To complete Legend on Tomb Raider Hard difficulty relatively easy, you will need to do the Time Trail on the last mission, Bolivia Redux, first.

CLICK HERE if you want to know how to glitch it.

Once you have completed the Bolivia Redux Time Trial, whether legit or by glitching it, you will be rewarded with a cheat called the One Shot Kill. You could also try some of the other Time Trails to unlock extra cheats, to make it even easier!

Please note that the tactics below are for those wanting JUST the achievement and for completing it quick.

Tomb Raider Hard

If you want to unlock this achievement quickly, do not go out of your way to pick up artifacts or rewards. Having the One Shot Kill cheat is an absolute godsend  for moving through the adventure quickly as well.

Unfortunately, the One Shot Kill is ineffective against bosses. So the only time you will probabaly get bogged down is when you are fighting a boss !




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