Eternal Sonata (EU / PAL)

Eternal Sonata (Japan / NTSC-J)

Hot Wheels: Beat That ! (French / PAL)

Kane & Lynch (Japan / NTSC-J)

Lost Odyssey (Japan / NTSC-J)

Overlord (Japan / NTSC-J)

Quake 4 (German / PAL)

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (German / PAL)

Soldier of Fortune ( Australia / PAL)

Saints Row (German / PAL)

Saints Row (Japan / NTSC-J)

Tomb Raider (Japan / NTSC-J)

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (French / PAL)

Below is a list of Stackable Games. Stackable Games are games that can be completed more than once to attain another possible 1000 points. This is because some games are released on PC or are region coded.

For Region Coded games, what is needed is another console that is compatible to the color system on the disc. NTSC (USA, Canada) NTSC-J (Japan) and PAL (Europe, Australia) are the three color formats that the Xbox 360 is shipped in and are specific to a region. So import another region console and disc, recover your Gamertag on that console and then play the game for another 1000 points! Please note that not all TV’s can play all formats.

Army of Two (EU / PAL)

Army of Two (Asia / NTSC-J)

Bioshock (German / PAL)

Bioshock (Japan / NTSC-J)

Bioshock (Korea / NTSC)

Bully: Scholarship Edition (Japan / NTSC-J)

Conan (German / PAL)

Conan (Japan / NTSC-J)

Confict Denied Ops (German / PAL)

Dynasty Warriors 6 (EU / PAL)

Dynasty Warriors 6 (Japan / NTSC-J)

Enchanted Arms (Japan / NTSC-J)

Enchanted Arms ( Korea / NTSC)

Battlestations : Pacific

Flatout : Ultimate Carnage

Fallout 3 *

Gears of War

Grand Theft Auto IV  (Nov. release) *

Hour of Victory

Kane & Lynch

Lost Planet : Colonies


The Club

Viva Pinata

* Requires confirmation on achievements.

There are some Xbox 360 games that are available to play on the PC. Simply load up a game, sign in with your Windows Live ID (your hotmail email and password) then download all your Gamerscore and information onto the PC. You will then receive achievements just like on the Xbox 360.

Just a few notes to remember : Not all games supports achievements. If a game supports achievements, then it will be labeled “Games for Windows - Live” and tagged on the box with “Achievements” All the games listed below, will give you a possible additional 1000 points.

For multi-player games, you can not play against your own console (that would be too easy - Ed). Some games have dedicated servers only for the PC, so you may not be able to play against Xbox 360 players.

Some games have different achievement lists compared to the Xbox 360 version.

Finally, check computer system requirements before you purchase a PC game, as some games require Vista to run.