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This game is easy to get a lot of points just by playing it, as most of the achievements are awarded for completing certain puzzles or answering questions. If, however you plan to pick up this game just for achievements, then of course this can be super easy if you know the answers!

There are apparently 1800 questions in Scene It. Not all are trivia and some them involve visual puzzles, which can be difficult to describe. I am not going to list ALL the answers, that would be another website altogether ! But I am going to list a good chunk of them, so you can get started on some of the achievements pretty quickly.

Because this website is about cheating, then obviously do the dirty cheating rotten method. That is pause the game, then Google the answers. You can not (unfortunately) Google the visual puzzles or the anagrams. However, I am going to give you a cheat for the anagrams. As for the visuals, the questions do start repeating after a while ( even though it has been marketed they won’t) and you will get to know them by playing a lot of rounds.

This game is a lot of fun just playing and guessing the answers. But we are not here for fun. We are here for easy achievements, right?

Answer 10 Questions Under 1 Sec Cheat

Start a Long Play game, then quickly press A for each answer. There are bound to be 10 questions with the answer “A” during Long Play, as there are about 70-75 questions. If you were unlucky, just try it again.

30 - 60 Questions Right Cheat

When answering questions, it is quite possible to skip the answers you do not know,  just by letting the time run out. You will not receive a penalty for doing this and this will not count as a wrong answer. However, you will need to get as many as you can right because there are only about 70 -75 questions in Long Play.

This cheat only works with the 30 or 60 questions answered correctly achievements. This cannot be be used for the 5-15 questions answered correctly in a row achievements. Each question needs to be answered and you cannot skip any questions or give any wrong answers.

Anagram Question Cheat

Use this site Universal Anagram Solver to solve the anagram questions easily.


Screening Room Questions

Coming To America

Q - Name the movie?

A - Coming to America

Q - What is the only line spoken by Arsenio Hall?

A - He ain't lying!

Q - What newspaper is Saul reading?

A - Racing Forum

Q - What type of hairstyle does Prince Akeem request?

A - A jerry curl

Q - Where does Prince Akeem go to find a bride?

A - Queens

The Bourne Supremacy

Q - How many men were in the interregation room with Jason?

A - Two

Q - What is the name of the actor who plays Jason Bourne?

A - Matt Damon

Q - What were the last two words spoken in this scene?

A - “I understand”

Q - The Bourne Supremacy is the sequel to what movie?

A - The Bourne Identity

Q - Who wrote the novel in which the movie is based?

A - Robert Ludlum

9 to 5

Q - Name the movie?

A - 9 to 5

Q - Name the  two actresses co-starred with Dolly Parton in this movie?

A - Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda

Q - What was the name of Dolly Parton's character in this movie?

A - Doralee Rhodes

Q - What type of poison "accidently" gets into Franklin's coffee?

A - Rat Poison

Q - What was the name of Dolly Parton's theme Park?

A - Dollywood


Q - Name the movie

A - Sabrina

Q - Name the Actor that plays Linus Larrabee?

A - Humphrey Bogart

Q - Who plays Sabrina in the movie?

A - Audrey Hepburn

Q - Who play Sabrina in the 1995 re-make of the movie?

A - Julia Ormond

Q - Linus was the chairman on the board of which company?

A - Larabee Industries

In The Line Of Fire

Q - Name the movie

A - In the Line of Fire

Q - What is the first name of Clint Eastwood’s character?

A - Frank

Q - Name the actor whose voice is on the other end of the line.

A - John Malkovich

Q - Which US President is merged in the scene?

A - John F. Kennedy

Q - Who directed this movie?

A - Wolfgang Petersen

Saturday Night Fever

Q - Name the movie

A - Saturday Night Fever.

Q - Name the actor in this scene

A - John Travolta

Q - What is the female characters name?

A - Stephanie Mangano

Q - What is the colour of John Travoltas shirt in this scene?

A - Red.

Q - Who wrote and directed the 1983 sequel to the movie?

A - Sylvester Stallone


Q – Name the “Falcon Crest” star that plays Tom in this scene

A – Lorenzo Lemus

Q – Name the actors who play the main roles in this movie.

A - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Q – What is the name of the high school featured in the movie?

A – Rydell High

Q – Sandy says she is “glad Tom is such a” what?

A – “Simple Person”

Q – Where is Toms brains?

A – In his biceps

Lawrence Of Arabia

Q - Why does Lawrence say he likes the desert?

A - "Its Clean"

Q - How many times does Bentley knock on the car?

A - Three

Q - How does Lawrence die in the movie?

A - Motorcycle Accident

Q - Who directed this film?

A - David Lean

Q - How many oscars did this film win?

A - Seven

Some Like It Hot

Q - Name the movie

A - Some like it hot

Q - Name the male actor in the scene.

