This game has an advantage that there are no online achievements, although some of the achievements can be quite tricky. EA Sports got wise with game simulations and made it far LESS easier than NBA Live 06.  What a buzz kill for achievement hunters, hey?

However, all is not loss. If you plan a little bit and spend a little time creating a really bad team and a really good team, then a lot of achievements will come easy. My good team was really tall (perfect for blocks) and all their stats were maxed out. My bad team were really short. You can also achieve a lot of points just playing on Rookie.


Head into My NBA Live 08 then Creation Zone. Create five players of each position, C, PF, SF, SG and PG. As this was going to be my best team, I gave them all surnames as BIG with their positions as their initials. You will need to transfer them into a good team, like the Spurs or the Lakers, so it easier to remember who you are transferring in. Remember to make them all 7’6” and max out their stats.

Now do the same with your bad team, except make them all 5’4” and their stats to zero. You can do as I do and named their surnames as SHORT.

Once you have created all your players you need to sign them to teams. Head into Team Management (above Creation Zone), select Roster Management then select Sign / Release Players. You will need to sign your good created players to a really good team. I chose the San Antonio Spurs. For my bad team I chose Golden State Warriors. You may need to release the good players from the teams first before they sign your created players.

With your bad team , because their stats are really low, you will need to swap them to the starting line up. Head back into Roster Management then Rosters. Just click “A” and change your players to the top of the roster.

Before you start a game, you will need to make sure that auto-subs are turned off to ensure your starting line ups remain on the court. To do this select My NBA Live 08 then Settings. Navigate to Gameplay Settings and switch Auto Substitutions off.

While you are in this menu, lets make this whole game even EASIER! Turn off all fouls, rules and max out your User Settings while turning down the CPU’s.

The above cheat takes a bit of time to set up, but once you have, it is quite possible to pick a few achievements each game .


Score 50 in Slam Dunk Contest                                               50 G

Score 50 in a slam dunk contest.

The controls for the Slam Dunk Contest are a little tricky and complicated. I suggest you do the slam dunk tutorial first , to get a feel of the controls and when to start your run.

Stick it on Rookie, then choose  Lebron James. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Move towards the three point line, then hold both LT + RT then press ”B”. Lebron should do a mid-air trick, a double flip, then press ”B” again while he is in the air to do the slam dunk.

You know when you got 50 points when fireworks go off in the crowd.

Superstar Slam Dunk Champion                                             30 G

Win the Slam Dunk Contest vs The CPU on Superstar difficulty level.

Make the CPU go first and choose a CPU player with a 75 dunk stat. I chose Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards. He always seems to mess up. Disable all the other player. Set it to only 1 round and 1 dunk per attempt. Start the contest and wait until he misses he hoop. If he doesn’t, just restart the match by selecting ”rematch” until he does.

Once he misses, all you have to do is run and do a very simple slam dunk to win the contest.

28 pts in 3Pt Contest                                                                 30 G

Score 28 or more out of 30 in a 3pt contest.

Choose a player with high stats or create a player whose stats are 99. Play the contest on Rookie. The trick is to hold down RT and shoot just as the hands reach above the head, and they should drop in.

Superstar 3PT Champion                                                         30 G

Win the 3PT Shootout vs. the CPU on Superstar difficulty level.

Choose a CPU player whose 3pt stats are 60. I chose Prigioni of Argentina. Make sure you choose a player whose 3pt stats are at 99. Let the CPU go first and wait until he scores low, like around 13 or less. If not, re-match until he does. Then just shoot normally and you should clinch it.

Two 30’s                                                                                     30 G

Have two players in your team score at least 30 points in a solo game.

Easy if you use the Team Cheat at the top of this guide. Play long quarters if it helps.

Blocking fest                                                                             20 G

Have your team block 15 shots in a solo game vs. the CPU.

If you used the Team Cheat above, you should have no trouble blocking with really tall players. You may need to play long quarters as the bad team stats are low and don’t often shoot for the basket for your players to block.

Offensive Rebounds galore                                                      30 G

Have your team grab 20 offensive rebounds in a solo game vs. the CPU.

Keep shooting at your basket and make sure some of your players are near the basket. Even though your stats maybe high, you do still get rebounds.

Defensive Rebounds galore                                                     30 G

Have your team grab 30 defensive rebounds in a solo game vs. the CPU.

Make sure you grab every missed shot. It is easier to play 10-12 min quarters to achieve this.

3’s in the practice arena                                                           30 G

Score 5 straight 3’s in the practice arena.

Easier if you choose a created player whose 3pt stats are at 99. Just shoot five 3 pointers in a row while in the practice arena.

