Gamerscore Challenge Rematch
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Monday, 01 February 2010 00:00
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Evil KNOWS evil. With our  Gamerscore Challenge Rematch with Achieve360points.com just over a week away, it is time we started to show our support. If you are not in the team, there are many ways you can help us win this battle. It is a rematch. They want revenge. Lets us not give it to them!


You can head into our forum and send the team a message of support HERE NOW (please note you have to be a registered member to do so). You can also during the 14 day challenge which begins Friday 12 February, add comments at 360voice.com and let our team know that they will defeat this tide of evil.  Offer any team member boosting sessions or simply just comment below your support.


As a message to the team (and those on the bench), good luck and let's make them suffer. Remember that there is a secret prize to the MVP, but only if we win!  Thanks again to our captain whttrashtheman and jackx289 at Achieve360points.com for making this happen.








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