You can pick up a lot of points from The Bourne Conspiracy with little effort, although some achievements can be slightly annoying to collect the full 1000. However, there are a few cheating shortcuts that can help you eliminate a lot of the harder achievements and pick up close to 600 points in one play through.

There are achievements for completing the game on different difficult settings, but they are stackable. If you were to finish the game on Assassin, the hardest level, you would pick up the achievements for Agent and Trainee, a total of 200 points.

But fear not if you think playing on a Assassin difficulty is going to be a tough job.  There is a cheat where you can play a level on Trainee then switch at the last checkpoint of the level to Assassin, and the game credits you completing the whole level as Assassin. Neat, huh? With this method you would only have to fight two bosses on Assassin difficulty.

Passport Guide

There are collection achievements for passports on each level which can be picked up. Once you pick them up, you do not have to collect them again if you die or restart. Best to pick them up while you are there, otherwise you will have to replay the level again to pick it up. Click here for the guide.

Beat Bosses Easy

There is a bit of button bashing in this game. Here’s what I and a lot of other people did to defeat bosses REAL EASY, even on Assassin. Hold down “A” to block, as you will not lose health. Eventually a mini button game appears (you will hear a sound) to block his takedown attack. Hit the button then quickly bash “ X” and “Y” at the same time.  Do this over and over and they haven’t got a chance.

For normal enemies just bash “X” and “Y” at the same time. They won’t be able to attack either.

Level Cheat

Click here if you want to find out how to complete the Bourne Conspiracy on Assassin Difficulty easy. Please follow the guide carefully as if you miss switching out on a checkpoint, you will have to re-start the campaign in order.


Before we begin, there is an excellent stats page when you press “Start” to pause the game. Then select “Achievements”. It not only tells how many kills and takedowns, but gives a description for each achievement.

Treadstone Trainee                                                                     40 G

Completed all campaign missions on Trainee or higher.

All these difficulty achievements are stackable. Click here for a cheat to complete Assassin easy.

Treadstone Agent                                                                       60 G

Completed all campaign missions on Agent or higher.

See “Treadstone Trainee” achievement above.

Treadstone Assassin                                                                100 G

Completed all campaign missions on Assassin or higher.

See “Treadstone Trainee” achievement above.

Homebody                                                                                     5 G

Collected 5 passports.

These are quite easy to find. Press “Y” to use Bourne sense to highlight each area. You should see them glowing. There should be a distinct sound where you are near them, but I couldn’t really hear it.

You can also check how many are in the level in the pause menu. If you are having trouble or pressed for time Click here for a guide.

Frequent Flyer                                                                             15 G

Collected 30 passports.

See “Homebody” achievement above.

World Traveller                                                                            30 G

Collected all passports.

See “Homebody” achievement above.

Brawler                                                                                         15 G

Defeat 50 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a takedown.

Just kill enemies WITHOUT pressing the “B” button to perform a takedown. You should get about a hundred of these in the first play through, if you are consciously thinking about it.

However if you want to cheat, load up the “Escape The Embassy” level. Right at the beginning , there are three enemies you can kill. Once you kill them, reload the checkpoint. Rinse and repeat. The game has realtime stat saving, so you can check your kill count in the pause menu.

Pugilist                                                                                         25 G

Defeat 100 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a takedown.

See “Brawler” achievement above.

Heavyweight                                                                                50 G

Defeat 200 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a takedown.

See “Brawler” achievement above.

Need Glasses                                                                                5 G

Finished a mission with an accuracy below 10%.

You can’t just shoot horribly, as the percentage doesn’t go down that much. The easiest way is load up the level “Shipyard Infiltration” There are loads of unlimited ammo crates. Just find one near the end of the level, shoot into the air, then reload. Do this for about ten minutes or so and your percentage should drop. You can check it in the pause menu.

Good Shot Clustering                                                                 10 G

Finished a mission with an accuracy of at least 75%.

You should easily get this on “Shipyard Infiltration” on your first play through. If however you are having trouble, check “Eye on the Target” achievement below.

Eye on the Target                                                                        15 G

Finished a mission with an accuracy of at least 90%.

Easy. Load up “Survive The Professor” level on Trainee. You only have to shoot two huge propane tanks and then fight the boss. Just take your time when aiming at him, then use the shooting takedown. I managed to get 100% easy. Repeat the level three times to get the “Deadeye” achievement.

Deadeye                                                                                       25 G

Finished 3 missions with an accuracy of at least 90%.

See “Eye on the Target” achievement above.

Collateral Damage                                                                       10 G

Destroy 10 explodables.

Just shoot at cars, gas tanks and barrels. Make sure they explode.

Massive Collateral Damage                                                        25 G

Destroy 50 explodables.

See “Collateral Damage” achievement above.

Manual Shooter                                                                             5 G

Finished a mission without using a shooting takedown.

Just don’t using a shooting takedown (“B” button). The first mission you can do this is in “Assassinate Wombosi” as “Dangerous Beginnings” does not count.

Fancy Shooter                                                                             15 G

Finish 50 opponents using shooting takedowns.

You should easily get this on your first play through. If however you are having trouble, see “Bullet Master” achievement below.

Bullet Master                                                                               50 G

Finish 200 opponents using shooting takedowns.

Getting 200 is a little tough. However you can cheat a little. Load up “Shipyard Infiltration” level. About halfway into the level, there will be a shooting takedown tutorial. It will give you an automatic three enemies shooting takedown, without the need to build up your adrenaline. Once you finished, reload the checkpoint. Rinse and repeat.

You can also unlock “One Man Gang” and “Wrecking Machine” achievements here.

