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Fallout New Vegas Infinite Caps Glitch
Written by Super User   
Friday, 22 October 2010 07:10
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As hopefully predicted, Fallout New Vegas has a few currency glitches or 'bottle caps' to those unaware of Fallout's monetary system. This one here, Fallout New Vegas Infinite Bottle Caps Glitch will net you millions in minutes...


Once of course you set it up. You need to complete the quest "My Kind Of Town" in Primm. Once you have completed the quest, wait three game days then head for the Vikki and Vance casino. Make sure you have left Primm entirely - fast travel anywhere else - before attempting this. Watch the video below because eventually you end up back at the casino and exchanging 9601 bottle caps at a time. Don't you just love infinite money glitches?


Credit goes to solo373 for the video. Warning : harsh language used in the video!


Update : This glitch has been patched. Click here to find out how to remove the update