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  From baseball to football, Backyard Sports Rookie Rush. The baseball game Sandalot Sluggers was under five hours so there is hope that this could be the same...   It is not exactly ...
  The first Backyard game for the 360, Backyard Football 2010, you could unlock 1000 points in 15 minutes. Somehow I don't think this could be possible on the new Backyard game, Backyard Sports: ...
3. Get 10K in Ten Hours
...        Time to get another thousand before thirty minutes is up. After Avatar we have all been doubtful we would ever see a super easy game again, then along comes Backyard Football 2009. The ...
4. Backyard Football 2010
(Xbox 360 Games/Under 5 Hours)
    ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE ::   Difficulty: 0/10 Estimated Time to 1000: 10-15 minutes   Backyard football is the easiest 1k since avatar. You can get the full 1k in one quarter. You can ...


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