quickdraw on all gun fights. After they are all dead, the achievement will unlock.

Quick Killer Complete                                                              15 G

Progress through the “Quick Killer” level on any difficulty.

After you talk to Pat Denton, you will need to defend the bridge from Indians. Again use a lot of Quickdraw. Once the whole area is clear you will need to wait for some transport to arrive, to take you over to the other side.  DO NOT SHOOT THE TNT BARRELS or the mission will fail. Just throw them over the side while shooting Indians. Eventually you will need to protect some Chinese workers and Pat Denton. Just use Quick Draw on the arrows the Indians are shooting, before they reach the TNT barrels. Once the Indians are dead, you will need to kill “ Quick Killer” Best just to brain him with Quickdraw and then the achievement will pop.

Stage Coach Complete                                                             20 G

Progress through the “Stage Coach” level on any difficulty.

Head over to Jenny and press ”Y” to speak to her. You will find yourself after the cut scene defending a stage coach from Indians. Eventually you will reach an area that is blocked by rocks. Use your compass to find some TNT barrels, then take them back to the highlighted area in front the rocks. Shoot the barrels from a distance. The rest of the mission is just defending the coach from Indians. By now you should know just to use Quickdraw. When you finally arrive at Empire City, the achievement will unlock.

Law and Order Complete                                                          20 G

Progress through the “Law and Order” level on any difficulty.

This is when things start to get a little tricky. Make sure you are tanked up on whiskey for the final boss fight. Follow Rudabaugh and Webb to the Tavern. Kill the enemies shooting at you, then get onto the horse and follow the rebel. You will end up at a ranch. Shoot at the few enemies at the ranch and after a cut scene you will find yourself inside a barn and you have to kill Rudabaugh and Webb.

Rudabaugh is on foot and has a shotgun that can kill you quickly. Webb is on the horse. Go for Rudabaugh first. Take cover and use Quickdraw and aim a few shots at his head. This will reduce his health, then finish him off with a rifle.  Now just use Quickdraw at Webb, aim for a head-shot if you can, for an easy achievement to unlock when he is dead.

Escape From Jail Complete                                                     20 G

Progress through the “Escape From Jail” level on any difficulty.

At the start, you will find yourself in jail. talk to the guy named Port and he will tell you to escape you need to kill the guard. Wait until the guard is near your cell, then press “Y” to grab him. Once the guard is dead, follow Soapy’s instructions to unlock the cell, grab the equipment on guard’s desk, then follow Port outside.

Now you are supposed to equip your new bow and take out the guards quietly, then steal three horses. I didn’t bother. I just Quickdraw them with a pistol and then took the horse to stash under the bridge. Do that for another two. As soon as the third horse goes under the bridge, a cut scene occurs, so you are safe anyway.

Once you have the three horses, head over to the Livery and throw some Whiskey Bombs (LT) at the highlighted area. Then find some TNT barrels via your compass, and place them in the highlighted area outside the jail. Shoot the barrels and once Soapy is free, follow Port back to the rebel hideout. When you get there, the achievement will unlock.

Ambush The Train Complete                                                   20 G

Progress through the “Ambush The Train” level on any difficulty.

Follow Clay to the destination, then place the TNT barrels on the highlighted area. Then follow Clay to the train. When you reach the train, you will have to battle enemies around the train. After the area is clear, you will need to backtrack and get to the tunnel before the train does. Place the last TNT barrel and then wait at the top of the ledge, then shoot the TNT when instructed to. Once the train crashes, shoot more villains, then the achievement will unlock.

Defend The Hideout Complete                                                 20 G

Progress through the “Defend The Hideout” level on any difficulty.

Follow Chez to the bridge. Use your new sniper rifle and take out the enemies. Keep shooting until Clay can get the Gatling Gun working. Once they are dead, use the Gatling Gun and get ready for another wave of enemies.

After that talk to Port. You will need to get to the cannon. Just take it slowly and use Quickdraw and your sniper rifle to pick off a lot of enemies. When you get to the cannon, press “Y” to use it. When every enemy is dead, the achievement will unlock.

Take Hoodoo Down Complete                                                 20 G

Progress through the “Take Hoodoo Down” level on any difficulty.

Follow Port to Empire City. All you need to do is protect him as he moves the cannon. Just stick to general route and use Quickdraw. When the cannon is in place, just blast any enemy coming at ya. After that head towards the laundry, taking out anyone who gets in your way, and head downstairs into the tunnels. When you reach the end, you need to place a TNT barrel to blow up a door. Look around before entering, as you will need to stock up on ammo before you enter through this door.

Once you reach clay, shoot the two guys around him then untie him.

Now for the boss fight.  Move forward and kill the enemies around using Quickdraw. Shooting the chandeliers is good way to get rid of some of them, as they drop and cause a fire. Just beware of the smoke. Finally when you reach the third floor, pump a lot of bullets into Hoodoo. You will get a cut scene, then you just have to shoot him with  a few bullets and he is dead. Lame, huh?

Save Soapy Complete                                                               20 G

Progress through the “Save Soapy” level on any difficulty.

