This is a super easy game to get 1000 achievement points in one afternoon, as it is quite short. As with CSI: Hard Evidence, this is basically a point and click game. Take pictures and you will get an achievement!

But you will need to follow my guide carefully, because if you miss an opportunity, it can be quite difficult to navigate and return to the area, due to an auto-save feature which saves just the last checkpoint.

To make this guide simple and remain linear, I have listed the achievements required for each episode directly underneath the listed episode, in yellow. Make sure you complete all the achievements before moving on to the next episode This will save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Crash Survivor                                                                          25 G

Complete Episode 1


Save The Castaways

After the first cutscene of the plane crash, you will find yourself in a jungle. Walk forward along the path and you will spot a woman. There will also be some guy hanging from a tree, but don’t worry too much about him. Follow the woman, then when she stops, press A.  Continue along the path and eventually you will meet  Kate. Talk to her and you will have your first Flashback.

During this Flashback you will need to do the 815 achievement. See below. After you have finished, talk to the air hostess, and then you will return to the island. Talk to Kate again and she will tell you to follow a dog, that will lead you to the crash site.

Hold RT to run, and follow the dog closely, and you will eventually end up at the crash site on the beach. Look for Jack, he is wearing black suit and giving CPR to some guy, on the beach. Don’t worry too much about talking to the other people on the beach yet. It’s not important.

Talk to Jack and he will ask you to stop the fuel leak by fixing the fuse box. Don’t worry, there’s no timer. Head to the back of the plane and you will see a flashing fuse box. Time to do the Save The Castaways achievement. See below.

After you have fixed the leak, move forward and head over to the other side of the plane. Head left for the corner of the beach towards the ocean. Next to a burning tepee fire, there is your flashing backpack. Press A to pick it up and the episode ends.

815                                                                                              20 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 1.

During all Flashbacks, you will need to take the correct photo and examine three items, for the achievements to unlock. Once you have examined your first item, there is a counter on upper right corner indicating how many items you have left to find.

  1. Take a photo of Kate being handed a bottle of water. Make sure you capture her face and handcuffs.

Examine the following:

  1. The photos on the seat to your left.

  2. The magazine next to the photos.

  3. The backpack beside your feet.

Save the Castaways                                                                 15 G

Prevent the fuel leak from igniting.

This will be your first fuse box puzzle. There will be quite a few in the game. They look really complicated, but are actually quite simple. The menu at the top left indicates the voltage and the number of fuses you have for each ”shape” Pressing the Back button for Help doesn’t help much accept to confuse. A bit like the TV series. It does however give you the voltage threshold.

Press A over the fuse slots and select a shape. Press X if you need to rotate the fuse so that they allow a flow of current to the next fuse. You will need to slot the right combination to reduce the voltage to an acceptable level.

Actually any combination of two curved and two cross shapes will work for this puzzle. Click here for the solution if you don’t want to work it out.

Locate The Cockpit                                                                   25 G

Complete Episode 2

Sweet Memory

After the cutscenes about a monster, move forward and talk to Kate. She will suggest your camera might be in the cockpit of the plane. However the cockpit is out in the jungle and Jack is not letting anyone leave the beach. Go talk to Jack. He is standing at the edge of the beach.

After you speak to him, Lisa will appear at the edge of the beach. Go towards the ocean to find her, and talk to her. This will be your second Flashback and you will have to do the Sweet Memory achievement. Look below this achievement.

After the Flashback, I suggest you start picking some coconuts. You will need them to trade later. Go talk to Jack again and you will trick him into leaving his post.

Move forward and you will find Locke behind some Banyan trees. He will tell they are your safe-zones from the Black Smoke. Walk towards the plane wreckage. You will need to follow the trail of the wreckage to get to the cockpit. Press A to “look towards next” bit of wreckage. Be careful of the Black Smoke. You will know it is quite near when you hear a large bang. Time to run into a Banyan tree for cover! Actually the smoke doesn’t do much unless you run right into it.

Keep following the wreckage, running from a shooter as well, until a game menu pops up. Choose “ Move to the next area” and move forward. Pick up some coconuts and the water bottle and soon you will find Michael chopping wood. He will tell you the cockpit is beyond the cave, but the cave is pitch black.

At this point you need to trade for some torches. See, this why I told you to pick up some coconuts and water bottle. Trade him for couple of torches and he will also give you a lighter. The torches don’t last long , so will need at least two in case you get lost. You could use just the lighter, but I tried and died almost every time.