A - Tony Curits

Q - How many different male bands has Sugar worked with in last two years?

A - Six

Q - What type of Saxophone does Joe/Josephine play?

A - Tenor

Q - Name the director who was nominated for a Oscar for this movie.

A - Billy Wilder

There’s Something About Mary

Q - Name the comedy trio that made Puffy's defense move famous.

A - The Three Stooges

Q - Where does Ben Stiller first get bit by Puffy in this scene?

A - On the ankle

Q - Name the brother team that directed this movie

A - The Farrelly Brothers

Q - Where does the scene take place?

A - Mary's Apartment

Q - Who drugged Puffy?

A - Pat

Young Frankenstein

Q - What relation is Gene Wilders character to the original Dr Frankinstien?

A - GrandSon

Q - Name the actress who play Inga

A - Teri Garr

Q - Name the comedian who was married to Gene Wilder

A - Gilda Radner

Q - Young Frankenstien received how many Academy Award Nominations?

A - 2

Q - The tag-line for this film read " The....... of all time"

A - Scariest Comedy

Somewhere In Time

Q - Name the movie

A - Somewhere in Time

Q - What is the hotel room number?

A - 117

Q - What does the women claim she will be doing all day?

A - Rehearsing

Q - Name Christopher Reeves alter ego in Superman

A - Clark Kent

Q - What time will the couple meet?

A - 1 o'clock

12 Angry Men

Q - Name the movie

A - 12 Angry Men

Q - According to the man, what time did the boy leave the house?

A - Ten minutes after 12

Q - What words are printed on the door opened at the beginning of the scene?

A- Jury Room

Q - Name the actor who proclaims "Its not possible"

A - Lee J Cobb

Q - From which pocket does Henry Ford pull out a knife?

A - His right coat pocket.

Pop Culture Questions

Q - Deborah Foreman totally played the character in 1983 "Valley Girl" But who played her punk-rocker love interest?

A - Nicholas Cage

Q - Name the comic actor who co-wrote his break-out hit " 40 Year-old Virgin"

A - Steve Carell

Q - Name the actor who played Lee Harvey Oswald in Oliver Stones "JFK"

A - Gary Oldman

Q - Phillip Seymour Hoffman lost 40 pounds for his Oscar winning role in what 2005 biopic?

A - Capote

Q - What comedian/actor directed "The Cable Guy"

A - Ben Stiller

Q - Who speak his mind as Silent Bob in such films as "Clerks" and "Chasing Army"?

A - Kevin Smith

Q - What futuristic movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a wrongly convicted man who must survive a deadly sadistic game show?

A - The Running Man

Q - In 1997, two big budget volcano movies were released "Volcano" was one of them what was the other?

A- Dante's Peak

Q - Who played the George Clooney roll in the original "Oceans Eleven"?

A - Frank Sinatra

Q - In what city does 2005 comedy "Fever Pitch" take place?

A - Boston

Q – What heroic musical duo had an excellent adventure in 1989 and a bogus journey in 1991?

A – Bill and Ted

Q – Name the former “In Living Colour” star who directed “Scary Movie”

A – Keenen Ivory Wayans

Q – Who plays Indiana Jones’s father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

A – Sean Connery

Q – In 2004 and 2005, respectively, Renny, Harlin and Paul Schrader both direct prequels to what classic 1973 horror film?

A- The Exorcist

Q – What actors play lovers Mikey and Mallory who go on a widely publicised murder spree in a controversial 1994 movie?

A – Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis

Q - Demi Moore bulked up as Lt Jordan O’Neill who had something to prove in what 1997 drama?

A - G.I Jane

Q - Name the Oscar winning actor who's first big screen role was playing Tré Styles in "Boyz in the Hood"?

A - Cuba Gooding Jr

Q - What 2004 movie as based is the life of JM Barrie and the family who inspired him to write Peter Pan?

A - Finding Neverland

Q - What is the name of the frustrated teacher  played by Ray Walston in " Fast times at Ridgemount High"?

A - Mr Hand

Q - What comedian plays Montgomery Brewster's beneficiary who inherits a large some of money in Brewster's Millions?

A - Richard Pryor

Quotable Questions - Finish The Line

Line - I’m not a smart man, but I know...

A - What love is (Forest Gump)

Line - The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world ...

A - He didn't exist (The Usual Suspects)

Line – A boys best friend is?

A – His Mother (Psycho)

Line – Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most...

A – Human (Star Trek)

Line - By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, ...

A - You shall be avenged (Galaxy Quest)

Line - Help me. Obi-Wan Kenobi...

A - Your my only hope. (Star Wars)

Line - You killed my father ...

A - Prepare to die! (The Princess Bride)

Line - There's no Area 51, There’s no space ship. Uh excuse me Mr President, thats...

