There are collection achievements for passports on each level and achievements for collecting so many passports. Once you pick them up, you do not have to collect them again if you die or restart. Although it is best to pick them up while you are there, otherwise you will have to replay the level again to pick it them up if you miss them.

If you have trouble with my descriptions, just press ”Y” for Bourne sense in the area. The Passport should glow.

There is also a count on the number of passports you have collected for each level in the pause menu.

Dangerous Beginnings - Mission 1 (5 Passports)

  1. 1.As soon as you start, turn right. It is in a dead end alley with green bins.

  2. 2.Head forward after the first passport, then turn left. Head up the dead end stairs with graffiti. It is on your left at the top.

  3. 3.Head forward again and you will see a crane next to some stairs. The passport is on your right between the bench and a Mastercard sign.

  4. 4.After you takedown some enemies in a bar, the passport is at the back of the bar, on a table in a booth.

  5. 5.After you do a tutorial about a sprint takedown, the passport is to the right of the stairs where your suspects runs up, near a wall.

Shipyard Infiltration - Mission 2 (10 Passports)

  1. 1.After fighting a civilian, the passport is behind the first shack on your left where you pick up ammo.

  2. 2.After you open your first gate, turn right and the passport is on your left near some boxes.

  3. 3.After doing your third jump button prompts over ships, you will reach a warehouse section. Look left before going up the stairs. The passport is is at the end of the dock near a crate.

  4. 4.Once you shoot down that annoying helicopter, go up the stairs and watch Solomon scream at his men. The passport is to the right of the fence in a small alcove.

  5. 5.After fighting about four men in a warehouse, exit the warehouse and turn right. The passport is behind a crate near a forklift.

  6. 6.After going up the stairs and entering a boathouse, you will have to shoot about five guards. Head downstairs and the passport is behind the last cement rail guard, underneath the stairs you walk down.

  7. 7.After exiting the boathouse you will open a gate. Before you open the gate, press “Y” for Bourne sense. You will see the passport underneath a rusty red boat on your right, but you can’t reach it yet. Go left, fight three enemies, then follow the path around to reach it.

  8. 8.After lock picking a second door, head around to the shack. It is left of the shack, near some oil drums.

  9. 9.Once you have killed four guards, with one on the roof with a machine gun. Turn left and lock pick the gate. Go forward and the passport is on your left at the end of the second walkway behind a crate.

  10. 10. After a cut-scene about an explosion, you will be near a shack.  The passport is left of the shack.

Assassinate Wombosi - Mission 3 (10 Passports)

  1. 1.After hitting the boat release for the submarine, kill some enemies then go through the newly opened door. It is at the end of the hallway.

  2. 2.Before going into the kitchen, head up the hall and into a freezer room on your right where a guy is fixing a refrigerator. The passport is in there.

  3. 3.After a checkpoint and fighting some guards in a hallway, the passport is in a room at the end of the hallway, next to some beds.

  4. 4.After shooting a breaker box to open a door, you will enter another hallway. The passport is the second room on your left.

  5. 5.After watching a cut-scene in a dinning room where some guards argue, it is to the right of the room when you enter.

  6. 6.On the deck, behind the helicopter, near the railing.

  7. 7.As you enter the bar restaurant, the passport is on your right on a table.

  8. 8.When you enter a swimming pool deck, it is on the opposite side (right) when you head left around the main pool. You will have to go all way around the pool to get it. Press”Y” if you can’t see it. It is next to some potted plants.

  9. 9.After picking up the General’s gun, head into a room where a flatscreen TV and couch are. On the right is a room with a laptop and a passport on the floor.

  10. 10.After you exit the control room, the passport is right of the stairs before you head up to the boss fight.

Eliminate Divandelan - Mission 4 (10 Passports)

  1. 1.Once you get to the second floor of the garage, go to the exit stairwell in the center, where it says “Exit”. Take the stairs up and the passport is at the top of the stairs.

  2. 2.Before you exit outside the parking garage, the passport is behind the toll gate, near some police cars.

  3. 3.After a street shootout, before you enter the airport, look left. It is near some luggage carts and a Zurich billboard.

  4. 4.As you ascend up the escalators, look right. There are some phone booths. The passport is in the last phone booth.

  5. 5.Once the first security doors closed, go to the right of the escalators. There is some construction area sealed off. The passport is behind this area to the right.

  6. 6.As you progress down the airport shopping mall, look for a “Bucher und Geschenke” CD shop. One is closed off, but there is another on the left. The passport is behind the counter.

  7. 7.After a checkpoint, you will need to shoot some enemies hiding in an information booth with monitors. The passport is inside on the floor of that information booth.

  8. 8.The passport is in the fourth train carriage you jump through, on the floor on your right.

  9. 9.After exiting the train tunnel, there will be some stairs on the left. DO NOT go up the stairs yet, or a checkpoint will trigger. Instead, head forward into the train tunnel. The passport is right of the train tunnel in an alcove. Watch out for the trains, or you will be history.