Push up on the D-pad to equip your torches, and head into the cave. You know you are heading in the right direction if walk through three waterfalls and a dead polar bear (?) Pick up the torch next to it if you need it. Move ahead and eventually you will reach the end of the cave.

Once you reach the cockpit, head behind it to enter it. Walk towards the cockpit and look at the floor to find a book “The Odyssey” by Homer. Pick it up as it is worth $40 and you will need it to trade later on. Turn around and you will see two fuse panels. The one on the right gives you fuses (take them all) and the one on your left you need to solve. Click here for the solution if you don’t want to work it out. Pick up your laptop and camera from shelf further down the plane and walk out the back to end the episode.

Sweet Memory                                                                          20 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 2.

  1. Take a photo of Lisa with her hand on her hip and the fisherman in the background.

Examine the following:

  1. A newspaper to your left.

  2. A recorder to your left.

  3. A diary to your right.

Via Domus                                                                                  50 G

Complete Episode 3

Behind The Glass


4 8 15 16 23 42

Beam of Light

After the cutscene, go find Sayid. He will tell you need batteries for your laptop and you should go talk to Locke. Talk to him and he will trigger a Flashback. You will now need to do Behind the Glass achievement.

After completing the Flashback, speak to Locke again. use the information to blackmail him to give you batteries, and you will unlock the Blackmailer achievement. Now head through to the jungle and meet up with Locke.

Talk with Locke about the battery and he will tell you to follow the markers on the trees. Just follow them like you did with the plane wreckage in Episode 2. When you cross into a new area, you will find Jin. You don’t need to speak to him unless you want to. Move forward following the markers and try to avoid being shot. Hold RT to run.

After the last marker, you will get a game menu. Choose “move into the next area” and you will stumble across The Hatch. Do the 4 8 15 16 23 42 before you speak with Locke. Also pick up as many water bottles and coconuts. You will need them later. Once you finish with that, talk to Locke again and he will ask you to follow him. A cutscene will occur and you will find yourself in a new area. Now before you move forward, turn around and head back to The Hatch. You will get a game menu pop up. Choose “Jump to the hatch”. Approach the hatch and do the Beam of Light achievement. Then turn around, choose “Jump to the cave” from the game menu and you will be back where you were before.

Move forward across the bridge, and you will find Locke near a cave. Trade Locke for some torches. Do not use that book from the cockpit to trade. You will need that later on. Instead try to use the coconuts and water bottles. (Notice also the Yoda reference Locke gives you when you speak with him) Enter the caves and you will find Lisa. She will be your guide. Light your torch and watch the floor. There are some huge holes! Jump down the ledge, walk towards a corpse (?) of a girl and pick up the object she is holding to finish the episode.

Behind the glass                                                                        20 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 3.

  1. Take a photo of Lisa with the sign ’Rico’s Shop” above her in the shot.

Examine the following:

  1. A note on the desk.

  2. A recorder on the desk.

  3. An article on top of some boxes, left of the desk

Blackmailer                                                                                15 G

Convince Locke to help.

Use the information you find in Flashback 3 to blackmail him to give you the batteries.

4 8 15 16 23 42                                                                           15 G

Photograph the numbers on the sealed hatch.

The numbers are engraved on the side of the hatch. They are actually flashing so they are not too hard to find.

Beam of light                                                                             20 G

Photograph the beam of light coming from the hatch.

Just stand back and take a picture of the beam of light coming from the hatch.

Into the Hatch                                                                            75 G

Complete Episode 4

Castaways Treasures

Medical Station

Identity Crisis

Button Pusher

After the cutscene, go do the Castaways Treasures achievement. Once you finish that, go ahead and do the Medical Station achievement. While you are in the Medical Station, pick up the Apollo candy bar in the room at the end of the hallway. It is worth $50 and you will need it later on.

Now you need to find Sayid. If you ask Kate, she will tell you he is at the second entrance of the Hatch. Go towards the jungle and use your compass to follow the markers on the trees. Watch out for the shooter. I think all these shooters in the jungle are lousy shots because I never got shot once.

Anyway, you will eventually meet Desmond. Don’t worry too much of what he has to say, it’s not important. Choose “Move to the next area” when the menu pops, and walk past the Hatch. Follow the path until you reach a stream. Head around on your left and you will find Sayid in front of The Swan (the second entrance to the Hatch).

Talk with Sayid and he will tell you that you need to learn your name to enter the Hatch. Return back to the beach and go find Hurley. Talking with him will trigger a Flashback and you will need to do the Identity Crisis achievement.

