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Mako Mine Glitch

This glitch will help you defeat that mini boss Geth Armature outside the Therum Mine real easy, even on Insanity!

When you embark on the Main Quest to find Liara T’Soni, you will drive the Mako until the road ends with a rock-rubble wall. Normally you would exit the Mako and continue on foot through the narrow opening. However it is possible to drive the Mako through the narrow gap and then use the Mako’s powerful cannon to defeat the Geth quickly.

When you reach the narrow opening, drive the Mako towards the left rock of the gap. You have to drive at a certain angle, but if done correctly, you should find the Mako completely on it’s side, wedge between the rocks. Slowly inch forward and use it’s boosters (“A”) to slide through the gap. Don’t worry, it took me about half an hour at first but now I can do it in around five minutes.

Once through the gap , clear the area ahead with Geth and drive up the mountain towards the mine, until you reach a cutscene (notice the Mako in the cutscene - here’s to realtime rendering! ).

After the cutscene, the Geth and the Geth Armature will NOT atttack the Mako. Bonus! Just use the Mako’s cannon on them and your done.

Free Instant Mako Repairs

To instantly repair a damaged Mako fully, without using Omni-gel, drive the Mako to an area where you can save i.e. not in battle. Save your game , then reload the save.

Sometimes you may need to save / reload twice. Once to restore shields, then again to to repair the hull.


Infinite Paragon Renegade Points Glitch

This glitch allows you to get all your Paragon or Renegade points all at once and thereby unlocking Renegade and Paragon Achievements. Make sure your Charm AND Intimidate are at least six points each. They will both need to be high if you want both achievements at once.

Head off to Noveria. You will eventually need to speak to Lorik Qui’in. He will give you an assignment to get evidence from his guarded office in exchange for a garage key. Accept the assignment and go get the evidence. Upon returning back to the hotel bar, you will bump into Gianna (the receptionist) and she will reveal that she is undercover and she needs Lorik Qui’in to testify against the administrator Anoleis. Agree to help her.

Go over and talk to Lorik Qui’in and then choose the following options:

  1. STEP 1

Testify against Anoleis > You’d be a hero (Paragon choice) OR Damn right I will (Renegade choice) then move away once you have finished and received your points.

  1. STEP 2

Approach Lorik Qui’in again and choose:

Matriarch Benezia > Another Question > Testify against Anoleis >  You’d be a hero (Paragon choice) OR Damn right I will (Renegade choice)

Repeat Step 2 and you will receive 25 points each time. Keep doing it until the achievement unlocks.

Easy Level Up Glitch

This glitch rewards you with experience points just by saving a game.

At level 10 you will receive about 300 xp each time whereas at level 50, you will get about 900 xp.

Travel to Artemis Tau To find Liara T’Soni. When you find her, she will be trapped inside a blue force field. Kill the enemies, then SAVE your game. Do not approach Liara. Reload the save game and you will be awarded some experience points when you load. Save and repeat.

Infinite Credit Glitch

Here is a way to earn infinite credits. I recommend doing this at the beginning of a career. That way you can earn quickly 1,000,000 credits and unlock Spectre Weapons and Armour which totally kick butt.

  1. First, do the side quest for Dr. Michel from the Med Clinic on Citadel. It will invlove getting rid of her blackmailer. Once you have completed this quest, she will award you with discount from the items she sells.

  1. Next, start selling her your most expensive equipment.

  1. After that, head down to the Wards Markets and find a merchant called Expat. Talk to him and select Buy Back. You can now buy back the items you sold to Dr. Michel for a cheaper price.

  1. Return back to Dr. Michel at the Med Clinic, and sell your stuff again. Repeat these selling and buying steps for however greedy you want to be!

Remember, the more expensive the item, the larger the profit.

If want to complete this game on Insanity CLICK HERE


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