Please note that these glitches only appear in the Original Edition. NOT in The Game Of The Year Edition (Sept 2007). You can only remove the update on the Original Edition.

Oblivion is a massive game. The map is huge along with the number of quests and missions.  Being a vast game, it came with it's fair amount of glitches. None of these glitches will actually unlock achievements, but they will help you get there a lot faster! If you’re really pressed for time, stick the Gameplay sliders to EASY.

If you are going to attempt these glitches it is best to start a new game, as you will need to delete the update and you will lose any saved progress. Decline the Update if you are playing this disc for the first time.

Click Here if you want to know how to remove the update.

Dorian Infinite Money Glitch

Go to the Talos Plaza District in Imperial City. Facing the Tiber Septim Hotel, go left under the archway. Immediately to your left again is a door. The door belongs to a NPC named Dorian. He is normally in most nights, but you will have to pick the lock. Once you have entered through the door, save your game.

You will find Dorian and you have to kill him quickly, otherwise guards will be alerted and you will be arrested. If you have trouble killing him, push Start , select Options and change the Difficulty slider to Easy. Once you have killed him, loot his body for gold. He has an never ending supply. Do NOT push "X" to Take All or the game will freeze. Just highlight his gold and push "A" couple of million times, or however greedy you get. You can return later, for more, but his body disappears after a few days.

Note, if this is your first ever murder, you will be visited by the Dark Brotherhood next time you awake from sleep!

Kvatch Infinite Money Glitch

Another Infinite Money glitch is to first equip a weapon. You have to have it equipped, so you can see it. Then jump on a horse and and head for the camp just south of the town of Kvatch.

You must STAY on the horse and talk to a female Orc merchant (she is green) named Batul gra-Sharob. Choose to Barter with her and choose your Equipped Weapon. She will pay you gold for it, but the item remains in your inventory. Just keep selling it to her until you get enough bills to buy Cyrodiil.

Duplicate Items Using Arrows

This glitch lets you create multiple copies of an item in your inventory. First you need a stack of arrows already in your inventory and the item you wish to duplicate, should be a non-quest item i.e it can be dropped from the inventory.

• Equip the arrows.

• Perform an attack like swinging a blade or casting a spell.

• While attacking, QUICKLY enter your journal.

• Press "A" to unequip the arrows ( do not press "X" to drop)

• You should get the message " You cannot change weapons while attacking" If you do not get this message, try again.

• Now Select the item you wish to duplicate, Press "X" to drop.

• Leave the Journal.

At your feet, there will been many duplicates of the item dropped as there were arrows in your inventory. You can duplicate magic or expensive items to sell as well!

Increase Alteration Glitch

Need to increase your alteration skill so you can cast some nasty Alteration Spells? It's a shame having all the money in Cyrodiil, you can't just buy skills. You can afford all these spells like, "Enemies Explode" but you can't cast them because your skill level is low. This glitch can help you increase it to 100 just by casting it on a door!

There is a house in Anvil that you can buy when you start “Where Spirits Have Lease” quest. Go to the Count’s Arms between noon to midnight. Talk to a dude called Velwyn Benirus and he will sell you his granddaddy’s house for 5000 gold.

The house is in the north-east corner of town. Go down to the basement and there is hidden room that only a family member of Benirus can open. Attempt to cast any spells that “unlock doors” on the portal on the wall. It will never open , but your alteration will increase.


Now that you have got a ton of benjamins, you can buy some amazing weapons to easily beat enemies and bosses. Spells are a little trickier, because you have to be a certain level to use them.

My suggestion is to go buy the Apothesis Staff at Rindir's Staff in the Imperial City Market District. This Staff is awesome and can totally wipe out a lot of enemies above your level. It only has a limited amount of charges, but being a Cyrodiil Billionaire that you are now, just pay a mage in any Mages Guild to recharge it for you.

If you want the most powerful sword in Oblivion, you need to get the Umbra Sword. It is part of a quest, but you do not need to do the quest to get it.  With the Update removed, this quest is bugged anyway, and not related  to any achievements. The game crashes if you try to complete the quest.

You will need to kill a level 50 ( yeah, way higher than you) NPC named Umbra. But with the Apothesis Staff in your greedy little hands , this battle is way too easy. She is located in an elven ruin called Vindasel. It is on the road from Imperial City to Bravil, between Fort Virtue and Old Bridge. Enter the ruin, and she is at the very back. Four strikes with Apothesis Staff and she is toast.

Once you kill her, loot her body for the Umbra sword. Now this longsword is totally awesome. It has a Soul Trap for 120 secs and slices enemies effortlessly. It also has a double bonus, that being part of a open quest, it remains weightless. Sweet. Unless of course you want to complete the quest, you will need to give it some dude, but why would you want to do that ?