All bosses and enemies are at a higher level than you are and they are very accurate with all weapons. All organic enemies have immune. But despite it’s “scary” name, beating Mass Effect on Insanity is not that hard at all. If you stick to my game plan , you will breeze through the game without hardly ever dying.

You will need to complete the game on Hardcore first to unlock the Insanity setting. If you have not done this yet, then the tactics here can also be applied to Hardcore.

Please note that the tactics below are for those wanting JUST the achievement and for completing it quick.


Before you start Insanity, you must be at least Level 60. It is possible to do it  on lower levels, but we are trying to make this guide easy, remember ? CLICK HERE for a glitch if you need help in levelling up quickly.

Make sure you and your squad are equipped with Spectre Master Gear and decent armour. Spectre Master weapons are  by far the best weapons in the game. Also make sure you or your squad use a LOT of Biotic powers. They can do tremendous damage and VERY handy during a Boss fight.

There is only one enemy that can kill you in an instant. Rockets. Avoid them and you will be fine.

Now to complete Insanity (or Hardcore) really FAST, do NOT do any sidequests. Just stick to the Main Quest Storyline. There are less enemies to kill and less chance of you being killed.

The next thing to remember is to RUN. That’s right, RUN. About 60% of this game you can avoid enemies by simply running past them. Especially on planets where you need to drive the Mako to a destination point. Instead of firing on Geth Armatures, just drive past them and wave. If you have to fight, try to stay in the Mako. It’s guns can do a lot of damage!

CLICK HERE for a glitch to defeat the Geth Armature on Therum.

Be aware that running makes it harder to save. You can only save while you are not in battle. So if you do run, make sure you can make to safe area to save or the next cutscene where an auto save will occur.

There are times when you can’t run and will have to fight a boss or a group of enemies. Don’t worry, the enemies don’t keep respawning. So if you take cover and use a lot of Biotic powers, eventually you will clear the area. Again, if it is possible to fight in the Mako, DO!

As a final note, to defeat most bosses doesn’t require any special tactics. Just pump a ton of bullets into them  normally does the trick.