Head over to the Water Tower and Quickdraw any enemies out of the way. Climb to the top and use the sniper rifle to shoot the rope around Soapy’s neck, before he dies. Once he is free, you need to protect him by shooting enemies. Look out for some on top of the buildings across the road. Just snipe them. After killing them, head down off the tower and shoot the enemies coming on horseback.

After this, you will need to follow Soapy to the dock, shooting more enemies. Talk to the ferry operator, then you will cross the river. Use the sniper rifle to shoot out the enemies on the cliff sides then when you reach the other-side, you need to shoot the rope. This will make the other ferry drift away. When everybody is dead, the achievement will unlock.

Hollister’s Fort Complete                                                          20 G

Progress through the “Hollister’s Fort” level on any difficulty.

After the cut scene, you need to rescue three Apaches that are held captive. You should see them been beaten up by guards. Approach the guards from behind real slowly and press “Y” to grab the guards, then “X” to kill them. After you have rescued three Apaches, you will need to follow them. Follow them closely and eventually, after Soapy picks a lock, you will enter some caves.

After following them through the caves, you will be given a bow to kill guards silently. Kill these and some other guards. You will get your guns back and eventually after you get to the horses, you will need to meet the Apaches at their village. Knock down the gate and after a battle, the achievement will unlock.

Attack The Fort Complete                                                         20 G

Progress through the “Attack The Fort” level on any difficulty.

When you start, you will be fired upon by cannons and guns, head towards the canoes. Keep shooting while in the canoes and after you reach shore, head up the path into the caves. This will lead to inside the fort. Your objective is get into the buildings with the cannons inside. Once you reach the first cannon, use it to destroy the the four bunkers on the other side. After that head into the next room and use the cannon to to destroy the boats on the river.

Once you get to the third cannon, just blast away at any enemies coming, then use it to blow a hole in the building across from you. Head to the last cannon on top (remember to take cover!) and throw some dynamite at it to destroy it. There’s plenty downstairs if you run out. Once the cannon is no more, the achievement will unlock.

Battle At The Steamboat Complete                                         20 G

Progress through the “Battle at the Steamboat” level on any difficulty.

This mission was a slight pain, as you begin with a boss battle straight away, with some homie named Hollister. Make sure you have upgraded and have a shotgun by this point or you will struggle with just a pistol and rifle. Stock up on some whiskey wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Take cover behind some rocks and take pop shots with the shotgun, as this delivers the most damage. Once his health reaches a certain point, a cut scene will happen. Follow your compass and Hollister will run towards you full of dynamite. DO NOT RUN TOWARDS HIM. Instead retreat back and he will blow up.

Head forward, towards the steamboat and then some gangsters on horseback will try and shoot at you.  Kill them all. After a cut scene you will need to fight another boss, Reed. Chase him on a horse real close and keep pumping bullets at him with a rifle and Quickdraw. Otherwise he miraculously regains health. When he is dead, the achievement will unlock.

Across The Badlands Complete                                              25 G

Progress through the “Across The Badlands” level on any difficulty.

Go talk to Many Wounds, then get on a horse and follow him. When you reach a house, you need to protect Soapy and Many Wounds. After the battle, follow Soapy to the mountain. You just need to follow him up the mountain. There are no enemies, just a few Mountain Lions to shoot. Once you reach the top, the achievement will pop.

Escape The Ambush Complete                                                50 G

Progress through the “Escape The Ambush” level on any difficulty.

This one can be a tricky for the mini-boss at the end is little annoying. But there is a sweet spot where he can’t shoot so it is not as hard as some people have said it is.

You first need to make your way down the mountain, except there’s a few enemies stopping you. Just take your time and shoot some of the TNT barrels to make it easier. Take cover a lot as there is quite a few of them and they have a Gatling Gun as well.

Once you reach Soapy, a train will arrive with your mini-boss, Dutchie. He is on the cannon and lethal. Here’s the sweet spot where he can’t touch you.

Head straight for the tunnel where the train came out (as quick as you can and ignore the other enemies) and over to the other side of the train from the back. Inch forward in the tunnel, use Quickdraw if you can, until you see Dutchie. If he hits you, you have gone too far. Just step back a little. There is a spot where you can hit him, but he can’t touch you. Pump a load of Shotgun or Rifle ammo into him non-stop and he is toast. Now all you have to do is waste all the other cronies around , then the achievement is unlocked.

Magruder’s Mine Complete                                                      70 G

Progress through the “Magruder’s Mine” level on any difficulty.

This mission is quite long and the checkpoints are a little more apart. To cap it all off, the last boss Magruder is irritating to say the least. However I have posted a video below on how to defeat him real easy.

As soon as you start, get on the cannon and shoot the Gatling Guns in the windows. Continue forward with the gun and shoot everything, and I mean everything until you get to the mine door. Blast the door open with the cannon. Now you have to make your way through the mine. Again shoot everything in your way and take lots of cover. Use a lot of Quickdraw.

