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Nothing on YouTube is rarely legit, so take these Call of Duty Black Ops Achievements below with a pinch of salt. They look characteristically like Treyarch with more Veteran achievements than grenades thrown in their World at War Veteran campaign...


Posted by forum member The Riverbeast and posted on YouTube by megacoolguy9, I personally have a little bit of doubt. Where's the WMD and Payback campaigns that were shown at E3? While copying the list from the video, I found spelling mistakes and common nouns with capitals which may suggest they were not copied from an original source. If you look at the video, dying is spelt "dieing"? You be the judge.



Call Of Duty Black Ops is due November 9














Once A Hero - 25 points

Complete 'Dogtags' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Dogtags - 10 points

Countered 'The Ambush" on any difficulty (solo only)


The Lion Sleeps - 25 points

Complete 'The Wild' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Here Comes The Chopper - 25 points

Complete 'Blue Skies' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Jungle Fever - 10 points

Escaped the burning jungle on any difficulty (solo only)


Absolute Zero - 25 points

Complete 'Chills' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Avalanche - 25 points

Complete 'The Peak' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Snow White - 10 points

Invaded the Mountain Base successfully on any difficulty (solo only)


A Walk In The Park - 25 points

Complete 'Summertime' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Lovely View - 25 points

Complete 'To The Top' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Urban Assault - 10 points

Hijacked the Radio Signals on any difficulty (solo only)


New Neighbors - 25 points

Complete 'Coming to Town' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Embargo - 25 points

Complete 'Port of Disaster' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


This Town Ain't Big Enough - 25 points

Complete 'A City in Flames' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


The Epiphany -10 points

Found the truth about the war on any difficulty (solo only)


Knowledge Is Power - 25 points

Complete 'For The Greater Good' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Room 101 - 25 points

Complete 'Torture' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Unbreakable - 10 points

Retrieved the information and never gave it away on any difficulty (solo only)


Puppets - 25 points

Complete 'Orders' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Defiance - 25 points

Complete "Rebel With A Cause' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Our Own Orders - 10 points

Fought for our beliefs on any difficulty (solo only)


1984 - 25 points

Complete 'Exposed' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Everyone Achieves More - 25 points

Complete 'Old Friends' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


...Always A Hero - 25 points

Complete 'The Final Stand' on Veteran difficulty (solo only)


For Generations To Come - 10 points

Concealed the truth to protect the nation on any difficulty (solo only)


Protector - 50 points

Complete the game on any difficulty (solo only)


The Perfect Soldier - 100 points

Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty (solo only)


Minesweeper - 10 points

destroy 5 mid-air mines before they explode


Fight Everything With Fire - 10 points

Kill 20 soldiers with Incendiary Ammo


No Guts... - 10 points

Complete a level without firing a shot


Devastator - 25 points

Kill 100 enemies in 30 seconds in 'A City in Flames'


Big Boss - 30 points

Complete all 3 stealth missions without being seen


Good Hunting - 10 points

Kill 10 soldiers with a crossbow


...No Glory - 0 points

Die in the process of Machete Slash


Intelligence - 20 points

Collect half of the reports (solo only)


Know-It-All - 50 points

Collect all of the reports


Invincible - 15 points

Survive 'Torture' without dieing once on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty (solo only)


No One Fights Alone - 10 points

Complete any mission on any difficulty in private co-op


Wrong Prescription - 10 points

Kill 5 soldiers using a sniper rifle without the scope


Tree Hugger - 15 points

Complete 'The Wild' without burning any of the jungle


A Kind Heart - 10 points

Complete 'Rebel With A Cause' without killing any innocent civilians


What Comes Around - 10 points

Kill 10 soldiers with ricochet bullets


Real Estate Ain't Cheap - 25 points

Destroy all the landmarks in 'Blue Skies' (solo only)


Dare to Pair - 10 points

Complete any mission on any difficulty in public co-op


Juggler - 20 points

Kill 4 soldiers in a row using all 4 different grenades


A Hot Mess - 15 points

Kill 7 soldiers with one Molotav.


An Army of One - 40 points

Proved that nothing will stand in your way (solo only)



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