After that, head back to the Swan and chat with Sayid. Enter the Swan Station and the doors will close. Examine the door that just closed on you and another door will open for the computer room. Head into the computer room and activate the computer in the middle of the room. You will need to do the Button Pusher achievement.

After you have done that, you will now need to fix three fuse boxes. Start moving from room to room searching for fuses, as you will need quite a few. Once you have cleared the place of fuses, start on the three flashing fuse boxes. Here are the solutions if do not want to work them out.  Once you have fixed all the boxes, go back to the computer room and flick the switch of the panel. The blast doors will close and UV lights will turn on (Notice the mural on the blast door in the cutscene. You will need to take a photo of that later on in the next episode)

You now have four minutes to enter the right codes. Plenty of time. Approach the computer and it will ask “Enter new way home” Enter the words “Via Domus” (Pull RT to push Enter quickly rather than scroll to Execute)

Once you have entered it, the lights will turn back to normal and you will get the Blast Door Menu. Now enter A, B, C respectively to open each Blast Door. Walk through to the corridor, Jack and Sayid will enter to end the episode.

Castaways’ Treasures                                                             10 G

Photograph: 1-Kate’s Plane 2-Charlie’s Guitar 3-Locke’s wheelchair.

  1. Kate is sat down playing with a toy plane. She is right in front of you.

  2. Charlie’s Guitar. It is standing behind him.

  3. Locke’s wheelchair is somewhere behind Charlie, towards the jungle, covered by some bushes.

Medical Station                                                                          20 G

Photograph Medical Station emblem.

You need to examine the following numbers on objects in this correct order. They flash when you get near them.

  1. 4- From Locke’s wheelchair, turn around and face the ocean. Bear left and look for a suitcase under some shelter. It is a bumper sticker on top of the suitcase.

  2. 8- Move forward from the suitcase and look for some shells arranged in the number 8 on the beach sand.

  3. 15- Head over right to the other side of the beach. There is a shelter with blue tarpaulin. Lent against it’s side is part of of a wing with the number 15.

  4. 16- Turn around from the wing and move forward. There is a crate underneath a brown cover.

  5. 23- Go find Hurley. He’s the big fat guy, if you don’t know who he is. He is eating near a food cart. The number is on the food cart.

  6. 42- Go find Charlie. He is on your right, from Hurley. The number is on the domino set.

Once you have done them in the correct order, a game menu will pop up. Choose Medical Station. Photograph the emblem at the bottom of the stairs.

Identity Crisis                                                                            30 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 4.

  1. Take a photo of the folder on the glass cabinet in front of you. Make sure you capture the words and photo clearly.

Examine the following:

  1. The folder you just took a picture of.

  2. A recorder on some shelves behind you.

  3. A letter on the shelf behind the shelf where the recorder was.

Button Pusher                                                                          15 G

Enter the numbers.

When you enter the computer room in the Hatch for the first time, enter the code: 4 8 15 16 23 42. Then pull RT.

Behind The Wall                                                                      100 G

Complete Episode 5


Mapping The Island (Part 1 & 2)

Desmond’s Past

Turn Of The Screw


Dharma Ride


Boom Boom

When you wake, you are still inside the Hatch, but it is dark. Equip your lighter and you will bump into Lisa. Then you will realize, you are trapped in the closet. Talk to Kate and this will trigger Flashback 5. Time to do the Persephone achievement.

After this you will be still trapped in the closet. Talk to Kate and she will let you out. Walk toward the Computer room and activate the computer. You will enter the Blast Door Menu. Enter A to close blast door 1.  Then enter D to enter the Black Light Menu. This will trigger an IQ test. The answers are “63” and “L”. Once you past the test you will enter back to the Black Light Menu. Enter A to turn on the UV lights. Exit the computer walk into the room where Kate is sitting. Next to the Lava lamp on your left is a mural. You need to take a photo of this as part 1 of the Mapping The Island achievement. See below this achievement.

Go back to the computer and enter C to take you to the Blast Door menu. Enter B to close Blast Door 2. Exit the computer and take a photo of the CLOSED blast door. You need this photo as part 2 of the Mapping The Island achievement. See below this achievement.

Once you have taken the photo, return to the computer and enter A  and B to re-open Blast doors 1 and 2. Enter D to enter Black Light Menu. Enter A to turn off the UV light.

Now to clean up on some achievements. Do the Past Of Desmond, Turn Of The Screw and Radinzky achievements. While you are in this room, pick up a couple of beer cans. They are worth $25 and you will need it soon. There is also an Apollo candy bar in the computer room if you have missed the one in the Medical Station.

