Unlike previous Madden’s, ALL the achievements in Madden 09 can be achieved with a second controller making this an easy 1000 points. You could try cradling the two controllers on your lap, but it can become tricky. I was able to achieve some, but not all with this method.

My suggestion , if you want to do this quickly, is to actually get a friend (or even your mom) to play the second controller, as they will not need to know how to play at all. 

To make it easier, set the difficulty on both controllers to Rookie and the Gameplay Style to Advanced and Rewinds to Unlimited. Advanced sounds complicated, but it is not. You need to pick Special Teams plays for the Field Goal attempt.

It also helps, if you are not to good at Madden, to set the quarter lengths to more than 5 minutes (up to 15 if you want) to give yourself plenty of time. You can achieve several achievements in one match by doing so.


2 TD Kickoff Returns in a game                                               75 G

Return 2 Kickoffs for a TD in a game (non co-op)

Have the second controller pick kickoff left play. As soon as you catch the ball, have your second controller hold the left stick to the right and pump the “B” button. This will make your second controllers players veer to the right, while you move up the left of the field for an easy touch down.

Shut out a Rival In A Franchise                                              50 G

Shut Out A Rival in a Franchise Game (non co-op)

You need to head into a Franchise Game. Go to Game Modes then Franchise the start a new Franchise. Don’t worry to much about the options. They are not important. When you get to select a match make sure there are two silver helmets with the tag, “Rivalry” in the middle. This is a Rival game.

Just make your second controller never scores, at all. But you need to score at least once for it to be a shut out. You might as well go for  “Score 60 points in a Rival Game achievement” See below.

Kick a FG for over 50 yards                                                      15 G

Kick a FG for over 50 yards in a Franchise game (non co-op)

Make sure it is a Franchise game. I made the mistake of doing a heap of field goals, but not in Franchise. Make sure your Gameplay Style is Advanced. That way you can always scroll to Special Teams from By Formation and pick Field Goal. 

Play until you get to the 33 yard line of your second controllers end zone. Then pick FG. Pause the game and head into Settings then Gameplay. Then Modify Special Teams. Kick your FG power to the max along with your FG accuracy.

The trick is, before you kick it, is to make sure your arrow dips, not pointing up. The temptation is to kick it high, but if your arrow is pointing down, the ball goes further. (If you are still struggling, find a kicker and max out his stats to 99)

If you miss, you can rewind by pressing X and try again. If you miss again, just get your second controller to pick a Field Goal for their play. They will miss, giving you the ball back, to try again.

Complete a game without an INT                                             30 G

Complete a game without an interception, 5 min + quarter length (non co-op)

Easy. Just pick running plays and don’t ever pitch that ball!

6 Rush TD’s with the Dolphins                                                 50 G

6 Rush TD’s in a game with the Dolphins (non co-op)

Pick, obviously, the Miami Dolphins, and just pick running plays for rush touchdowns. Remember to make the quarters long if you struggle, and use rewinds if you miss a TD.

Catch 10 passes in a game                                                       50 G

Catch 10 passes in a game with one receiver (non co-op)

Just choose pass plays and pass it to the same receiver. If you set the game to long quarters, you should easily get this. Most of the time on Rookie, the receiver catches it. Remember to use rewind if you fail.

Complete the game without fumbling                                     25 G

Complete game without fumbling, 5 min + quarter length (non co-op)

If you play on Rookie, you rarely fumble.

2 TD Punt Returns in a game                                                   65 G

2 TD Punt Returns in a game.

With the second controller, pick By Formation then scroll to Special Teams. Pick Punt. Then use the same method as  “2 TD Kickoff Returns in a game” achievement at the top of this guide.

Intercept 6 Passes in a game                                                   50 G

Intercept 6 passes in a game (non co-op)

I found this easier without a second controller for some reason. I Played as the Patriots against the Colts and intercepted a lot of their plays.

