Game Room Achievements: How They Work
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Monday, 15 February 2010 00:00
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Microsoft will launching a Block Party on March 3 to officially launch The Game Room. The Game Room will be a virtual arcade where you can enter with your Xbox 360 Avatar and live the experience of playing arcade games in their original forms. If you think there will be achievements for each game,  bzzt. Wrong answer...


The Game Room will be treated as one whole game and there will 60 achievements totalling 1000 points. The room is rated as E10 + ( as opposed to each game being rated) which how Microsoft was able to fast track a lot of games to be included. E10 + (Everyone 10+) means that some arcade games that are rated Teen or Mature, like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat, will not be available. There are hopes there will be another room for these games in the future.


So how do the achievements work then with all the games?


The Game Room will have 60 achievements totalling 1000 points. However they are not tied to any specific game. Instead you earn medals for each game and the medals are divided into tiers of three medals each. You get a medal for time spent, high score and so on. Time spent will be interesting as it all it requires is you to be in the room? Have to verify that.


So how much is it going to cost?  


The room is free and so it should be. Each game however will cost between 240 - 400 MS points to download individual titles, or you can pay 40 MS for one time single play.  You actually get fake coins to put in the machines, so memories of being broke at the arcade will come flooding back. 


So what's this Block Party?


Get this "Don't be tardy come to Xbox Live Block Party" That was the MS press release. I am not.... no wait I am going to say something. If I went across to my neighbours and said I was having a 'block' party, they would politely tell me to get back to the eighties.  That aside, the Xbox Live Block Party is Microsoft celebrating the launch of the Game Room and the games Perfect Dark, Scrap Metal and Toy Soldiers over the whole month of March. 


Update : The Game Room will be available from March 24 on Xbox Live.




























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