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Aliens vs Predator Bughunt DLC
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 02 July 2010 00:00


I am at pains to even mention that Aliens vs Predator has a DLC coming out as this game was appalling. The achievements were time consuming, the game play was abysmal and the multiplayer was atrocious. Have I anything positive to say about it?...


No. All you ever did was trek the same map three times looking for power outlets. Why SEGA pushed this game ahead of Gearbox's Alien : Colonial Marines is still a mystery. So now there is a multiplayer DLC being released called Bughunt to what I suspect are empty lobbies- well they were empty last time I checked- and this game will end up along side that the other 'great' successful Alien franchise, Aliens vs Predator : Requiem.


Aliens vs Predator : Bughunt DLC is due July 7.














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Comments (6)
  • YouStayClassy  - Ugh!
    Terrible, TERRIBLE game. I couldn't even force myself to finish it on Easy...
    Yeah game wasn't the best but honestly if you stick with it not the worst! At least there is a glitch to get to level 50 in multiplayer without playing any multiplayer games that how I got to level 50 otherwise I would not have done it legit lol...

    Glitch is jump into multiplayer lobby with 1 other player then leave and continue your campaign all your kills and xp will count to your multiplayer xp and you rank up.
    Quickest way to rank up i found was fight bishop last checkpoint kill him rinse and repeat until you rank up, or kill queen alien as predator last checkpoint rinse repeat you can do it in about an hour.
    The xp leaderboards online will not update your score so don't worry there is also a cheevo for level 20 i think that will pop first.
  • YouStayClassy  - I think they patched that sweet glitch
    At least I recall hearing they were planning to, no idea if they actually did.
  • aaron banks  - thank you rebellion you tried
    I enjoyed this game as a fan its nice to have a avp game that me and my brother can play together on live. I do know that it could have been better and yea the story reminded me of the first movie, so that did not make it much better but i dont think i have ever had a issue with a empty lobbie. But thanks for the heads up on the new multiplayer dlc cant wait.
    Yeah I heard the same about the patch classy but the patch only stopped your xp from going onto leaderboards, it still works for the cheevo's suppose they couldn't even get the patch to work lol...
  • YouStayClassy  - Sweet!
    I'll be sure to let my friend know, that was the one thing keeping him from starting the game up.
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