The Underdog                                                                            40 G

Pick the lowest rated NBA team and win vs. the CPU as the highest rated team (no special teams).

No need to use the Team Cheat teams. Just play on Rookie on 2 min quarters. Choose a really bad NBA team and play against a high rated NBA team. With the gameplay settings still low for the CPU and all rules switched off, this should be easy. Once you reach 10 to 12 points ahead, just take possession and you can just wait for the clock to wind down.

Hot shooting streak                                                                   30 G

Make five three pointers in a row with the same player during a solo game vs. the CPU.

With all your players stats up to 99, just choose any player and make sure he shoots five 3 pointers in a row.

Trivia King                                                                                  30 G

Correctly answer a minimum of 3 questions during a single trivia mini game.

During the loading screen there will be a series of trivia questions to answer. You need to get three in a row. Now I don’t much about basketball so I just used this method.  Press “A” until you get a right answer. Once you get a right answer, select another button to use as your answer, like “B”. If this is also the right answer, then the next button MUST be ”X” or “Y”. Occasionally the answer comes back to “A” or “B”. If it does, just keep trying again.

Double Double                                                                           30 G

Have one of your players get a Double Double in a solo game against the CPU.

See “Quadruple Double” achievement below.

Triple Double                                                                             40 G

Have one of your players get a Triple Double in a solo game against the CPU.

See “Quadruple Double” achievement below.

Quadruple Double                                                                     50 G

Have one of your players get a Quadruple Double in a solo game against the CPU.

Play 12 min quarters on Rookie. This will make it easier in picking up all these double achievements in one game. You need to get double figures with one player on all these stats.

  1. Points

  2. Assists

  3. Rebounds

  4. Steals

  5. Blocks

Blocks are the hardest because you need to rely on the other team to attempt to shoot, so I would bother with them. After the first quarter, just check the player stats with the highest and just take control of him for the rest of the game. I recommend going for one stat at a time.

Shoot 100% Free Throws                                                          30 G

Have your team shoot 100% from the free throw line in a solo game against the CPU (minimum 10 shots)

Use the Team Cheat team and play 5 min quarters on Rookie. Turn all foul sliders back up to the max and just drive the lane and hope to get fouled. Once you get fouled, just use ”B” to shoot the free throw. When you get 10/10 , take possession of the ball and wait for the clock to wind down. This will ensure you don’t mess up your 10/10 record.

Win it Inside                                                                               40 G

Win without making a 3 pointer in a solo game against the CPU.

Play on Rookie 2 min quarters and don’t shoot any 3 pointers.

Scoring individual record                                                        50 G

Have one player score at least 101 points in a solo game against the CPU.

Easy on Rookie with the Team Cheat team on 12 min quarters. Just take control of one player and keep shooting a lot of three pointers.

Steals individual record                                                           50 G

Have one player get at least 12 steals in a solo game against the CPU.

With the Gameplay Settings maxed, stealing is easy with your Team Cheat team. Reach in fouls should be turned down to zero.

Blocks individual record                                                          50 G

Have one player get at least 18 blocks in a solo game against the CPU.

Blocking is hard as it relies on the other team to shoot. With your tall players it should be easy, however I would change the change some of your short team shooting stats so they at least attempt to shoot all the time.  For your tall team, substitute all the players except for one tall player. It will be easier to concentrate on him to block all the shots.

Assists individual record                                                         50 G

Have one player get at least 31 in a solo game against the CPU.

This is easy. Just have one player pass all the time and make sure the player he passes to scores.

Rebounds individual record                                                    50 G

Have one player get at least 56 rebounds in a solo game against the CPU.

This is easier if you substitute all your tall Team Cheat players and leave only one tall player in. Make sure the other team shooting stats are zero as this will give you a lot of rebounds.

Dream Lineup in Dynasty                                                        40 G

Have 3 players with an overall rating of 90 or more on your Dynasty roster.

Just use your good Team Cheat team as all their stats are over 99. Go to Dynasty mode and stimulate a season. You will receive this at the end of the season.

Best regular season record                                                      50 G

Finish a Dynasty Mode season with the best record in the NBA.

You should pick this one up while going for “Dream Lineup in Dynasty” achievement. With all your stats at 99, you should reach the playoffs. Stimulate the playoffs and you should win the Championship.

Win a Dynasty championship                                                 50 G

Win a Dynasty Championship.

See “Best regular season record” achievement above.

Win 10 Dynasty championships                                              50 G

Win 10 championships in the span of 25 years in Dynasty mode.

This is VERY time consuming as stimulating a season on this game is slow. It stimulates the games by quarters rather than the results. With all your players stats at 99 however, winning ten seasons shouldn’t be a problem.