NHL 07


This is an easy 1000 points if you cheat of course. That is, use a second controller. Don’t worry if you think you might have trouble scoring into that little goal as well.  Hockey has a tactic where a team will remove their goaltender from the ice, and replace him with an attacker, leaving an empty net goal. With a second controller, just pull the goalie and you cannot miss.

You can also unlock a few achievements by simulating games and seasons, so there’s no real need to play a ton of games. Unlike other sports titles, there is also only ONE on-line achievement, and you don’t even have to win it!

Before you start, go to Settings, then Gameplay and turn off “Auto Line Change” That way, you will have the same team all the time on the ice. A lot of achievements are easier if stick with the same players.


Passing Wizard                                                                          25 G

Have one player get 3 assists in Rookie Mode.

Easy. Choose any one player and then pass to a player who scores.  If you have trouble scoring, pause the game and pull the second controller’s goalie by selecting “Pull Home/Away Keeper” and then you will have an open net.

Hat Trick In Rookie Mode                                                         25 G

Have a player get 3 goals in Rookie Mode.

You will gain this achievement in the same game, if you followed my instructions above for “Passing Wizard” and passed to the same scorer. That way he will score three goals in a game, a hat-trick. Pull the second controllers goalie if you have trouble scoring.

Powerplay Mastery                                                                    25 G

Score 2 goals on the Powerplay with the same player in Pro Mode.

A Powerplay is when one team has one or more less players on the ice than the other team. This happens when a player receives a penalty and sent to the sin bin. The team that has five people on the ice is in Powerplay.

To get a Powerplay, make the second controller run into your first controller players (keep tapping Y) until you receive a penalty. You know you have a Powerplay when the clock has a “PP” in it. Once it appears you have to score with the same player during the Powerplay. This can be achieved over two Powerplays.

Dangerous On The PK                                                             25 G

Score a short handed goal in pro Mode.

This is when the other team has a powerplay and YOU  have less players on the ice. You are at a disadvantage i.e. “Shorthanded” Just reverse the method above by using YOUR players to run into the second controllers players (keep tapping Y) and have your players sent to the sin bin.

Now score with any player while you are at a disadvantage.

Score A Goal in All Star Mode                                                 25 G

Score a goal in All Star Mode.

Set the game to All Star difficulty, then score a goal. If you have trouble scoring ? That’s right, pull the goalie.

Powerplay Quarterback                                                            25 G

Score a goal on the Powerplay with a defenseman in All Star Mode.

Use the same method above for “ Powerplay Mastery” except pass  back to a defenseman and score. If you have no idea who is a defense man, pause the game and check your game stats. Remember the name of the guy with a “D” next to his name. Pass it to him, pull goalie.

Score A Goal in Superstar Mode                                             25 G

Score a goal in Superstar Mode

Same as “Score A Goal In All Star Mode” except in Superstar Mode.

Pull goalie. Score with the SAME player again to get the “Hatrick” achievement below. Do not score more than THREE goals.

Hat Trick in Superstar Mode                                                    50 G

Have a player get 3 goals in Superstar Mode.

Set the game to Superstar and make sure “Auto Line Changes” is still turned off. Score with the same player three times to get a Hat Trick. He has to score exactly THREE. No more, no less or the achievement will not unlock.

Shutout in Superstar Mode                                                      50 G

Get a Shutout in Superstar Mode.

This can be unlocked at the same time as the above” Hatrick” achievement. Just make sure you do not score with the second controller.

Player scores 5 goals                                                                50 G

Score 5 goals in a game with one player

This can be done on any difficulty. Although difficulty is almost irrelevant with the pull goalie method. You must score with the same player and score exactly FIVE goals. No more, no less or the achievement will not pop.

Victory in Rookie Mode                                                             25 G

Win a game in Rookie Mode vs the CPU.

Two controllers. Set the game to Rookie, pull second controllers goalie. Finish and win.

Victory in All Pro Mode                                                             25 G

Win a game in Pro Mode vs the CPU.

See “Victory In Rookie Mode” above.

Victory in All Star Mode                                                            25 G

Win a game in All Star Mode vs the CPU.

See “Victory In Rookie Mode” above.

Victory in Rookie Mode                                                             25 G

Win a game in Rookie Mode vs the CPU.

See “Victory In Rookie Mode” above.

Complete a ranked online game                                              25 G

Play and complete an on-line ranked game.

You do not have to win it, but you MUST complete the entire game to get the achievement. Even if the other player quits, complete the game. This achievement may be a little harder than it seems, simply because it took me ages to find someone actually playing it!

