Lego Indiana Jones is a simple jumping-platform game with puzzles to solve and it is quite easy to score a whole lot of points just by playing through the story mode. Although, to crack the full thousand points, you will need to collect artefacts (treasure chests) and unlock all characters.

Some of these treasure chests are only available (and easier to get) on Free Mode which unlocks after your first play through on Story Mode. However there are cheats which can help you with Parcels you need to collect and unlocking all the characters. The cheats do not effect achievements so you can use them from the start. Click here if you want to use them.

If you are familiar with the LEGO series, then you will know the basic rules. Bash and destroy everything you see, no matter how far or trivial it may seem. If you can’t destroy it, then most likely you can build with it or collect it.


This...this is history...                                                                40 G

Collect all artefacts.

There are 10 artefacts (treasure chests) in each level. 180 all together. Some are tricky and hidden and some can only be recovered through Free Mode. Don’t worry too much about collecting them the first time through, as they are much easier to collect on Free Mode.

Once you have collected them on Free Mode, just save and quit as there is no need to finish the level. Here is a guide if you need one.

Your mail is on your desk                                                         40 G

Post all parcels.

There are red parcels to collect on each level. You need to find them and then post them through a red mailbox. Some of these can only be done in Free Mode.

If you want to cheat, use these Cheat Codes. They will automatically unlock all the parcels for you and the achievement. You will also unlock “You cheat very big “ achievement as well.

You chose...wisely                                                                    30 G

Unlock all of the available characters.

Some of these characters are only available after completing Story Mode missions or  like the Star War characters, finding them in Free Mode. Others, you will need to collect all the artefacts to unlock bonus levels and complete those to unlock some characters.

Here’s my method to unlock this achievement :

  1. Complete all Story Mode levels.

  1. Enter the “Secret Characters” cheat, click here, to unlock some secret characters.

  1. Go into Free Mode, use the Treasure Magnet and Treasure x 10 multiplier cheats (to make you a few million LEGO pieces) and recover ALL artefacts.

  1. While in Free Mode, find ALL FIVE Star Wars Characters. Use my artefact guide to find them.

  1. Complete Bonus levels.

  1. Once you have a few million, go to the Library in Barnett College and purchase ALL the characters. Achievement unlocked.

You will become a true believer                                               20 G

Use a Thugee Statue 20 times.

Easiest done in Free Mode. Just pick a small Thuggee character  (Maharajah) and select “Escape the Mines” level. On the left, near the lift is a small character hatch. Make him crawl through then activate the Thuggee Statue by holding “B”. Save and exit. Do this twenty times for the achievement to unlock.

Note: You can only save and exit if you have picked up some LEGO pieces.

Bad Dates!                                                                                 20 G

Give 20 bananas to monkeys.

At the start of the level “City of Danger”, there is a monkey on a ledge juggling a wrench. Pick up a banana from the crate, then aim and wait until you have four blue markers on the monkey. Hold “B” to throw the monkey the banana and he will throw down the wrench.  Do this twenty times for the achievement.

Make sure the wrench he throws disappears, before throwing him another banana, or he won’t be interested.

What a cautious fellow I am                                                     20 G

Destroy 50 objects with a bazooka or other explosive device.

Easy. Go into Free Mode and pick any “Bazooka Trooper” character and just blast away in any level. Destroying 50 objects will not take long. You will need to purchase him from the Library in Barnett College for 30,000 if you haven’t done so already. He is only available after you complete “Into The Mountains” level.

Sometimes enemies drop Bazookas, so you can pick them up as well and shoot.

You call this archaeology?                                                       20 G

Use a scholar character’s academic ability 50 times.

When you see a set of orange hieroglyphics tiles, you need to find a blue book (or have a character already possessing one) to activate it. Hold “B” and a mini-game of “matching the sequence”  starts. Use “A” to select the tiles in the right order, to open a new area.

You should get close to 50 after playing the Story Mode and all the Free Modes. If however you are short, try loading the last level “Temple of the Grail” There’s two puzzles near the beginning.

The best digger in Cairo                                                           20 G

Uncover 50 pieces of buried treasures using the excavation ability.

Only certain characters have the ability to dig. When you see “disco lights” flashing above the ground, it means there is buried treasure or item. Make sure your character has a shovel, then hold “B” to dig.

You can also pick up a shovel on the ground and use it.

