This is a fairly simple, linear game, to get loads of points, although it can be a little time consuming to get them all. However, this is one of those rare games, where the cheats will actually still unlock the achievements, making it dead easy.

The cheats will not  kick in until you reached the third chapter, but getting there isn't too hard anyway.  As a note, I only used one cheat,  Infinite Health ( Metropolis), and got through the game quite easily.

Now I am just a casual gamer and I have never been any good at fighting games, only because, in the heat of battle, I could never remember any three or five button combo's. Yes, Superman Returns has a lot of super moves and combo's. Now if you are like me, then do what I do (and I suspect a lot of other casual gamers do), Button Bash. That's right. Button Bash. Bash away any combination between "X" ,"A" and "B" really rapidly and your bound to hit on a combination or super move.

After final battle with Mongul at the end of the game, before the Tornado Chapter , when there is only a "?" marker, try and complete the Bizarro Mini-Games and Mr Whiskers achievements, if you haven't already.  Only because at the end of the game, the enemies keep respawning and it is VERY annoying trying to collect kittens and fight at the same time. You could also try collecting them at the beginning of the game before you start any battles, after Warworld.


Cheats are NOT entered at the start menu. They are entered on the screen where you choose between Metropolis and Fortress Of Solitude. You will hear an explosion when you have entered it correctly, plus the "Not that Super" achievement, if done for the first time. Cheats will not work until you have reached the third chapter !

All Power Ups
Cheat code: Left, Y, Right, X, Down, Y, Up, Down, X, Y, X

All Unlockables
Cheat code: Left, Up, Right, Down, Y, X, Y, Up, Right, X

God Mode
Cheat code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Y, X

Infinite City Health
Cheat code: Y, Right, Y, Right, Up, Left, Right, Y


Armageddon Averted                                                                  30 G

Survived the meteor shower.

As soon as you start a new game you have to save  metropolis  from the meteor storm. You will have to chase various meteors and switch between Heat Vision and Freeze Breath to destroy them all. Once the last meteor is destroyed , a cut scene kicks in and you will get the achievement.

Warworld                                                                                     50 G

Visited and Dominated Warworld

After the meteor shower, you'll end up in Warworld where you have to fight some gladiators, Overkast, then your first boss, Mongul. With the gladiators and Overkast, just pick up things while flying and continually chuck it at them. Their health will go down and just swoop in and button bash a combo,  then rinse and repeat.

Next will be Mongul. Just wait next to him for a second, then when he is about to make his move, bash those buttons. He won't be able to attack. Also a good time to bash is when he raises his arms to the crowd.

Just as a side note, while in Warworld, you can pick up the Heavy Lifting achievement. It will save you having to start a new game later on and going through that meteor shower again ! See "Heavy Lifting" achievement.

Metallo Mastered                                                                       100 G

Stopped Metallo in the name of justice.

When you get back to Metropolis follow the marker to your first major boss, Metallo. He is easy to attack when he summons his bots. You can chase and destroy his bots, then attack him, thus reducing his health quickly. Or do what I did. Not bother with his bots and just attacked him when his Kryptonite Shield is down. His bots don't reduce much city health and if your quick enough, his health will go down.

You’ll fight him a couple times before he turns into Giant Metallo. When he becomes Giant Metallo, he'll have bots flying around him. Freeze them using Freeze Breathe, pick them up, then fling them at Metallo. If you are having trouble freezing the bots, just swoop down on some parked vehicles or tankers and chuck them. Once his health is down he will launch a missile to try and destroy the city. Use Superspeed Flying and target the missile with your left trigger. There's no need to destroy it, just chase it down and a cut scene will occur and you'll get the achievement.

Once the scene is over and your back at Metropolis, save your game and quit. Why? Because it is time to let the cheats kick in. 

Not that Super                                                                               0  G

Entered a cheat code in a desperate plea for help.

Thats right. ZERO points. Totally useless achievement I know , but it has one advantage. When it pops, you know you have entered a cheat correctly ! I spent ages trying to get the cheats to work and so have many others.

So let me give it to you straight. Cheats are NOT entered at the start menu as so many sites tell you. They are entered on the screen where you choose between Metropolis and Fortress Of Solitude. You will hear an explosion when you have entered it correctly, plus the achievement, if done for the first time.

The cheats also do not kick in until you reach the Third Chapter. So after Giant Metallo, cheat away. They are listed at the bottom of the achievement guide.


Between each boss fight you will have to fight various enemies attacking Metropolis and put out fires. Between six to ten of these events you will get your next boss. Now most of these are pretty lame and quite ridiculous.

For Fire Dragons, just lock on target with your left trigger , then freeze breath them and then ram them with Superspeed. One or two hits usually does it. With Ice Dragons and Flying Bots, Heat Vision usually makes them toast.

Me aM savE yOU!                                                                       100 G

By you is Bizarro not undefeated!

Your second boss. For Bizarro, when he is on the ground, wait a second or two next to him, then button bash. If  he is in the air, target lock him, then Superspeed to ram him.

You will have to fight him two or three times before the final fight. During the final fight , you'll get a button pushing sequence to reduce his health and then he'll run away. Follow him and bash him. You will have to do this four times, before he'll go down and you'll  get the achievement.

