Grand Theft Auto IV is extremely time consuming, but there are a few easy points that you can grab early in the game without the need to unlock the other islands. There are also cheats available that will help you through missions, but they also disable some achievements. The trick is know which one disables certain achievements.

I will list the cheats below and mark next to them what achievements are disabled when the cheat is active. My suggesstion is if you want to use the cheats, activate them all you want during the main missions, then re-save at a safe house on a separate slot, then go do achievements on this new save. When you complete your achievements, re-load your  separate save to continue your main missions.

Below the cheats will be a guide to unlock some achievements real easy!


To use the cheats, you need to dial them into your cellphone. Once you have dialled them, they are automatically stored on your cellphone and can be easily activated by scrolling to Cheats in your phone menu.

REFILL HEALTH   Dial 362-555-0100

Disables “Cleaned The Mean Streets”

               “Finish Him”

               “One Man Army”

               “Walk Free”


Disables “Cleaned The Mean Streets”

WEAPONS TIER 1  Dial 486-555-0100

Disables “Cleaned The Mean Streets”


This unlocks the baseball bat, handgun, shotgun, MP5, M4, Sniper rifle, RPG, and grenades.

WEAPONS TIER 2  Dial 486-555-0150

Disables “Cleaned The Mean Streets”


This unlocks the knife, Molotov cocktails, handgun, shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle and RPG.

REMOVE WANTED LEVEL  Dial 267-555-0100

Disables “Cleaned The Mean Streets”



Disables “One Man Army”

               “Walk Free”

SPAWN COGNOSCENTI (SEDAN)   Dial 227-555-0142

SPAWN  COMET (CAR)  Dial 227-555-0175

SPAWN  SUPER GT (SPORTS CAR)  Dial 227-555-0168

SPAWN  TURISMO (SPORTS CAR)  Dial 227-555-0147

SPAWN  FBI  BUFFALO (CAR)  Dial 227-555-0100

SPAWN  JETMAX (SPEEDBOAT)  Dial 938-555-0100

SPAWN  NRG 900 (MOTORCYCLE)  Dial 625-555-0100

SPAWN  SANCHEZ (DIRT BIKE)  Dial 625-555-0150


Below are easy ways to unlock some of  those tricky achievements.

Walk Free                                                                                    50 G

Lose a 4 star wanted rating by out running the cops.

The easiest way to do this is to drive out to the airport in a fast car. You will get instantly 4 stars for driving onto the runway. Speed fully down the whole of the runway until you reach the end and then aim for the ramp. You should fly straight into the sea and just outside the wanted circle.

One Man Army                                                                           40 G

Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.

Best to do this before unlocking all the islands. Go to the airport and steal a helicopter or if you have unlocked the third island, steal one from the helicopter tours. Flying around an unlocked island will get you immediately a six star wanted level. Just fly around one for five minutes without landing, and the achievement will unlock.

Rolled Over                                                                                 30 G

Do 5 car rolls from one crash.

This seems to be tricky for some as it may be glitched. The best place I found was the airport runway. Drive fast down the runway then veer slightly off and aim for the little yellow ramps on the side of the runways. Hit only the ramps with only two wheels and the car should roll in the air.

Now I did 5 rolls and the achievement did not unlock. I then did three rolls, turned around immediately and did another two and the achievement unlocked. So it may be accumlative perfect rolls in one car, not as the title suggests.

Chain Reaction                                                                           20 G

You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.

This has been pointed out in various forums to be glitched, in that if you use ANY cheat, it will not unlock.

Go to a parking lot with a lot of cars (I used the one at the airport) in a SUV. Use the SUV (I found it easier) to push the other cars in the parking lot together in close group. Stealing cars and parking them close, I found problematic as it gives you a wanted level while trying to find your six or seventh car! (Give it a go if you think you are hard -Ed) So pushing attracts less attention.

Do about nine cars as you will use your SUV as the the tenth car. Make sure they are all nice and close then roll a grenade or shoot one of them and you should get a CHAIN REACTION.