A - Not entirely accurate (Independence Day)

Line - Dont go...

A - Into the light (Poltergiest)

Line - My advice to is to start...

A - Drinking heavily (Animal House)

Line - Nothing gold...

A - Can stay (The Outsiders)

Line - I want my...

A - Two dollars (Better of dead)

Line - You had me...

A - At hello (Jerry Maguire)

Line - You're gonna need a bigger...

A - Boat (Jaws)

Credit Roll Questions

Senior Puppet Master - Jane Gootnick

Prints by - M C Escher

Voice of Hoggle - Brian Henson

A - Labyrinth

Colonel Lucas - Harrison Ford

Directed by - Francis Ford Coppola

Captain Willard - Martin Sheen

A - Apocalypse Now

Coach Calhoun - Sid Caesar

Frenchy - Didi Conn

Teen Angel - Frankie Avalon

A - Grease

Written By - Kevin Williamson

Principle Himbry - Henry Winkler

Casey - Drew Barrymore

A - Scream


K-Billy DJ – Steven Wright

Written and Directed by - Quentin Tarantino

“Stuck In The Middle With You” performed by – Stealers Wheels

A – Reservoir Dogs

Based on a book by – P.D. James

Baby Diego – Juan Yacuzzi

Kee – Claire-Hope Ashitey

A – Children of Men

Arab Swordsman – Terry Richards

Story by – George Lucas and Phillip Kaufman

Marion – Karen Allen

A – Raiders of the Lost Ark

Directed by – Victor Fleming

Based on Novel by – L Frank Baum

Winged Monkey – Harry Cogg

A – Wizard of Oz

Score Vocals preformed by – Lisa Gerrard

Chariots and Horses provided by – Carrozona, Rome

Juba – Djimon Hounsou

A – Gladiator

Sequential Questions

Ed Wood

Sleepy Hollow

Big Fish

Corpse Bride

Two Days In The Valley

Reindeer Games


North Country

Rosemary’s Baby

Pretty Baby

Three Men And A Baby

She’s Having A Baby




What About Bob

The Professional

Mars Attacks

Where The Heart Is

Garden State


The Color Of Money

The Firm

Mission Impossible


Mad Max

The Bounty

Lethal Weapon



The Phantom Menace

Black Hawk Down

Down With Love


Natural Born Killers

Batman Forever

Men In Black

Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction

Jackie Brown

Kill Bill Vol 1


The Piano

A Life less Ordinary

O Brother Where Art Thou

The Incredibles


The King And I

South Pacific

The Sound Of Music

The Horse Whisperer

Ghost World

Girl With Pearl Earring

The Black Dhalia

The Great White Hope

Star Wars: A New Hope


The Hunt For Red October

Steel Magnolias

The pelican Brief

Conspiracy Theory

Erin Brockovich


The Virgin Suicides



Marie Antoinette

Malcom X

He Got Game

25th Hour

Inside Man

The Philidelphia Story

The African Queen

Lion In The Water

On Golden Pond

Young Frankenstein

Silent Movie

Space Balls

Robin Hood Men In Tights


Monsters Ball

Die Another Day


Final Cut Questions

Raising Arizona

Q - Name the two actors in this scene.

A - Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter

Q - What does Edwina tell H.I not to do around the baby?

A - Cuss

Q - What is the title of the Childcare manual that H.I later refers to as instructions?

A - Dr Spooks baby and Child Care

Q - What film does Nicolas Cage win his first Academy Award?

A- Leaving Las Vegas

Get Shorty

Q - What is the name of John Travolta's character?

A - Chilli Palmer

Q - What is the name of the man that Leo will be dealing with now?

A - Ray "Bone"

Q - What is the name of the 2005 sequel to the movie?

A - Be cool

Q - How much is in the bag?

A - $310,000


Q - What is the profession of Tom Hank's character?

A - Lawyer

Q - Who plays Tom Hank’s partner in the movie?

A - Antonio Banderas

Q - Who directed this film?

A - Jonathan Demme

Q - Name the two musicians who received Oscar nominations for the original score for this movie?

A - Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young


Q – Who provides the voice for Princess Fiona in this movie?

A – Cameron Diaz

Q – Which of the following characters did not appear in the first Shrek Movie?

A – Puss in Boots

Q – How many Oscars did this film win?

A – One

Q – Name the evil character, voiced by John Lithgow who excels all the fairy tale beings from Durloc.

A – Lord Farquaad

Broadcast News

Q - According to Jane who is qualified to do the job?

A - Aaron

Q - Who directed the film?

A - James L. Brooks.

Q - In what year was this movie released?

A - 1987

Q - Holly Hunter was cast two days before shooting to replace which actress?

A - Debra Winger