This game is so easy to pick up the full 1000 in less than an hour. All the achievements can be picked up in a single game as there are only five achievements. The trick is to plan it right.

First, set the game to rookie and then CHOOSE The Western All Stars. Make sure you put in there Steve Nash, because he is awesome at three-pointers. Now head into options and toy around with the sliders.  Max out all your three-pointers, blocks, rebounds, etc and put down all the CPU sliders to zero.

Set the game length to 12 mins ( you could probably do it faster, but we want to make sure you get all the achievements in one go) and then choose to play against the Raptors. They are awful with the sliders down.

Also make sure when you start the game that auto-subs are turned off. You don’t want the game to auto remove players that you are currently playing trying to get you an achievement, and then put him on the bench!

Please note that the  Xbox 360 achievements will not pop until after you have COMPLETED the game. However the game has in-game achievement menu that pops up below while playing and informs you of all your progress.

Make 15  3 - Pointers In One Game                                        150 G

Score 15  3-Pointers in one game.

With the sliders in your favour,  Steve Nash can nail three-pointers with ease. So, yeah, give him the ball. Let him shoot from the outside  until you have 45 points.

Score 50 Points With One Player                                           150 G

Score 50 points in a game with any player.

Steve Nash has already 45 points so, yeah, give him the ball again and make him score another 5 points.

Score 140 Points With Any Team                                          250 G

Score 140 Points in a game with any team.

With your sliders up, your team shouldn’t miss any shots. Constantly shoot three-pointers to run up the score fast.

Grab 20 Rebounds With Any One Player                              250 G

Grab 20 rebounds with any one player.

With all your scoring achievements out of the way, PAUSE the game and check out your stats. With auto-subs off, there is bound to be a player with some rebounds. Start taking control of the player with the most rebounds. Make sure he is right under the basket. Kevin Garrett and Yao Ming are good at this.

If you are having trouble with this, you could also try turning your scoring sliders right down and start shooting from long distances. That way you will miss and Kevin or Yao will take the rebounds. You only need twenty, so make sure you check your stats, and turn your scoring sliders back up after you hit twenty with one player.

Get A Triple-Double                                                                250 G

To get a Triple-Double you will need a double digit figure in three of the following stats : points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.

Points, rebounds and assists are the easiest. Take the player with already 20 rebounds ( Kevin Garrett or Yao Ming if you followed the achievement above) make him score 10 points, then have him pass the ball to someone else, who will score ten points, for the assists.


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