However if you want to use a second controller, pick a lot of pass plays with the second controller and pitch it to where there’s a lot of opponents. Most of the time It is when a receiver runs a straight line. With player one, press Y to intercept.

Hold a Rival to under 300 yards                                               50 G

Hold a Rival to under 300 yards total offense in a game (non co-op)

I got this while I attempted “Shut Out A Rival In A Franchise” achievement.  Just make sure your second controller never gets the ball often or throws it away when it does.

Score 60 points in a Rival game                                              30 G

Score 60 points in a Rival Game (non co-op)

Make sure it is a Rival Game. Make the quarter lenghts long if you are struggling and do not let your second controller score at all if you are going for “Shut out a Rival in a Franchise” achievement.

Score 40 points in a Rival game                                              20 G

Score 40 points in a Rival Game (non co-op)

See “Score 60 points in a Rival game” achievement above.

Record 12 sacks in a game                                                     50 G

Record 12 sacks in a game (non co-op)

Pause any game, then go to Settings, Gameplay then Modify Game Rules. Turn off Offside to zero. Then just cross over to your opponents side (try not to touch any one or you will get encroachment) and stand next to their Quarterback. As soon as he hikes the ball, you will sack him. Use the same player for “Record 6 sacks with 1 player in a game” achievement. Easy really.

Record 6 Sacks with 1 player in a game                                 50 G

Record 6 sacks with 1 player in a game (non co-op)

See “Record 12 sacks in a game” achievement above.

80% completion for a game                                                      50 G

80% pass completion in a Franchise game, 5 min + quarter length (non co-op)

Make sure it is a Franchise game. Just do one sucessful pass play, then do running plays for the rest of the game.

7 Pass TD with the Falcons                                                      50 G

Throw 7 pass TD’s in a game with the Falcons (non co-op)

Play with the Falcons and only pick pass plays. Pass it to the endzone for a pass TD. Make the quarter lengths long if you are struggling.

550 Pass Yds with the Titans                                                   50 G

550 Pass Yds in a game with the Titans (non co-op)

Do long pass plays with the Titans throughout the entire game. You can check your stats by pressing “Start” and select Game Stats, then Team Stats.

300 Rush Yds with the Jets                                                      10 G

300 Rush Yds in a game with the Jets (non co-op)

Just do running plays throughout the entire game with the Jets.  You can check your stats by pressing “Start” and select Game Stats, then Team Stats.

Hold a Rival to under 20 points                                                10 G

Hold a Rival team to under 20 points in a game (non co-op)

You should get this while going for “Shut out a Rival in a Franchise”. achievement.

Midway Monster                                                                        50 G

Create a legendary player from the past.

Go to My Madden, Rosters, then Create-A-Player named Bones Jackson. Place him in the Chicago Bears then max out all his stats to 99. Save and the achievement will unlock.

Can You Believe These Seats?!                                              30 G

Celebrate a touchdown in a wall hotspot

When you score a TD, look for blue squares. They are touchdown hotspots. They only appear briefly. When you stand on the hotspot press ”Y” to perform a touchdown celebration.

For this achievement, you need to perform one near a wall. The only team I found with a wall hotspot is Green Bay. Play with them, score a TD, then head straight for a wall with a blue square, then press “Y”.

Steal Their Thunder                                                                   30 G

Steal an opposing player’s touchdown celebration.

This was confusing at first as how to steal it? But it is simple. When you score a touchdown, go to a hotspot and press “B” instead of “Y”.

Slam Dunk All-Star                                                                    30 G

Dunk the ball over the goalpost(or at least attempt to) after a touchdown.

After you score a TD, head for the goal post hotspot and press”Y”.

Shine In The Spotlight                                                              30 G

Celebrate a touchdown in an endzone hotspot.

Head for an endzone hotspot and press “Y”.


Now Here’s a Guy...                                                                   50 G

Thank you for purchasing Madden NFL 09. Here’s to another 20 years.

Go to My Madden, Roster the Create-A-Player. Create a player named John Madden and max his stats to 99. Save and the achievement will unlock.