You should easily get 50 digs after playing Story Mode and Free Mode. If you are short, the very first level ”The Lost Temple” has about five digs in the beginning. 

Trouble with her is the noise                                                   20 G

Destroy 50 objects or characters using the scream and super scream ability.

Willie is the only character with this ability. Hold down “B” and when she is near breakable glass, and she will scream and the glass will shatter. You can only destroy enemies (characters) with the super scream cheat activated.

Some people found this achievement glitchy with the super scream cheat activated, so I would avoid using it if you are trying for this achievement. I managed to unlock it without it.

The easiest place to get this quickly is in the “Ancient City” bonus level. When you start, move to left of the screen, pass the mini train station. Head further down until you find a camel and a Indy Whip swing platform.  There is a ledge above on the right of the swing platform which Willie can jump to and enter. Inside are four glass panels she can scream to break. Just quit then repeat.

You will need to collect all artefacts in The Temple of Doom chapter to unlock the bonus level “Ancient City”

Start the engines, Jock!                                                            20 G

Use a mechanic character’s repair ability 50 times.

Only certain characters come with a wrench. When you see smoke surrounding an engine, then hold “B” with your character to fix it. If you see a wrench on the ground, you can pick them up also and fix an engine.

The easiest place to get this quickly is in “The Pursuing The Ark” level. At the beginning there is a smoking engine that needs to be fixed to the far right of the screen. It is attached to a lift. The best thing about this engine is that it breaks down every ten seconds, so you can continually fix it until the achievement unlocks.

How we say goodbye in Germany                                           20 G

Access restricted enemy locations 50 times.

Throughout the game, there are restricted areas. They have grey icon box with an enemy picture on it. To enter them, you need to be disguised as any enemy soldier. To do this, you need to wear an enemy hat. To get hats, you can defeat enemies, and they will drop their hats. Just press “B” to pick them up and wear them.

Once you have a hat, stand in front of the icon, press “B” to knock on the window and they will inspect you , then let you in.

The easiest level to unlock this quickly is “Motorcycle Chase” Go into Free Mode and pick an enemy soldier character. That way you won’t have to worry about picking up their hats. There are three enemy checkpoints you can go through, then save and quit.

I hate these guys                                                                       20 G

Destroy 200 bad guys.

You will naturally get this as you progress through the game.

It’s not the years honey....                                                        40 G

Complete any level with out dying, without invincibility.

You need to beat an entire level, Free or Story, without dying. You can lose hearts, but you cannot die. The easiest level is “Escape The Mines” There are only a few enemies at the beginning, then you just have to ride the carts.

How dare you kiss me!                                                             15 G

Use your whip to kiss Marion, Willie and Elsa.

Use your whip as Indy by holding “B” when you are in face front of Marion, Willie and Elsa. The whip should pull them towards Indy and Indy will give them an embracing kiss.

If you missed this while playing Story Mode, I found this easier on Free Mode, using a second controller, after you have unlocked the characters. Use the second controller to change girls and make them stand still. If you don’t use a second controller, they tend to wander off.

Oh it breaks the heart                                                               15 G

Oh it breaks the heart.

You need to crack 15 enemies over the head with any breakable object. This achievement may be slightly glitchy as may need up to 25, it has been reported.

The quickest and easiest place is on the level “Into the Mountains” In Marions bar at the beginning, there are unlimited bottles to use as they keep re-spawning. Press “B” to pick up a bottle, then “X” to crack it over an enemy head.

Fortune & glory kid                                                                 100 G

Complete the game to 100%

Below is a checklist of what needs to be done.

  1. COLLECT ALL ARTEFACTS: See “This...this is history..” achievement above.

  1. FIND & POST ALL PARCELS:  See “Your mail is on your desk” achievement above.

  1. UNLOCK ALL CHARACTERS: See “You chose...wisely achievement above.

  1. TRUE ADVENTURER RANK ON ALL LEVELS: Every level has a bar on top of the screen. You fill these bars fully by collecting LEGO pieces. Once the bar is full, you will get “True Adventurer” The easiest way to get this is to use the Treasure Magnet and Treasure X 10 multipler Cheats. They fill the bar very quickly. Click here for the cheat codes

  1. COMPLETE ALL LEVELS INCLUDING BONUS LEVELS: To unlock the bonus levels you need to collect all the artefacts.

  2. Young Indy Level : Collect all artefacts in Raiders of the Lost Ark

  3. Ancient City Level : Collect all artefacts in Temple of Doom

  4. Warehouse : Collect all artefacts in The Last Crusade

To activate the bonus levels, you will first need to go to Indy’s office, in Barnett College. It is 2nd door on your right, off the hallway. Only go there once you have unlocked each type of character. Use each characters ability to unlock chests and place them in middle of room. Build a chest then retrieve the key.

