Beat Wong and Da Pang on Hard-boiled Glitch

Credit goes to wacko316 on forums for this glitch.

This glitch allows you to complete the game on Hard and Hard-boiled without the need to fight the last two bosses.

You must complete the entire game on easy or normal, including defeating the last two bosses, for the glitch to work. Once you have completed the game , you again must complete the game on Hard-boiled up to the final showdown.

  1. Do the stand off at the beginning of the final showdown, where there’s about 12 enemies, allow for the Checkpoint, then QUIT your game after it says Saving In Progress.

  1. On the Main Menu, go to Chapters.

  1. Select Wongs Estate, then select the VERY LAST chapter. NOT the Final Showdown. Once you have selected this Chapter, you will get a cutscene of Tiko being reunited with Tequila. Watch the scene, skip all the credits, then go back to the Main Menu.

  1. At the Main Menu, select Continue game on Hard Boiled. You will get a cutscene of Wong dying, and your achievements will unlock.                    

Completing the game on Hard Boiled will unlock the achievements for completing the game on any difficulty setting you did not do.




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