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Random Button Mashing
Written by Super User   
Monday, 12 September 2011 10:09
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In a first feature series of articles, we highlight the skills and techniques required to unlock achievements and we talk to our members of what it takes to reach the dizzy heights of 100K +. If your Gamerscore is pretty low, take note of the skills over the next few weeks and bookmark this site. Here's the first true easy achievement skill, Randon Button Mashing...


If there is one skill in video gaming that deserves a government funded study, it is Button Mashing. Not to study the health affects of repeatedly mashing buttons, as that is obvious. But to study the outcome of success from learning button combinations as opposed to random button pressing. Random seems to be an under-rated technique that works far easier and more successful than you would expect.



I have never been any good at fighting games like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, because in the heat of the battle, I cannot remember any more than four buttons. So the ONLY technique that I have ever employed is random. Bash away at any combination between X, A, B and Y really rapidly and you are bound to hit on a combo or super move. You also need to wiggle the left stick and flick the right trigger once in a while.





Don't believe me? Try any superhero game. Or even King Kong.



Console controllers were never made for button mashing and why Arcade Stick controllers with their big buttons are ever popular for playing fighting games. However, because of the close proximity and the smaller buttons, console controllers are suitable for Random Button Mashing. Hitting with a clenched fist also works as you can strike three buttons at the same time. If you tire of learning complex button combos or have no wish to invest in an Arcade Stick controller, and if all else fails, then randomly mashing console buttons works. Trust me, I never got to where I am learning button combos.