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The Rematch We Won!
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 26 February 2010 21:00


Congrats to Team EX3A on winning the EX3A vs Achieve360Points The Rematch Gamerscore Challenge! It was a fierce battle this time around as Achieve360Points weighed in some first time heavy hitters. An amazing overall total of 151,000 Gamerscore points were scored over the 14 day challenge and the winning margin was only 8,000 points...


In terms of Team Gamerscore, that is CLOSE. 


Top of the pile was killabe12 with a score of 21,005. He has now picked 4000 MS points for MVP and mass of forum badges including Champion and the elusive 20K badge again, which is some feat to score over 20k in two challenges!  It wasn't easy as Achieve360Points had some pretty decent players this time around. Wannabe Actuary in his first challenge and who led most of the competition had pulled in a hefty 19,210. Kellydee who contributed half the team score in the last challenge, added a very decent 9K. In theory it should be harder to score the more challenges you enter, but not for these gamers.


Special mention goes to all the first time challengers who managed to realize what challenges mean. No sleep! NewFoundTerror who was briefly at the top, scored very respectable 18,690 and so close to 20k and Davaldinho who scored a decent 8,550 in his first challenge.  Late surges and offline tactics kept the challenge wide open with even wildcat47 coming in very late with 8,655 and phoenixthreat adding his personal best of 12,068. Jjbadnell and Neumie1977 also added a good 8K each for Team EX3A. 


Oh and let us not forget our very own G0nz0killa. If there were ever a badge for the most 'not helping' smack talk, then he would win it hands down. God knows what dicey reputation of our site is now, but that's our Gonzo. As SHADYSHEEDY has pointed out, the trick is to boast THEN flash the one point at the end. Not the other way around!


It has been another monumental challenge and well done to ALL players involved. There are never any losers in these challenges, as we have all increased our Gamerscore which makes us all winners! Many, many thanks goes to Achieve360Points for the challenge as your team were excellent competitors. Thanks once again thanks goes to moderators  Jackx289 and whttrashtheman for helping organize the challenge.


Please head into our forum and congratulate the team







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Comments (3)
  • hawkteflon  - Haha!
    Congrats everyone!

    Gonzo. 1 point? How ...? What achievement was it?
  • mestiso7323
    Congratulations guys.
  • kooroe  - wish
    wish i could of helped out more.
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