Take the Key to the Artefact Room, which up the stairs and on your right. At the center of the room is a glowing object with a blue triangle above it. Press “B” to pick it up and place it on the stone object with gear cogs. Press “B” again near the stone object to place the Key and turn it. The levels are now available by jumping down the holes around the stone object.

See “ Got lost in his own museum” achievement below also.

Note : There is a cheat to get 1,000,000 in the Warehouse level, very quickly. Enter as a Bazooka Trooper character, go far right as you can and eventually you will see an round archery target board. Just keep shooting it with a bazooka and it will give unlimited studs.


That belongs in a museum!                                                      10 G

Complete the “Young Indy” level in Story Mode.

After you collect all the artefacts in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” you will unlock “Young Indy” bonus level. Just complete the level to unlock this achievement. See “Fortune & glory kid” achievement above on how to activate the bonus levels.

Nice try, Lao Che!                                                                      20 G

Destroy Lao Che with Indy.

Lao Che is available after you complete the “Shanghai Showdown” level and costs 19,000. Buy him then go to Free Mode and select him as a character. Enter the level, switch to your second character and choose any Indy character. As Indy, defeat Lao by punching him. The achievement will unlock.

Now switch characters and become Lao and your other character is Indy. Punch Indy until he breaks, and you will unlock “Goodbye Dr. Jones” achievement as well.

Goodbye Dr. Jones                                                                   20 G

Destroy Indy with Lao Che.

See “Nice Try, Lao Che” achievement above.

I step on fortune cookie                                                           20 G

Destroy 50 creepy-crawlies.

As you destroy objects, you will see bright red spiders. Bash them or punch them to kill them.

On the level “Pankot Secrets” there are quite a few at the beginning. and when you cross the bridge. Use Short Round because he isn’t afraid of anything or Bazooka Trooper to pick up another achievement. See “Blow it up!” achievement below.

Blow it up!                                                                                  40 G

Blow up 5 enemies with 1 explosion.

This is tricky achievement for some as if you blow up more than 5, sometimes it will not unlock.

The easiest place I found was on the level “Pankot Secrets”. Load up Bazooka Trooper character on Free Mode and after you cross the first bridge, there will be a herd of spiders heading towards you. Shoot with the bazooka into the herd and hopefully you should destroy 5 of them.

He no nuts. He’s crazy!!                                                            20 G

Smash 250 LEGO objects.

You should get this easily after completing Story Mode and Free Mode. Just make sure you smash EVERY object you see.

Hey! You call him Dr. Jones                                                     20 G

Create and name a custom build character.

When in Barnett College, go down the hallway and turn right to enter the Courtyard. Follow the Courtyard around until you reach the Art Room.

In the Art Room you will see two customizable characters. Just select one and use your left stick or D-Pad to scroll through the options. Change one option of the character then scroll through the options until you reach a blackboard with ABC. Select it and enter a name. Once you have changed the name, press “B’ the “B” again to return, and the achievement will unlock once it saves.

That’s for blasphemy!                                                               20 G

Destroy Indy with Jones Snr.

In the level “Castle Rescue”, after the cut scene of the fire breaking out, switch characters so you become Jones Sr. Then punch Indy until he dies, and the achievement will unlock.

Show a little backbone will ya?                                               20 G

Destroy 100 snakes.

Easiest down on the level “Well of Souls”  In the last room, there are traps of snakes that continually re-spawn and slide down until you close the traps. You will need to use another character than Indy, because he is afraid of snakes. Just bash them with “B” or “X” until the achievement unlocks, then close the traps.

I can’t believe what you did!                                                     20 G

Disarm 100 enemies with the whip.

When you attack an enemy with a gun or sword, Indy can use his whip to snatch the gun. Press “B” and his whip will take the gun and if done right, put it into his own hand.

This was somewhat the last achievement some people get, as using the whip to disarm an enemy is rarely used. I think I used it about five times throughout the Story Mode.

