Lego Star Wars III Trailer
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 03:25


The lucrative endeavour - or gravy train - of LEGO continues with Lego Star Wars III : The Clone Wars, where you actually battle through all six movies. The graphics seem more heavier and detailed...


I don't think it matters much if they were to me, as it would to a nine year old, it is still Lego. The original Lego Star Wars were not as super easy as the other Lego titles like Indiana Jones or Harry Potter and I cannot help thinking this will be the same. This should be the last Lego Star Wars title as it has been done, finished, no more, fineto. Time to move on Travellers Tales and do Lego Aliens vs Predator.


Lego Star Wars : The Clone Wars is due Q2 2011.





Video Games | LEGO Star Wars III | E3 2010: Debut Trailer
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Comments (5)
  • CovertPimpSloth
    the graphics look really good for a lego game.
  • YouStayCla55y  - Achievements
    Complete Level 1
    Complete Level 2
    Complete Level 3
    Complete All Levels
    Collect All The Red Bricks
    Collect All The Gold Bricks
    Collect All The Game Specific Collectibles
    Rescue All The Hostages
    Get True Jedi In Every Level
    Complete The Game To 100%
    Buy xxx Character
    Defeat xxx With xxx
  • Slam Da Brakes
    Thanks Classy, 12 achievements. First day buy!
  • YouStayClassy
    That was just a complete guess as to the achievements, but somehow I have this funny feeling I'm right on all those. Be a bunch more "Kill xxx with xxx" ones and "Buy xxx"
  • Jesse
    i dont care how easy they are, lego became boring after i completed the first two star wars games. then i begrudgingly played the indy and batman ones for cheevos.
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