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Joy Ride Release Date
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 00:00


Discovered by forum member Misplaced1BRAIN, the release date for free-to-play Joy Ride is listed at gamepressure as March 3. I wouldn't exactly tattoo the date on your forehead just yet, as I think they are just speculating...


It was only last week Microsoft circulated the game would be delayed due to technical issues so March 3 seems a little optimistic. I don't see what's the problem as the game is FREE anyway so EVERYBODY and their mom is going to download it regardless. Who cares if the avatars don't work properly, get rid of them. Unless of course it is the achievements that are glitched. Then that is unacceptable and just cause to ask for your money back even though you have not paid a penny for it.


Joy Ride is due (according to gamepressure) March 3.


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Comments (3)
  • Misplaced1BRAIN  - just think about it
    ok i have thought it over. If you look at it, the "block party" is said to be on it's way for the third of March as well, so it does kinda make sence.
    The block party has you controlling your avatar around in a "mall" or "arcade" to play games, so maybe they created a door or "exit" from said "mall/arcade" out into a raceway.
    It's said to be free to be in both "JOY RIDE" & "BLOCK PARTY" but the word is ---- you pay for each vehicle upgrade or new look to the vehicle, and you pay to actually play the games in the arcade.
    This looks to me a bit of a NO-BRAINER ( pun not needed for my gamertag ) as i think Microsoft is doing it this way so more people will have to enter into the "block party" to get to the "JOY RIDE" community, and this also ties in well for the achievements for both of them (community wise).
  • Slam Da Brakes

    Block Party is the promotion. I think you are talking about the "Game Room" (which I previewed) and at this time only includes E10 + retro games.

    Block Party promotion for March.

    March 3: Toy Soldiers -1200 points
    March 10: Scrap Metal - 1200 points
    March 17: Perfect Dark - 800 points
    March 24: Game Room - Free to download. Each game 240-400 points.

    If you buy all three games AND download the Game Room, Microsoft will give you free 400 MS points!
  • Misplaced1BRAIN  - my mistake
    yes that must have been what i was thinking the GAMES ROOM
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