This game became almost a rite of passage amongst launch titles to score your first 1000 points in a game. Friends played it, cursed it , then threw it to someone else.

You will easy pick up 1000 points if you play through the whole game because it is very linear. There’s no collect missions or specific tasks. However to make it even easier, use the cheats.  The cheat codes for King Kong will still unlock achievements!


Go to the Main Menu and hold L + R + LB + RB and press:

Down, Up, Y, X, Down, Down, Y, Y,

Release L + R + LB + RB and a “Cheat” option will appear at the Main Menu.

During gameplay, pause and enter the Cheat Menu and enter the following codes. Type in exactly, including spaces.

CHEAT                                           EFFECT

8wonder                                          God Mode (will not work if

                                                        playing Kong)

GrosBras                                         One-hit Death

KK 999 mun                                    Adds 999 to current weapon

KKcapone                                       Change weapon machine gun

KKtigun                                           Change weapon to handgun

KKsn1per                                        Change weapon to rifle (1 is

                                                        numeric one)

Lance 1 nf                                       Press reload to summon lance

KK BigBlast                                     Unlock shotgun

KKsh0tgun                                      Unlock shotgun (0 is numeric


KKst0ry                                           Unlock all levels (0 is numeric


KKmuseum                                     Unlock all bonuses


Now I could provide a walkthrough, but the game is pretty straightforward so it is very unlikely you will get stuck anywhere. However the game is slightly bugged and you may find yourself unable to move forward because a door won’t open or you are lost with nobody about. Reloading the last save or starting the level again normally fixes these scripting bugs.

Below are some hints that may make your escape more easy.

Set Fire To Everything

That’s right. Burn anything whenever you can. Chances are you’ll either kill something or reveal a way forward.

Run A Lot

Always run. Don’t hang around and be a tourist looking for hidden extras or more guns. (cheats will give you more ammo) Just run to your next objective. If you see a V-Rex, don’t try and shoot it. You can’t kill it, so just run away from it (and let Kong deal with it) Running, believe it or not, makes the game go faster.

Button Bash

When playing Kong and you are in a battle, button bash a lot. Don’t stop for a second. All you are trying to do is wear your enemy down then go for the killer blow. Cheats don’t work while playing Kong, so there’s no way around it. In fact, I was watching another TV screen in a lot of the Kong battles, while still bashing my buttons, then turned around for the killer blow.

Don’t spend a lot of time killing men, birds or raptors. Button bash them aside and move on.



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