Forge Full Armor Sets

This glitch unlocks the forge full armor sets achievements without losing any money.

  1. Save enough money to buy the Arcanium Weapon, Armor and     Helmet.

  2. Save enough Minions to able to max each item.

  3. Save your game.

  4. Next go into Forge and buy the items and max them all out.

  5. You MUST be wearing the equipment for the achievement to unlock.

  6. Once the achievement pops, do not leave the Forge just QUIT the game without saving.

  7. You can go to the Xbox dashboard if you wish.

  8. Reload the game and your money will be the same as you last time saved.

  9. Rinse and repeat with the other sets.

This more of a cheat than a glitch, but technically an oversight from the developers. Maybe they forgot to check some box or whatever. But what do we care..we just want to cheat.


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