Tournament Champion                                                             50 G

Win a tournament with a minimum of 3 games played in All Star Mode.

You cannot use a second controller for this achievement, however you can make it easier.

Begin by selecting International Tournament. Select a maximum of three games and choose Canada as your team. Pick the worst teams to play against like Italy and Great Britain, then adjust the player sliders to your favour.

You can also sim a game and enter just at the last quarter and win it from there. Do this by intervening the sim by pressing “A”. If you choose this method, remember to save after you have set up the tournament. Then play the game. If you lose, just return to the last save. If you win, save the game and move on to the next game. Repeat until you win the tournament.

You must play or play some of all three games manually. You cannot sim the three victories or the achievement will not unlock.

Shootout Winner                                                                       25 G

Win a game in shootout mode.

This can be done with two controllers. Go to the Main menu and select Game Modes. Choose Dodge Shootout and select any team. Before you start, choose the option to take control of your goalie on the second controller then simply move him out of the way. Then slam one in with the first controller.

Shootout Perfection                                                                  50 G

Win a shootout 2-0 without taking the third shot in the shootout.

Use the same method above in “Shootout Winner” but score both shots. Obviously don’t let the second controller score at all!

Finish a season in Dynasty Mode                                            25 G

Complete a season in Dynasty Mode ®

The easiest way is to simulate a season. Now before you go off and start simming , you can save yourself a lot of time by trying to pick up some other dynasty related achievements, like “10 game winning streak”,  by planning your dynasty sim right. You will have to play manually some games, like for the “Stanley Cup”, but doing this all in the same Dynasty can haul a lot of points easy and effectively.

Follow the next achievements in order and you will pick up most of them up by simming. “Complete all 10 years of Dynasty Mode®” should be your last achievement.

First, start a Dynasty with The Capitals. Make sure you have OVECHKIN on each of your four lines. This ensures he plays a lot of games and is always in your starting line up. You will need him for the “MVP” achievements. Now SAVE your Dynasty.

10 Game Winning Streak                                                          75 G

Win 10 games in a row in Dynasty Mode ®

Right, now start simming your games. If you win, save your game. If you lose, exit Dynasty Mode without saving and reload your file and try again. Do this until your team (The Capitals) win ten in a row.

Earn 100 pts In A Season                                                         50 G

Your team must earn 100 points in a season in Dynasty Mode ®

Repeat the method above in ”10 game winning streak” but now you must win at least 50 games to clock up 100 points. There are actually 82 regular season games, so if you win every game you will crack 164 points. Go for it. Go win EVERY game and it will guarantee the next achievements.

Win The Presidents Trophy                                                      25 G

Come in first place overall during a season in Dynasty Mode ®

If you win every game like I told you to, you will definitely be awarded the Presidents Trophy. By now you should have picked up “Finish a season in Dynasty Mode” achievement.

MVP                                                                                            75 G

Have a player on your team win Most Valuable Player during a season in Dynasty Mode®

With Ovechkin in every starting line up and winning 82 games in a row, spank me if doesn’t get 250 points  and get the MVP at the end of this awesome season.  Bear in mind, sometimes the simming injures a player and he could miss a few games. Just make sure if he does get injured, return to a previous save, and try simming again.

Stanley Cup Champions                                                           25 G

Win the Stanley Cup ®. A minimum of 10 games must be played.

After winning every game , you definitely will hit the playoffs. You will know you are at them when you can see you will be playing the same team EIGHT times.

To get this achievement, you must PLAY manually a minimum of 10 games during the playoffs. It doesn’t matter if you lose some of them, but you must WIN the series.

The quickest and easiest way is to sim the game, then intervene by pressing “A” and playing the last five minutes. I personally waited until I got a game where I was at least 1 or 2 goals up, then intervened. Then tried to make sure Ovechkin scored at least once.

Once you win, SAVE your game. You will need FOUR wins to progress into the next round . My advice is to win all your first ten games. I mean why ruin an already totally awesome season with a loss? Then sim the next wins to lift that cup.

Playoff MVP                                                                                75 G

Have a player on your team win the Conn Smythe Trophy as Most Valuable Player during the playoffs.

Winning every game during the playoffs and making sure Ovechkin scored at least once during a game should get you this achievement.

Complete Dynasty Mode                                                           50 G

Complete all 10 years of Dynasty Mode®

Simming is the fastest way. Now that you completed a totally incredible season, you can play rubbish now. It doesn’t matter. Just sim the next nine years and the achievement is yours.

If somehow you have missed a dynasty related achievement, well there’s always next season. You might as well attempt it during these next nine years.

Just a warning. This achievement took me over three hours to sim.


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