After you have done that, leave the Hatch. Walk straight ahead and through the waterfall on the other-side of the stream. At the end of the tunnel, you will find a door. Examine it, then return to the beach.

Speak to Hurley and he will tell you to go to the Black Rock for dynamite. Then talk to Charlie (he is wearing a black hooded top) and buy a gun off him. If you have followed my walkthrough, you should have a book worth $40 and a couple of Apollo candy bars worth $50 each, or beer cans worth $25 each. If you haven’t any of these items, then you better start collecting coconuts. A gun is $110 and you will need it.

Move to the jungle then choose ”Jump to the hatch”. Just left of the Hatch is a black and red flag. Activate it and choose “ Enter the Dark Territory”. Use the flags as your markers and avoid the Black Smoke.  When you hear an explosion, time to hide in the Banyan trees! Around about the third flag you find, do the Dharma Ride achievement. Eventually you reach a game menu, choose “Go to next area”

Careful when move around the corner. There’s a guy with a gun in a  tree-house. I recommend shooting a bullet to his head because he is well annoying. If you were broke and didn’t  buy a gun, you could run past him. However you will be travelling back here with dynamite and you can’t run. So it will be mighty tricky. Try not unload a full clip into him either because you will need at least one bullet later on! To easily shoot him, run past him and shoot from the path. There’s a blind spot where he can’t see you.

Next move along the path and when you enter the Black Rock, do the Slave achievement. Pick up the dynamite and head back to the Dark Territory. Careful. You cannot run with the dynamite or you will go Kaboom! The next part is a little tricky. You need to dodge the Black Smoke, but you can’t run. Go slow and try to remember where you were heading, before you enter a Banyan Tree.

Eventually you will reach “ Go to next area”. You will find yourself in front of the Hatch. Go to the stream and head through the waterfall again. Time now to blow up that door. Place the dynamite on the  door and step way back. You now need to shoot the dynamite. This will give you the Boom Boom achievement.

Enter the room and find the computer. Great. Another quiz. The answers are “8” , “R” and “493”. Enter C to select “Neutralize reactor” to end the episode. For a bit of fun, send Ping.

Persephone                                                                                30 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 5.

  1. Take a photo of Lisa with the laptop. Make sure the laptop is open. If she closes it, just step back a little and she will re-open it. You need to take a clear picture of the laptop screen and her face.

Examine the following:

  1. A letter on the desk beside Lisa.

  2. A folder also on the desk beside Lisa.

  3. A recorder on the coffee table, left of the guard. Near the window.

Mapping The Island                                                                   10 G

Photograph: 1-Blast door map 2-Blast door map for the hidden entrance 3-Sayid’s cable map.

  1. 1.This is first photo you take in the Hatch. The one next to Kate. Make sure you have all of Kate , the lava lamp and the blast door in your picture.

  2. 2.This is the second photo you take in the Hatch. This photo is hard to take at all. Just take a photo of the Blast Door you just closed. Almost any angle will suffice.

  3. 3.You will need to take this photo in Episode 6. It is on atable in the Fame building.

Desmond’s Past                                                                        10 G

Photograph: Kelvin’s jump suit, Medical cabinet with vaccines, Desmond’s mural.

  1. Next to the washing machine is Kelvin’s jump suit, on a hanger.

  2. The medical cabinet is next to the diner like booth, in the room where Kate is sitting.

  3. Desmond’s mural is in the corridor. There is a table of paint in front of it.

A Turn of the Screw                                                                  10 G

Photograph A Turn of the Screw

The book is on the shelf outside the closet you were locked in before. Next to the dart board.

Radzinsky                                                                                   15 G

Photograph bloodstain on the ceiling.

The bloodstain is on the ceiling, above where Kate is sitting.

Dharma Ride                                                                              15 G

Photograph Dharma van.

When you enter the Dark Territory, around about the third black flag marker you find, look for an old blue VW van. If you hide in the Banyan tree just behind the marker, look at the marker. The van is roughly about 2 o’clock. When you exit the tree, you might get slightly disorientated, but just look at the marker again and head about two o’clock. It is only about ten steps away.

Slave                                                                                          15 G

Photograph a skeleton in Black Rock

Photograph the skeleton when enter Black Rock. It is right of the dynamite. It will start to flash when you get close to it.

Boom Boom                                                                               10 G

Open the secret door.

Blow up the door at the end of the waterfall tunnel.