Blimp Mission

During Bizarro, you will get an event to defend some blimps. Now this is the most irritating part of the game and the most non-logical thinking as to why they never gave an achievement for this. So many people have trouble with this, that they should have at least  given 250 G  if  " your controller survives from being thrown against the wall ! "

Basically you have to defend three blimps from dragons as they travel to the dam. Here's my tip. DO NOT try and kill the dragons, just defend the blimp. Stick with one blimp at a time. If one blimp is destroyed, then quickly move to the next one. Use superbreath to blow each of the dragons away. Keep this up for 5 mins and the mission ends and you get nada points. The Infinite Health ( Metropolis ) cheat really,  helped here a lot.

The Mongul Hordes                                                                   100 G

Vanquished Mongul once again.

Before you get to Mongul again, you will have to defeat a mini boss, Riot. Use Freeze breathe first then Button Bash some combos. DO NOT attack without freezing first or he'll duplicate into more Riots!

After 10 or 12 events, you'll eventually fight Mongul again. Once again, just lay into him some super moves and combo's. He''ll also bring along his big buddy Overcast. Just fling him some vehicles from the air.

This chapter will seem like forever and very repetitive. It is. But at the end you'll score a neat 100 points.

Make sure to save after defeating Mongul and do NOT  take the next objective. If there is a just a sole marker with "?"  around Metroplois, then this the most opportune time to do the Bizarro Mini Games and Kitten collecting. You can easily do them without any enemies respawning every two minutes.

Twisted                                                                                        100 G

Saved Metropolis from the rampaging tornado.

This is real easy with the Infinite Health (Metropolis) cheat active . With the smaller tornadoes,  just Superbreath them back to the water. There's about three or four of them,  then  a big tornado.  With the big tornado, when it turns red/ orange,  just Freeze Breath it. When it turns blue, just use Fire Breath it. Repeat until the life bar goes down and you'll be awarded the achievement.

Souped-Up Superman                                                                 30 G

Obtain All 15 Power-Ups

You will get this when you save Metropolis from the Tornado’s.

Frequent Flyer                                                                              30 G

Travel For 10,000 Miles

Here's an achievement you can get while you are asleep!

Best to use a wired controller as the wireless one shuts down after twenty minutes. It may work with a play and charge, however I have never tried it.

Send Superman high above Metropolis and let him face, in any direction. Place a rubber band tightly over the Right Bumper and he will fly back and forth all day long. He automatically turns around when he reaches the end. He should roughly do about 800 miles an hour, so you are looking at about 12 hrs. I went to bed and woke up with Greatest Day achievement as well.

Roadside Assistance                                                                   30 G

Pick Up 100 Cars Throughout The Game

All you have to do is lift the same car up 100 times. and then press "B" to drop it. You can check how many cars you have lifted up by viewing your statistics.

The Greatest Day                                                                         30 G

Play A Total Of 12 Hours

You can get this achievement if you use my  method to obtain Frequent Flyer achievement.

Heavy Lifting                                                                                 30 G

Lift 10,000 Tons Throughout The Game

If you missed this at the beginning, you can start a new game and play through as normal until you reach Warworld. This is  after you save Metropolis from the meteor storm.

Once in Warworld, ignore the gladiators and just keep flying and picking up the big round shaped boxes. They are the heaviest objects in the  game and weigh around 66, 000lbs. If you lose the fight or run out of boxes, just restart the objective, as your stats will save.

10,000 tons is roughly 20 million lbs, so view your statistics to keep track. This roughly took me about 45 minutes to achieve.

Versatile Fighter                                                                           30 G

Perform 99 fighting combos.

Button Bash 99 combo's and you’ll get this achievement. Check your statistics if you are wondering how many more you need.

Mr. What's-his-name                                                                    50 G

Complete All Mini-Games

You Am Bizarro!                                                                           20 G

Complete The Bizarro Mini-Game

There are a total of 5 Bizarro Mini-games. Use the Corkscrew move (Right Bumper then X + A) on a row of parked cars as there big multiplier bonuses to be gained. (The Corkscrew move is obtained after defeating Mongul and Overcast) You should easily get around 2 million each mini game. I have supplied a map at the end of this guide, to help you find the location of each game.

Super Sonic                                                                                  20 G

Finished All Fast Flyer Mini-Games

There are a total of 9 Fast-Flyer Missions. The trick is not to stick to the line they give you. Just fly to through each checkpoint in a straight line, which will cut out huge chunks of the courses. It is best to try the course normally first, so you remember where all the checkpoints are.

Mr. Whiskers                                                                                 50 G

Find All Kittens

There are 100 kittens spread out around Metropolis. The controller vibrates when you are near one. This can be very time consuming. There is a map available on the internet , but it is very small and sometimes hard to read. Below are the links to the maps. I suspect they were scanned from a guide.





I would recommend saving these pictures to your hard drive, then zooming in to see exactly where they are. Try doing this achievement after the final battle with Mogul, when there's just a "?" marker. Only because at the end of the game, the enemies keep respawning and it is VERY annoying trying to collect kittens and fight at the same time. Or try at the beginning, right after Warworld and before you fight any battles.


Hero of Metropolis                                                                     200 G

Complete All Metro Events And Mini-Games

You need 100% game completion. That is complete the main story and the Fast Flyer Missions (all 9 of them) , the Bizarro Mini Games (all 5 of them) and collected 100 kittens.  You must do all of this on the same save! Complete Kittens on one and Mini Games on another save will not unlock the achievement !


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