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Monkey Island 2: SE Achievements
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Thursday, 27 May 2010 00:00


Cut and paste must be a 'tip of the day' amongst some developers as here is another game, Monkey Island 2 Special Edition : LeChucks Revenge, with almost the same achievements as the first...


Some may call it lazy, I call it convenient as I'll just copy and paste my old achievement guide into the new guide. It is only a point-and-click game and easily completed in under three hours with a walkthrough. I might even use the same walkthrough.


Monkey Island 2 Special Edition : LeChucks Revenge is due this summer












Largo Embargo Complete - 25 points

Complete Part One: Largo Embargo


Four Map Pieces Complete - 25 points

Complete Part Two: Four Map Pieces


LeChuck's Fortress Complete - 25 points

Complete Part Three: LeChuck's Fortress


A True Pirate - 25 points

Complete the game


Speed Demon - 25 points

Finish the game in under three hours


Monkey Master - 20 points

Beat the game without using one hint


Free Thinker - 10 points

Beat the game using fewer than 10 hints


Old School - 5 points

Switch to classic mode at least once


Five Minutes Later... - 10 points

Allow Guybrush to die


Turning the Lights Out - 10 points

Complete the game by using object highlighting five times or less


Helium Inhaler - 10 points

Guybrush inhales some helium


Call 9-1-1 - 10 points

Call the LucasArts helpdesk when walking through the jungle on Dinky Island.




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