There is only ONE EASY way on completing Halo 3 on Legendary. That is on CO-OP. The more players, the easier it is. If you haven’t got three other players, go to xbox.com Halo 3 forums and post a request “Looking to do Co-op on Legendary”. There are still a few players yet to achieve this, and might be willing to unlock the achievement as well.

The game completion achievements are also stackable. That is if you unlock Legendary, you will also unlock Heroic and Normal if you haven’t earned them yet. So there is potential 375 points plus level completion points ( if you haven’t earned those either).

I will also give you a tip on how to complete the harder on-line achievements if you feel the need to cheat at those.


Make sure you have OVER two players in the game. It is possible to complete with just two, but a lot harder.

Depending on your party size, one player needs to remain in safe area while the other players attack and clear the area ahead.  If a player dies, he will respawn where the player in the safe area is. Unlike a normal FPS, the enemies in Halo 3 , do not respawn, so it is quite easy to clear an area with players “that do not die”

If you all die, you will all respawn at a previous checkpoint. Some of these checkpoints are quite long , so this tactic above ensures you progress quite quickly. Communication is important in that you nominate or decide which player stays in the safe area. Just take it in turns.

Also make sure no players quit the game unless you have finished a level or at the start of a level. If you quit , the level will have to be replayed from the start. The same applies if you lose connection. So it is best that the host has at least a good connection.

On-line Achievements Cheat

Once you have Halo 3 Legendary out of the way, you can try bagging some on-line achievements, by cheating!

Most of the on-line achievements can only be unlocked on a ranked free for all playlist. Which is Lone Wolves. However there is a way of getting one or more friends into the match, thereby helping you get some of the achievements.

The trick is to set your preferred language to a different language and if you (and your friends) choose a language that is pretty low on players, then chances are you will be thrown into the same match.

You must have a least FOUR players to start a match. Before you attempt this, make sure you remember where you have clicked  or write it down. You will change the language of your console and you will need to navigate back, to return it to English or your actual preferred language.

  1. 1.To do this, first go to your  Xbox 360 dashboard.

  2. 2.Go to your System blade, then Console Settings, then Language.

  3. 3.Select a language ( try second from the bottom )

  4. 4.Load the Halo 3 disc and you will notice the language has changed. In the main menu, Select Matchmaking - which is third from the top.

  5. 5.Press X to Edit Matchmaking , then select My Language which is third from the top.

  6. 6.Make sure the game is set to Lone Wolves ( the games types are all named in English) then select Start Matchmaking - which is above the X.

  7. 7.Next, get your friends to Start Matchmaking at the same time.

  8. 8.Once you start Matchmaking check for your friends Gamertag on the right.

Chances are, especially if you pick a time with low number of players, you will have at least one friend into the match, but you usually get more.

Just as a finally note, all the achievements will pop up in language you have chosen, so remember what achievement you are going for !




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