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Gears Of War in Lost Planet 2
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 29 January 2010 01:24


I couldn't understand why you had a machine gun in Lost Planet. It hardly did any damage even though you would pump a bazillion bullets into a boss. You only ever used it when your robot Vital Suit broke down. So now that you can play Marcus and Dom from Gears of War in Lost Planet 2, can you use their Lancer?..


Boom shot? Hammer of Dawn? Please any one of these to make Lost Planet 2 easier? No, what you get, check the video below, is another useless machine gun. Don't be fooled as they dispose that spidey creature thingy in the trailer quite quick either. There's no cover system in Lost Planet so there is no way on Sera or EDN or whatever planet they are on now, they would approach an enemy like that. No way.


Lost Planet 2 is due May 18.























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