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Microsoft Lists Kinect at $150
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 00:00


It is not official, but you cannot argue when Microsoft's OWN online store has listed Kinect at $150. Makes our poll on the right there more relevant. I can see the achievements for Kinect games being super easy although at what price?...


News has also started to filter through that the actual unit costs $150 to manufacture which means Microsoft will make zippo if anyone buys the unit. Did they REALLY think this through? In a word. No. Michael Patcher, financial analyst, in a video below thinks the price needs to be right. Like no kidding, Sherlock.


Kinect is due this October.





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Comments (5)
  • Ltpengujn  - EASY!
    I think it's good they put the units at the cost it takes to manufacture, cheaper for us and hopefully easy achievements :] and a lot of em'
  • Jesse
    hmm that'll probably be 200 buck in australia plus 450 for xbox slim.
  • robert
    150quid over here in britain then. hope it comes with a free game
  • madraver81
    £120+ at shopto. Doesn't come with a game. Its at cost but Microsoft cant have much faith in the product. Only way its going to get into more homes is to take a loss.
  • BJ
    150 in UK?!
    In New Zealand its gunna cost a shit load
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