Final Fantasy XIII Achievements Revealed
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Monday, 08 March 2010 00:34


Already posted before on this site, but now all the secret achievements have been revealed for some game called Final Fantasy XIII, which is due this week. A 2D side scroller available on three discs...


Honest and you'll only need 120 hours + to knock out the full thousand. If you are actually planning to get this, please consider writing and entering it in our Achievement Guide competition (shameless plug) for 1600 MS points and we'll post in the Time Consuming category. You will only have to the end of March to finish it so you better get cracking. Don't worry about the secret achievements, they are story related I think. Don't quote me on that.


[secret achievements source x360a.org] 


Final Fantasy XIII is due March 9.




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Commando's Seal - 15 points

Mastered the Commando role


Ravager's Seal - 15 points

Mastered the Ravager role


Sentinel's Seal - 15 points

Mastered the Sentinel role


Saboteur's Seal - 15 points

Mastered the Saboteur role


Synergist's Seal - 15 points

Mastered the Synergist role


Medic's Seal - 15 points

Mastered the Medic role


Limit Breaker - 30 points

Dealt 100,000+ damage with a single attack


Adamant Will - 30 points

Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds


Master's Seal - 30 points

Fully developed all characters


Treasure Hunter - 80 points

Held every weapon and accessory


Loremaster - 80 points

Discerned the full attributes of 100 enemies


Secret Achievements


Instrument of Fate - 15 points

Took the first steps toward challenging an unjust fate


Instrument of Dissent - 15 points

Survived the Purge to confront a greater peril


Instrument of Tragedy - 15 points

Strode into danger's den and paid the consequences


Instrument of Flight - 15 points

Slipped through the net and lived to fight the day


Instrument of Vengeance - 15 points

Resolved to be more than a victim of circumstance


Instrument of Survival - 15 points

Evaded pursuers, though memories of the past still gave chase


Instrument of Rebellion - 15 points

Made plans to infiltrate enemy-occupied territory


Instrument of Shame - 15 points

Carried the burden of guilt to the end of the line


Instrument of Wrath - 15 points

Took the fight to the enemy's door


Instrument of Truth - 15 points

Recognized the true threat to the world's future


Instrument of Hope - 15 points

Traveled to the world below, seeking a way to alternate fate


Instrument of Faith - 30 points

Defied destiny's charge and embarked on a different path


Instrument of Change - 95 points

Witnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend


Pulsian Pioneer - 15 points

Took over 10,000 steps on the lowerworld surface


Gysahl Wreath - 15 points

Discovered buried treasure with a little help from a chocobo


Kelger's Cup - 15 points

Completed all low-level Cie'th Stone missions


Xezat's Chalice - 15 points

Completed all mid-level Cie'th Stone missions


Dorgann's Trophy - 30 points

Completed all high-level Cie'th Stone missions.


Galuf's Grail - 30 points

Completed all Cie'th Stone missions


L'Cie Paragon - 80 points

Earned a 5-star ranking for all Cie'th Stone missions


Exorcist - 30 points

Triumphed over undying lowerworld souls in seven fierce battles


Floraphobe - 30 points

Toppled a green terror and cut an oversized succulent down to size.


Natural Selector - 30 points

Passed Titan's trials


Superstar - 80 points

Earned a 5-star ranking in the battle to determine the world's fate.



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Comments (4)
  • YouStayCla55y  - 2D side scroller?
    Lmao I would want more than 1600MSP for this beast of a game.

    I broke the clock playing FFVII and loved every bit of it. But that was then and this is now and I'm not sure I could give up that amount of time again.

    Or Could I ??
  • dass 3177  - dass3177
    FF 13 is the f in bomb it is the shiz if u dnt like this game then ur not a final fantasy fan and u shodnt play any of there games
  • zerojetterz89  - Final Fantasy 13
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