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E3 2010 Predictions
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Sunday, 14 March 2010 00:00


E3 2010 , the Electronic Entertainment Expo is still three months away. Traditionally this site likes to get in before everybody else and start the rumours. That way when the news actually comes out, we have dealt with it and our reputation is cemented or it goes south...


Last year was big for Microsoft with Natal, Final Fantasy XIII, Assassins Creed 2,  Metal Gear Solid, Facebook and Twitter on Xbox Live. We had predicted ALL of these. Well ok not Final Fantasy or Assassins Creed 2 if you want to get picky. This year lets take a gamble again and roll the Magic 8-Ball and see what could lie ahead.




Given. No brainer. Probability HIGH. Except we are only basing this on the cycle of Gears of War previous releases as there has been no official word for EPIC, apart from last month's EPIC president Mike Capps hinting that will be a new shooter announced at E3. Good enough for us. Unless of course he was talking about that other EPIC classic, Jill of the Jungle.





Probability VERY HIGH. With the planned release for this holiday, Microsoft will finally announce the actual games that will support this controller-free technology. Since both Halo Reach and Fable III have been sheepish about their games having Natal, it will be VERY interesting to see the 'big franchise' that Microsoft have promised that will be available at launch. If we had to take a guess, Air Guitar Hero or Rock Band and very possibly a Natal Fit game. I personally want to see Tea-bagging Natal.






Probabiltiy HIGH. Last year we saw the nano trailer and then the game went underground. Not even a tiny screen shot since. Then just last week developer Hideo Kojima tweeted out of nowhere about Rising and how it will be different to other Metal Gears Solids. If there is not at least a decent trailer or handful of screen shots, this could be a very long wait until we play a Metal Gear Solid on the Xbox 360.





Probability LOW. Not going to happen NOW at this E3, but it will happen. Only last week Microsoft advertised for a new Motherboard Design Engineer specifically for the Xbox 360. The only reason to employ a motherboard design engineer is to change the design of the console. We will stand that it will be called Xbox 360 + as the plus means Natal is bundled with it. Who knows Microsoft may bring one out from the back room at E3 and quote 'here's one we made earlier'.





Fable III : Probability VERY HIGH  Peter Molyneux will definitely be there over-promising that Fable III will change gaming. Does anyone believe him anymore? 


Call Of Duty 7 : Probability HIGH. Treyarch's turn to release a Call of Duty and considering it is planned for this November, some trailer would be handy. Rumoured heavily to be set in the Vietnam War, looks like we will be back to shooting put-put guns. With Infinity Ward having trouble with Activision lately, Treyarch might feel a bit nervous asking Activision for advanced royalty payments just yet.


Left 4 Dead 3 : Probability LOW. We only mentioned this as it only took Valve a year to release another one. It has been 'far too long' now?


Portal 2 : Probability HIGH. Already announced last week, but hopefully by the time of E3, we will get some screens or concept art from Valve.


Too Human 2 : Probability VERY LOW. Remember this game was touted as the first of a trilogy, so where's the next one? Joke.


All from the Magic 8-Ball on my desk. E3 is still some months away so we will try and keep track for any major news that might be leaked from now until then. Please comment below any other predictions and games you feel we have missed.


Comments (7)
  • Roach  - EA Games
    EA are maaaa-whoooo-sive, so I'm gonna have a stab at them backing Natal and announcing either Tiger Woods Natal, (or Golf Natal at least if they drop him for not being able to keep his thing in his pants), Fifa Natal or NBA Natal.

    What d'ya think?
  • Roach
    Of course they may announce these games, but wouldn't it be great if 'when' they did Mr Games Journalist asked them how long they planned to keep the servers open for said games?!?! Lmao
  • -H-  - Windows Mobile 7 - Xbox Live/Zune
    I'd be willing to bet that with the announced release in November this year of the new Windows Mobile 7 platform (which is supposed to feature "some" xbox live account support, and be replacing media player with zune) More details will be forthcoming at E3 with possible Game demo's etc.. plus a possible update to allow for syncing with zune?
  • nitch  - f****a
  • matt
    maybe xbox live for poland... finally...
  • Darryl  - Eh?
    Don t you actually need to have broadband in Poland in the 1st place?
  • jonny  - GTA ??
    i think/hope tht they will hav a new gta 2 show, GTA V mayb, GTA: vc prob, GTA: San Andreas Stories hasnt even been talked about, y leave out GTA: SaS ?? wen they hav brought out GTA: LcS and VcS.
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