Hard Slog                                                                                      5 G

Finish a mission without using any hand-to-hand takedowns.

The most annoying achievement of the game I found, and only 5 points! Every mission has a boss (or mini boss without a life bar) you need to fight and it is very tempting to press ”B” to give them damage. Yeah, so Hard Slog is what it is.

The easiest mission I found was the first mission, “Dangerous Beginnings”. There is a takedown in the bar, but it does not count. There is a boss, but you regain all your health back, after you smash him through a window. So you would only have to beat him with half his health down. Just bash “X” and “Y” together should do the trick.

Living Weapon                                                                            25 G

Finish off 50 opponents using hand-to-hand takedowns.

You will most likely get this on your first play through. If you are however having trouble, see “30 Million Dollar Weapon” achievement below.

30 Million Dollar Weapon                                                           50 G

Finish off 200 opponents using hand-to-hand takedowns.

If you need to get your count up, load up “Escape the Embassy” level. There is a 3 enemy takedown right at the beginning of the level. Just take them down, then reload the checkpoint. Rinse and repeat.

Student of Surroundings                                                            10 G

Defeat 20 opponents with contextual takedowns.

A contextual takedown is when you smash your opponent into a wall  or table or anything during a takedown. I easily got 70 in one play through. Just replay a level like “Shipyard Infiltration” if you need to find a lot of contextual takedown opportunities.

Master of Environment                                                                 30 G

Finish 100 opponents with contextual takedowns.

See “Student of Surroundings” achievement above.

Lucky Shot!                                                                                 10 G

Kill 25 enemies with head shots.

I managed to brain about three hundred on my first play through, so you should easily get this and “Laser Aim” achievement quite fast. The fact it is the quickest way to kill enemies, you will naturally just use head shots anyway, as a lot of them have bullet protection.

Laser Aim                                                                                     30 G

Kill 150 enemies with head shots.

See “Lucky Shot” achievement above.

Wrecking Machine                                                                      25 G

Take out multiple opponents with one takedown 30 times.

You will need at least two bars of adrenaline and two enemies to takedown for it to count. Easiest done if you load up “ Escape The Embassy” level and takedown the three enemies at the beginning, then reload the checkpoint. 

One-Man Gang                                                                             5 G

Take out multiple opponents with one takedown 3 times.

You should get this very early in the game. See “Wrecking Machine” achievement above.

Adrenaline Junkie                                                                       15 G

Use three full bars of Adrenaline while driving through the streets of Paris.

When you get to mission eight, “Paris Chase” you will need to drive a car through the streets of Paris. During the mission, there will be a tutorial about using adrenaline while driving. To build up your three bars, you will need destroy anything on the sidewalks and jump off ramps, etc.  Once your bars are full, press the “Y” button to use up your adrenaline and then the achievement will unlock.

Civic Menace                                                                               20 G

Rampage through Paris: Destroy the café, china shop and 200 props.

When you start the level, drive and destroy anything you see on the sidewalk. Getting 200 objects isn’t hard. Drive through the alley ways if you can. Keep driving around until you see a bus that is blocking the road. Left of the bus is a café you need to drive through. Drive through the glass windows to smash up the café. If you miss the café somehow, just reload the checkpoint.

The next part is easy. You will eventually drive through an underground tunnel then you have only one way to go, through a china shop. So it is impossible to miss.


Dangerous Beginning                                                                 15 G

Completed Dangerous Beginning.

Finish the first misson. All of the missions are very linear and straight forward.

Shipyard Infiltration                                                                    15 G

Completed Shipyard Infiltration.

Finish the second mission.

Assassinate Wombosi                                                                15 G

Completed Assassinate Wombosi.

Finish the third mission.

Eliminate Divandelen                                                                  15 G

Completed Eliminate Divandelen.

Finish the fourth mission.

Escape the Embassy                                                                  15 G

Completed Escape the Embassy.

Finish the fifth mission.

Silence Rurik                                                                               15 G

Completed Silence Rurik.

Finish the sixth mission.

Castel Fight                                                                                 15 G

Completed Castel Fight.

Finish the seventh mission.

Paris Chase                                                                                 15 G

Completed Paris Chase.

Finish the eighth mission.

Disarm Renard                                                                            15 G

Completed Disarm Renard.

Finish the ninth mission.

Survive the Professor                                                                15 G

Completed Survive the Professor.

Finish the tenth mission.

Treadstone Safehouse                                                               15 G

Completed Treadstone Safehouse.

Complete the final mission.

Dangerous Beginning Passports                                              10 G

Collected All Passports in Dangerous Beginning.

Click here for a guide.

Shipyard Infiltration Passports                                                  10 G

Collected All Passports in Shipyard Infiltration.

See “Dangerous Beginnings” above.

Assassinate Wombosi Passports                                             10 G

Collected All Passports in Assassinate Wombosi.

See “Dangerous Beginnings” above.

Eliminate Divandelen Passports                                               10 G

Collected All Passports in Eliminate Divandelan.

See “Dangerous Beginnings” above.

Escape the Embassy Passports                                                10 G

Collected All Passports in Escape the Embassy.

See “Dangerous Beginnings” above.

Silence Rurik Passports                                                             10 G

Collected All Passports in Silence Rurik.

See “Dangerous Beginnings” above.

Disarm Renard Passports                                                          10 G

Collected All Passports in Disarm Renard.

See “Dangerous Beginnings” above.

Survive the Professor Passports                                             10 G

Collected All Passports in Survive the Professor.

See “Dangerous Beginnings” above.

Treadstone Safehouse Passports                                             10 G

Collected All Passports in Disarm Renard.

See “Dangerous Beginnings” above.