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1. Tiger Woods PGA The Masters
... Course in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 : The Masters...   The shots do look postcard perfect and I am sure the course would be a pleasure to play, but at the end of the day, the trailer still shows ...
2. EA Shutting Down Servers
... 09 NHL 08 NHL 09 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 UFEA Euro 2008 2010 FIFA World Cup Demo   [source EA Service Updates]   EA SPORTS ITS IN THE GAME ::          ...
3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... by taking a survey   Couch Potato - 15 points Watch a Video in Latest News   Unbreakable - 85 points Complete the Skills Challenge mode.   First Class - 50 points Win the FedExCup (PGA ...
4. Tiger Woods PGA 07
(Xbox 360 Games/Unobtainable)
    UNOBTAINABLE ACHIEVEMENTS ::   Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07: Servers have been limited, but not off entirely Status: Tournament Servers shut down, rest will be shut down shortly ...
5. Tiger Woods PGA 06
(Xbox 360 Games/Unobtainable)
    UNOBTAINABLE ACHIEVEMENTS ::   Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06: Entire games achievements are now unobtainable. Status: Servers Shut Down Total Obtainable Score: 0/960   Unobtainable ...
  I am surprised. No, I am astounded that Tiger Woods PGA 11 does not contain purely online achievements seeing it is the first game from EA to include EA's Online Pass. Surely they made a mistake... ...
7. Tiger Woods PGA 11
  EA have just announced Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for the summer and they will be shutting down the online server sometime soon after that. Well that's the normal de rigueur of EA games lately... ...


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