There are only five achievements in this game and all can be obtained within an hour.  In fact, you could probably pick up three in under five minutes if you set things right. The easiest and by far the quickest is to use a second controller. Although you may need a friend to control one of the controllers for one of the achievements, the rest are easy cheese.

Also, hockey has a tactic where a team will remove their goal-tender from the ice, and replace him with an attacker, leaving an empty net goal. With a second controller, just pull the goalie and you cannot miss.

First, head into Options and then Setup. Set Skill Level to All Star. The achievements are based on difficulty, but if you set it to All Star, then you will get them all out of the way, without having to change.

Hit RT on Rules to find Penalties. Whack them all up to the max for the moment. You will need to change them later on for another achievement, but we will leave them up for now.

Now use your LT and RT to find the sliders that control game-play.  Crank up your Human stats to the max and you CPU to the lowest. This will ensure you are an absolute superstar on the ice.

The first three achievements are possible within the first five minutes of play.

Score In Under 1:00 (All Star)                                                 350 G

Score a goal in the first minute of play on All Star difficulty or higher.

This isn’t difficult as it may sound. With a second controller and your stats maxed, a minute is plenty of time.

Win the start face-off, then skate towards your opponents goal. PAUSE the game with your SECOND controller and select “Team Strategy” then “Pull Goalie”. The goalie will move away leaving an open net. Just slam the puck in. Done.

Score On A Breakaway (Amateur)                                           50 G

Score a goal on a breakaway on Amateur difficulty or higher.

A breakaway is when one of your players goes one on one with the opposing team’s goalie. With your stats in your favour, this is not hard at all.

Head behind you own net with the puck and skate around. Sprint across to your opponents net, making sure you are ahead of your opponents, then around about half way, PAUSE the game with your second controller. Select “Team Strategy” then “Pull Goalie”. Now whack that little puck into that wide open net.

Score Goal With A Defenseman (Pro)                                   150 G

Score a goal with a defense man on Pro difficulty or higher.

If you have no idea who your defenseman is, pause the game and select “Stats” then “Player Stats”. Find the player with a “D” next to his photo and then just remember his name. Shoot a goal next time he has the puck.

If have trouble remembering who’s who (I know I did), pause the game. Select “Options”, “Presentation”, then RT until you hit the “Video” page. Select “Player Indication” and then change it “Position”  Return back to the game and you will have the player’s position marked underneath them . Find the player with a “D” and shoot with him.

Again if you have trouble shooting, pause the game with your second controller. Select “Team Strategy” then “Pull Goalie”.

Score A Goal When 2 Men Down (Pro)                                  200 G

Score a goal when 2 men down on Pro difficulty or higher.

You need to have two of your players sent off to have “2 men down” and then score a goal. This is why all your penalty sliders are maxed out. Skate around and start slashing and hacking the second controllers players. It won’t be too long before you have two men sent to the sin bin.

Now all you need to do is score. Again if you have trouble shooting, pause the game with your second controller. Select “Team Strategy” then “Pull Goalie”.

Score On A Penalty Shot (All Star)                                        250 G

Score a penalty shot on All Star difficulty or higher.

This is the hardest of all the achievements. You may need a friend to control the second controller. I found it almost impossible with just a second controller. If you have not got a friend to help you, then you may have to do it legit.

To get a Penalty Shot, the player must be fouled while taking a shot.

To make sure this happens, head back into Options and then Setup.

Hit RT on Rules to find Penalties. Turn all your penalties back down (left) to zero EXCEPT  “Penalty Shots”. Leave it maxed out!

Now skate around and shoot for goal. HOLD down “X” and while your stick is in the air, get a friend to come from behind and whack you. You should get a penalty shot. While taking the shot, get your friend to move his goalie.

Now if someone out there knows of any other way with using JUST a second controller, please let me know! Send an email to   and I will credit you on the site.


Submitted by PunksNotDead128.

Below is an easier way to achieve this without a second controller.

Step 1

Choose a team such as World All-Stars and let the CPU suffer Denmark as they have the worse keeper in the game.


Step 2

Turn ALL penalty sliders to the RIGHT. It will also benefit you to turn your team sliders up while turning the CPU team sliders down to give you offensive and speed advantages, etc.


Step 3

Get 2 of your men sent to the box by skating around and hacking /fouling the opposing team.


Step 4

With 2 men down, get the puck to your CAPTAIN (this is important), now skate behind your goal and then dash towards the opponent’s goal (initiating a breakaway). When 1 on 1 with the goalie, hold shoot until the last defender back fouls you.


Step 5

You now have a penalty shot. Scoring it can be quite tedious but with this method you should get at least 3 penalties a game.