  10. 10.After taking the stairs, you will be fighting some enemies. Look for a white van. There will an airplane hangar left of it. The passport is inside the airplane hangar.

Escape the Embassy - Mission 5 (5 Passports)

  1. 1.After you dive under a security gate, you will run down a hall, then fight some guard. There is a security room on your left with monitors. The passport is inside the security room.

  2. 2.When you fight another guard coming up the stairs through the door, the passport is on a bench at the end of the hall.

  3. 3.After a mini boss fight with a sergeant, the passport is on the balcony outside his office, near a bench.

  4. 4.Once you escaped the snipers and are back inside the building, you will need to enter a server room with computers. The passport is in this server room.

  5. 5.In the office room where you are thrown a flashbang, there is a passport on one of the desks near a copier.

Silence Rurik - Mission 6 (10 Passports)

  1. 1.In a chemistry lab, after you exit the bathrooms. It is behind a desk on your right.

  2. 2.After you exit a security control room, take a left and head down the hallway. The passport is under a window.

  3. 3.After a checkpoint, and you fist fight a soldier outside on the balcony, head down the stairs. The passport is on the left behind the desk.

  4. 4.When you enter a courtyard plaza, you will see a statue in the middle. Go left of the statue, to a set of stairs and green doors. In the corner behind a police van. The passport is at the top of the stairs.

  5. 5.After you destroy an Assault Vehicle, you will need to head into a library computer room. The passport is on the right of this room, behind a desk.

  6. 6.When you ascend some stairs on the second floor of the library,  the passport is on a round table, in the right hand corner, opposite of where you are standing.

  7. 7.When you disable a security panel, the passport is in this room, behind some shelves.

  8. 8.When you exit the library and you are outside, the passport is sitting on a bench behind some bushes.

  9. 9.When you go down some stairs, you will enter a park courtyard. The passport is in the far corner, near a stack of firewood. Press”Y” if you can’t see it.

  10. 10.When you enter a factory, go to the back. It is near the conveyor belt.

Castel Fight - Mission 7

There are no passports in this mission.

Paris Chase - Mission 8

There are no passports in this mission.

Disarm Renard - Mission 9 (10 Passports)

  1. 1.As soon as the level starts, turn left. The passport is down the hallway on a bench.

  2. 2.After you spot the assassin in a room, exit and go down the stairs into a large hall. There should be some glass display cases with artifacts, opposite you. Behind these display cases is the passport, next to a pillar.

  3. 3.When you enter a room with scaffolding, head left into a corner, there is a passport.

  4. 4.After you climb a pipe, drop down on to a walkway and head right after lock picking the door. The passport is behind a plant.

  5. 5.After walking down the stairs into a warehouse, the passport is behind a white and orange crane.

  6. 6.After the cut scene of the dirty bomb exchange, head up the stairs on your left and follow the walkway around until your reach a control room. The passport is in front of the control room.

  7. 7.After shooting some enemies, go down some concrete stairs, the passport is an alcove behind the stairs.

  8. 8.After climbing a twisting three tier staircase, look left. Go past the deactivated laser grid to find a passport on the floor.

  9. 9.After a checkpoint, you will fight some enemies, then head down stairs to a large hall with a broken car as a work of art. Shoot the enemies and a control room door opens on the left. The passport is inside the control room.

  10. 10.This one is a little tricky, as there is a timer and enemies shooting!   After you exit outside you will get a timer. Eliminate all the enemies and near the end you will need to climb some stairs to reach the helicopter. After the first flight of stairs, on the right hand side, is the passport. It is tucked away in between the concrete plant structures. Click “Y” if you cannot see it. DO NOT go up the second set of stairs (until you have picked up the passport) or a cut scene will trigger and end the level. You will not be able to reload the last checkpoint.

Survive the Professor - Mission 10 (5 Passports)

  1. 1.The passport is in the kitchen, sitting on a bench next to the table.

  2. 2.When you go up the stairs to get a shotgun, the passport is in the opposite room of where the shotgun is, behind a dresser.

  3. 3.After shooting a propane tank, head left of the white car towards a small set of stairs. The passport is at the top of these stairs.

  4. 4.Head past the propane tank you just shot, and the Professor will shoot the white van ahead. The passport is next to the white van.

  5. 5.As you head for the barn, you go through the side gate on the right. The passport sits on the ground across from the side entrance to the barn. It is next to a bench.

Treadstone Safehouse - Mission 11 (5 Passports)

  1. 1.After eliminating the snipers, go left. It is behind some metal vents and in front of a door.

  2. 2.After you jump a third time to a building, there will be red laser sights and a pistol on top of a bin to your right. Turn left and the passport is  sitting behind a wall of graffiti.

  3. 3.When you get outside by the cars, you will take cover behind a car. Turn around and you will see some traffic cones. The passport is in the alcove on the right.

  4. 4.Head between the two white vans. The passport is next to phone booth on the sidewalk, next to a black car.

  5. 5.After clearing the courtyard, head right of the detonated green gate and statue.  There should be a billboard. The passport is in the corner.


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