This is an old game, but still available to rent and well worth the grab for a totally easy 1000 points.

It is possible to grab most of the points while playing one game. But there are also plenty of points (over 500) by not even playing a game!

Now because this site is about cheating, when you do have to play a game , make sure you cheat !! That is head into Options, then Gameplay and knock all the CPU skill sliders really low and your User skill sliders really high. Pick an awesome team like the Seahawks or New England Patriots while playing against the worst team. The 49ers or Lions are so bad with the sliders down. Make sure the Quarter lengths are set to max, giving you enough time to pick all the game achievements in one game and that your franchise game is your first off-line game.

Enter History Book                                                                    10 G

Enter the History Book screen from Franchise mode. That's right, hit a button and get a well deserved achievement.

Activate RS Card                                                                       10 G

Just click the Right Stick while in the schedule during Franchise Mode and get another 10 points.

Score a Touchdown                                                                  30 G

Score a Touchdown in any offline game mode. With your sliders up, this should be extremely easy.

Get a First Down                                                                       20 G

Gain a first down in any off-line game mode. Again, not a problem with the sliders .

Complete an Off-line Game                                                      30 G

Successfully complete an off-line game. You don't even have to win it, but with you cheating, it would be incredibly hard not to win.

Four Sacks in One Game                                                        100 G

Get  four sacks in one game.

Could be tricky for some, but here's how I did it. Choose a  defensive lineman and step back a few feet. When the play starts, rush forward and Hitstick an offensive linemans. He will be knocked down and your player will be heading straight  towards the quarterback to sack him. With the sliders down, the defense should be falling like a sack of leaves anyway.

Win a Franchise Game                                                           100 G

Win a user-controlled Franchise game. You will pick this up while you complete an off-line game.

Rush for 200 Yards                                                                 100 G

Successfully rush for 200 yards or more.

Send a short pass to your Receiver and make him rush straight down the field. Like all the way down.

Pass for 350 Yards                                                                  100 G

Successfully pass for over 350 yards or more.

What I did was to make my Quarterback pass out of backfield, like  all the way back. With your Receiver skills at max , he should be able to catch anything! Note , this does not have to be one pass. It is accumulated over the game.

Win the Super Bowl                                                                 100 G

Win the Super Bowl with your Franchise team.

First, pick your team, then you need to simulate a season until you reach the Superbowl. Hopefully you would have won your Franchise game by a massive margin and your team stats are through the roof. Which means you should have no trouble reaching the Play-offs. Now you can sim the game, and hope for the best that you'll win it or choose play now and cheat your way to 100 points.

Complete 30 Years of Franchise                                           400 G

Successfully complete 30 years of Franchise mode.

Go to the Main Menu, click to Game Modes and then choose start a New Franchise. You will be hitting the start button and "A" button for the next three hours to simulate the seasons. I actually watched TV while doing this. Around about the year 2036, the achievement should  pop.


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