The easiest level I found to get enemies with guns is “Into the Mountains” Once you get outside, there will be four enemies coming around the corner with pistols. Use the Invincibility Cheat, if it makes it easier. They continually re-spawn after a while, so just stand there and use the whip.

Throw me the idol                                                                      20 G

Perform 150 whip grabs in the game.

Indy has the ability to use his whip to grab distant items. Just press ”B” when you see a blue triangle above an item and his whip will snatch it.

An easy place to get this is “Into the Mountains” level, right at the beginning. There are bottles on top of the bar that keep re-spawning as long as you don’t get the key and open the door, to progress through the level. Just keep grabbing until the achievement unlocks.

We go for a ride                                                                         20 G

Perform 250 whip swings in the game.

Throughout the game, you will see glowing brown platforms next to chasm. Above the chasm is a brown metal looking hook. Press “B” as Indy only, while standing on the platform, and Indy will use his whip to swing across.

The first whip swing platform you come across, is in the first level “The Lost Temple” The second gap you cross (after you swing the first across using a vine) is one such platform. Now you could do what I did and used this platform to swing back and forth 250 times to unlock the achievement.

Got lost in his own museum                                                    30 G

Unlock secret area in the museum.

Actually this was misleading to me at first, because the museum is named as Artefact Room. Yes, I was looking for the “museum” for ages, thinking there was some secret door!

Go up the stairs in Barnett College, to your right to enter the “Artefact Room” Near the center of the room is a glowing object. Press “B” to pick up the object, then place it on the stone object with the gears and cogs. Achievement unlocked.

Where Forrestal cashed in                                                       30 G

Collect 1,000,000 studs in the Ancient City Level.

You will unlock the Ancient City Level once you recover all the artefacts in The Temple of Doom. See “ Fortune & glory kid” achievement on how to activate the bonus levels.

To get a million studs can be quite tricky for some, I suspect when I did it, there was exactly 1,000,000 studs to collect. You need to smash, blow up, ride and build everything.

A source of unspeakable power!                                             20 G

Build 250 LEGO objects.

When you see pile of LEGO pieces hopping about, then there is an object to be built. Press “B” with any character to build.

You should get this after you have completed Story Mode and Free Mode. If it still hasn’t unlocked, try a few more levels as there is always quite a few to build in each level.

You cheat very big!                                                                   30 G

Unlock all extras.

You will need to purchase all parcels in the Mail Room, which is the first door on your right down the hallway, in Barnett College.

Or you can cheat by inputting all the cheat codes, which will unlock the achievement. Click here for the cheat codes.


There is nothing to fear here                                                    10 G

Complete the “The Lost Temple” level in Story Mode.

Self-explanatory here. Just complete each level in Story Mode.

It’s important Marion, trust me.                                                10 G

Complete the “Into the Mountains” level in Story Mode.

Belloq’s staff is too long.                                                          10 G

Complete the “City of Danger” level in Story Mode.

Why did it have to be snakes                                                   10 G

Complete the “The Well of Souls” level in Story Mode.

I’m making this up as I go along                                              10 G

Complete the “Pursuing the Ark” level in Story Mode.

Keep your eyes shut!                                                                10 G

Complete the “Opening the Ark” level in Story Mode.

Short Round, step on it!                                                           10 G

Complete the “Shanghai Showdown” level in Story Mode.

I had bugs for lunch                                                                  10 G

Complete the “Pankot Secrets” level in Story Mode.

Kali Ma will rule the world!                                                       10 G

Complete the “Kali’s Temple” level in Story Mode.

Quit fooling around                                                                   10 G

Complete the “Free the Slaves” level in Story Mode.

Take the left tunnel                                                                    10 G

Complete the “Escape the Mines” level in Story Mode.

Prepare to meet Kali!                                                                10 G

Complete the “Battle on the Bridge” level in Story Mode.

X marks the spot                                                                       10 G

Complete the “The Hunt for Sir Richard” level in Story Mode.

DON”T call me Junior!                                                              10 G

Complete the “Castle Rescue” level in Story Mode.

We’re not going in the boat?                                                    10 G

Complete the “Motorcycle Escape” level in Story Mode.

No ticket.                                                                                    10 G

Complete the “Trouble in the Sky” level in Story Mode.

They’re well out of range dad.                                                  10 G

Complete the “Desert Ambush ” level in Story Mode.

He chose...poorly.                                                                     10 G

Complete the “Temple of the Grail” level in Story Mode.


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