Eventually after a battle at a train turntable, you will have to continue through the mine on foot. Once you reach Magruder, a cut scene will occur. Time to waste the greedy loser.

You need to use the Dynamite Bow and shoot the gas pockets for them to explode when Magruder is near them. This is the only way to make him lose health. Once his health reaches a certain point, he will retreat up to a ledge.

Hide behind the rock, as shown in the video, and take your time. You need to shoot him in the head, for him to throw up some dynamite. Once he throws it up, use Quickdraw to shoot them. If you shoot them close enough, the rock cavern will collapse.  Once the rock cavern collapses four times, the achievement will unlock.

Credit goes to BonersGames for the video. Check out his site at bonersgames.com  LINK : You Tube Gun Boss

Please note this video is 9 mins long.

Keeper Of The Peace                                                                40 G

Find and complete the “Keep the Peace” side mission.

All these side missions open up as you progress through the story. There are 12 Keeper of the Peace Missions in total. You start them by talking to Pat Denton in Dodge or the Federal Marshal outside Hoodoo’s Casino in Empire.

Card Shark                                                                                 40 G

Win the Texas Holdem Tournament side mission.

To start a poker tournamnet, speak to the dealer in the Alhambra Saloon in Dodge. You will need to beat all the other players to win. This is not all too hard, as you can cheat as well.

If you have no idea of Texas Hold’em, you basically need to make a five card poker hand from your two cards and the “river”, the five cards face up on the table. Try to make a pair, two pairs or three of a kind. Or a flush (cards are all same suit) or a straight (sequential order) or even a straight flush! If you have got nothing, go “all in” and try to “bluff” as this ALWAYS works in real life....

Anyway there are six games in total you need to win. Three in Dodge and three in Empire at Hoodoos Casino.

Professional Postman                                                               40 G

Find and complete all of the Pony Express side missions.

For all of these, you need to reach a certain destination within a given time limit. Most of them are real easy, just don’t kill your horse by making it sprint too fast. To start the missions talk to Earl in Dodge City or Daryl in Empire. There are about ten missions in total.

The Unrivalled Horseman                                                         40 G

Find and complete the all of the Horse Challenges.

These are quite easy as you just basically herd cattle and shoot some very lame enemies. To start the missions , head to the Ranch in between Dodge and Empire. Talk to the Rancher outside his house. There are about seven missions to complete.

Professional Prospector                                                           40 G

Mine every gold ingot in the West.

There are 44 pieces of gold to collect. Most are easy, but some are a little tricky. You will need to buy a pick axe for $15 in Dodge to start to mine gold.

I actually found them without using a map. But then again I looked in every crack in the rock and underground cave. For those who want a map, I found one , but it is pretty small. CLICK HERE for the map.

The Greatest Hunter                                                                  40 G

Find and complete the all of the Hunting side missions.

Talk to the Indian Hunter, located just west of Magruder’s mine. He is actually not far from the Indian Trader. There are six missions to complete.

You will need to shoot them with headshots from a bow until you get to the bear. Try not to miss as you will need to travel to another area or wait for it to respawn again, which can take some time. Or talk to the Indian Hunter again and it will respawn. There are six hunts.

  1. 1.Grey Wolf -  Just outside Dodge near railway tracks or near the Ranch.

  2. 2.Great White Buffalo - Found near the old house, in Badlands.

  3. 3.White Wolf - Found near the Indian Trader or near a house in Devil’s Slot Canyon.

  4. 4.Great Mountain Lion - Found in the mining camp across Magruder’s Mine.

  5. 5.Black Wolf - Found in the Badlands near the mine or in Blackfoot Territory.

  6. 6.Father of all Grizzlies - You will be told where it is. West of Empire .

Bounty Hunter                                                                           40 G

Find and complete the all of the Bounty Hunter side missions.

To start the Bounty Hunter side missions, read a “Wanted Poster” You can find them in the cities or just outside of them. Basically you need to find the hoodlums and either kill them or capture them. There are 12 in total.

Every upgrade collected                                                           40 G

Collect every upgrade in the game.

You can buy upgrades from the Indian Trader outside Magruder’s Mine and the shopkeepers in Dodge and Empire. To buy all the upgrades you need $1080.

Best to mine all the gold and do some side missions. There should more than enough to buy all the upgrades.

Every weapon collected                                                            40 G

Collect every weapon in the game.

You collect most of the guns by progressing through the story. You collect one when you finish, but you collect the last one when you have completed the game 100%. That is do every main and side mission. You can check your progress on your stats page.

Easy Difficulty Complete                                                          10 G

Complete the game on the Easy difficulty.

Just complete the game on Easy. To finish the game on harder difficulties, check the cheat at the top of this guide.

Normal Difficulty Complete                                                      30 G

Complete the game on the Normal difficulty.

Check the cheat at the top of this guide.

Hard Difficulty Complete                                                          70 G

Complete the game on the Hard difficulty.

Check the cheat at the top of this guide.

Insane Difficulty Complete                                                     130 G

Complete the game on the Insane difficulty.

Check the cheat at the top of this guide.


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