Through the Flame                                                                 125 G

Complete Episode 6

Whatever It Takes

Pearl Station

Mapping The Island (Part 3)


Time for some Sonic the Hedgehog running. Holding RT doesn’t make you run any faster, so don’t bother. Use “Y” to jump and “A” to slide. Don’t worry. It is a pretty lame chase. Eventually you will reach the Sonar Fence. Juliet will come to the fence. Talk to her, which will trigger a Flashback and you will do the Whatever It Takes achievement.

After that, talk to Juliet and she will let you through the fence. Once you head through the fence, bear down right side of the hill and do the Pearl Station achievement.

After you leave the Pearl Station, head back up the hill and find Juliet. Be careful not to go near the fence. You can speak to her, but it is not necessary. To the right of her is a path. Follow it and then enter the building. When you walk in you will find it quite dark. There’s a fuse box you have to fix to open a door to the Flame building. Start moving from room to room searching for fuses. You will need eight curved fuses. Look high and low as there are EXACTLY eight of them in here. At the end of the last hallway, is the fuse box. Click here for the solution if you do not want to work it out.

Equip your camera, then walk through the gate and choose “Climb to main floor. Pick up the gun clip on the first desk as you turn right. Walk ahead through a computer room and you will reach a room with sofas. Ahead through the wire window you can see Beady Eyes (the guy who punched you at the beginning) pointing a gun  at  somebody.  DO NOT OPEN the door yet. Turn right and you will see a table with two short-wave radios on it. Take a photo of the map on the table for the final part of the Mapping The Island achievement.

Now walk through the door and brain (shoot) Beady Eyes with your little friend. This will unlock the Showdown achievement and the episode will end.

Whatever it takes                                                                       30 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 6.

  1. Take a photo of Lisa and the guard. Make sure the gun, the guard is holding is visible and the guard’s face is in the picture.

Examine the following:

  1. A diary on the desk beside Lisa.

  2. A newspaper on the coffee table, left of the guard.

  3. A guest-book at the hotel reception desk.

Pearl Station                                                                              20 G

Photograph Pearl Station emblem.

Once you go through the Sonar Fence, bear right down the hill. There’s actually a flashing blue canister, but it is very hard to see amongst the grass. It is between two big trees. The easiest way to find it is to walk around and wait until the “Pick up” indicator appears. Pick it up and you will enter the Pearl Station.

As soon as you walk in, the emblem is on your right.

Showdown                                                                                 10 G

Successfully confront Beady Eyes.

Just shoot Beady Eyes when you open the door on the main floor in the Flame building.

The way home                                                                          200 G

Finish The Game

Hero’s Hero

After the cutscene, you will find yourself in a room with Lisa. Approach her and a mini-cutscene wil happen. Then Tom appears on the other-side of the glass. Go talk to him. This will trigger a Flashback.

Walk through the open glass doors to your left. Go up the small set of steps, then turn left and hide inside the little room. A “Hide” indicator will appear. You will need to take a photo Mittlewerk giving savo a briefcase. Make sure you get a clear picture of the logo on the briefcase.

After the cutscene, talk to Tom again. You are now free to walk around Hydra Station. You need to fix a fuse panel to escape. Should have been a electrician, huh? The only problem now is that all your possessions have been taken. You will need to search all the rooms for fuses. You will need six split fuses and three cross fuses.

Start with the control room, where Tom was talking and work your way around each room. There is a large room further off a corridor you will come across with a huge tank. Go find the computer and enter the answers “44” , “H” and “B”. Select C to Lift Platform. A shark will come out with three cross fuses you need. At the far end of the station is the fuse box. Here is the solution if you don’t want to work it out. Walk through the door and have a chat with Ben and Juliet.

After the cutscene, you will be back at the beach. Go find Jack and talk to him. Once you have finished talking to him, head into the jungle and select “ Jump to the Black Rock” Jack is at entry. Talk with him and he will give you a gun. walk ahead and up to the top deck of the ship. Another cutscene will occur. Tom will talk with you and this will trigger another Flashback. As soon as the Flashback finishes, you will need to do the Hero’s Hero achievement. You need to shoot the dynamite on the crate in FRONT of Kate. Pull LT to pull your gun out.

After the cutscene, you need to run. You have 1.30 minutes to run to the boat (yes, talking to Juliet wasted thirty seconds of the two minutes she promised). Holding RT doesn’t make you run any faster, so don’t bother. It doesn’t matter if you trip 2-3 times, you will still make it. Halfway through will be a mini-cutscene. When you reach the dock, talk to Locke then walk onto the boat to finish the game. Also true to Lost style, a twist in the story!

Hero’s hero                                                                                25 G

Save Jack.

Shoot the dynamite while standing in front of Kate.


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