This game is so linear and repetitive, it is not really useful to provide a walkthrough. You will unlock achievements for completing each level no matter what ranking. However, I will give you an achievement guide for the extra achievements and tips for the last final boss fights.  

Don’t worry too much about the silver coins you see in the levels. They are only there to provide hints on where to go next. No need to collect them all.

Get Your First Coin                                                                   15 G

Collect your first coin.

It is not the silver coins you need to get this achievement. It is the gold ones. Complete the game then replay the first level. Gold coins start appearing. Collect one and the achievement unlocks.

Family Unit                                                                                 15 G

Do a Co-Op Combination Attack

Press X while in the air when another turtle is nearby.

Used Mike’s Special Move                                                        30 G

You will unlock this in Level 4. Just jump and hold RB to do the Special Move.

Used Raph’s Special Move                                                      30 G

You will unlock this in Level 11. Just jump and press and hold RB. You actually do this move on Level 2 , but it doesn’t unlock there.

Used  Leo’s Special Move                                                        30 G

You will unlock this achievement in Level 5. Right after the level starts, you will need to get out of the cage. Just press and hold RB.

Used Don’s Special Move                                                        30 G

You will unlock this achievement in Level 3. This can be a little tricky.  Press and hold RB and aim right, or you will fall into the pits.

Clean Sweep                                                                              50 G

Complete a level without taking damage.

The easiest level to do this is Level 1. You can fall into holes and respawn, but you cannot fall off a ledge. You will receive damage, so be careful of wall climbs.

There are only two enemy battles to deal with on this level, but the enemies are slow and so few in numbers. I used the Jump Slam and then hit Y for the easy kill. Remember they move slow, so when they raise their weapons, dodge their attacks.


Winter’s Secret                                                                          80 G

Complete Level 16.

Boss 1.

The boss mostly stays on the outer edge. He uses an attack then a charge. You can dodge these by jumping in time to the the attacks. Once he misses you with a charge, attack him to bring his health down. Also when he moves to the center, hold X to use team attack. This will prevent him using his special attack.

Boss 2.

This boss stands at the back of the circle and uses a hammer attack. When he bangs his hammer jump over and toward the vibration waves, then jump back. Stay away from the edges or you will get hammered!  He will bang his hammer 4-5 times then jump up and off-screen.  Watch for his shadow to see where he lands. As soon as he lands, go and whack him. After his health is down, he falls, then gets up and will try to do a super hammer attack. Hold X and use a Team Attack to prevent him doing so.

Boss 3.

She is quite easy this one. Jump over her acid slime attacks and dodge her melee attacks. Once she misses, whack her with a combo. Use Team Attacks before she unleashes her special moves.

Boss 4.

This boss is VERY easy once you know what to do. You must use all four turtles to beat him. His attacks are actually coloured coded , so they give you a clue to what turtle to use.

  1. 1.When he throws ORANGE projectiles, use team attack with Michaelangelo to knock them back.

  2. 2.When he fires PURPLE beams, use team attack with Donatello.

  3. 3.When the RED ghosts appear, use team attack with Raphael.

  4. 4.Use team attack with Leonardo to finish him off.