Megamind Achievements
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Wednesday, 25 August 2010 03:04


As predicated in our Easy Achievements for 2010, Megamind looks like automated movie tie-in game fodder. Complete, collect and unlock bonus art. Sorry not art, mini-games. Same thing...


What might be tempting is that Megamind may fall under that elusive and highly regarded category of UNDER FIVE HOURS. Please, it has been so long since a title has entered that coveted list that this could sit neatly under Madden 08. If only...


Megamind Ultimate Showdown is due in November


[achievements source x360a.org]




Video Games | Megamind | E3 2010: Debut Trailer
XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii





Museum Master - 30 points

Complete "The Museum" Level as Megamind


Downtown Domination - 30 points

Complete "Downtown" Level as Megamind


Destruction Doom - 40 points

Complete "Demolition Site" Level as Megamind


Tickets Please - 30 points

Complete "The Underground" Level as Megamind


Funky Fumes - 30 points

Complete "The Sewers" Level as Megamind


Funky Disco - 40 points

Complete "Funky Disco" Level as Megamind


Uptown Hero - 30 points

Complete "Uptown" Level as Megamind


Hot Pavement - 30 points

Complete "The Overpass" Level as Megamind


Hot Flash Fizzle - 40 points

Complete "The Parklands" Level as Megamind


Tame Blue Tighten - 50 points

Complete "Blue Tighten Battle" Level as Megamind


Destruction Derby - 50 points

Defeat Destruction Worker without dying as Megamind


Psychotic Win - 50 points

Defeat Psycho Delic without dying as Megamind


Flash in the Pan - 50 points

Defeat Hot Flash without dying as Megamind


Tightanic Battle - 75 points

Defeat Blue Tighten without dying as Megamind


Mega-Hero - 75 points

Complete the Game as Megamind


Assistant Collector - 25 points

Collect 1000 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in any single level as Megamind


Collector - 50 points

Collect 2000 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in any single level as Megamind


Mega Collector - 75 points

Collect 3000 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in any single level as Megamind


Lair Clean Up - 25 points

Collect 150 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in the Lair as Megamind


Mega-Skill - 50 points

Complete any story mission without dying as Megamind


Mega-Ball - 25 points

Unlock the Mega-Ball mini-game as Megamind


Pod Race - 25 points

Unlock the Pod Race mini-game as Megamind


Sticky Boots - 25 points

Unlock the Sticky Boots mini-game as Megamind


Rampage - 25 points

Unlock the Rampage mini-game as Megamind


Mega-Blast - 25 points

Unlock the Mega-Blast mini-game as Megamind



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