Get 10K in Ten Hours
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 13:07
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For those regular to this site, you know the drill, you know the games. But if you are just starting out, it can be a bit demoralizing to be in the low score zone while all your friends are in their thousands. So here's a handy guide to kick start your Gamerscore to something respectable. Earn 10,000 Achievement Points in ten hours!



Before we begin, take note of the times completed for each game and if you follow this guide carefully you will have 10,000 Achievement Points added to your Gamerscore. Lets start this guide with the daddy of all quick gaining achievement games.




Stick the disc in, press B repeatedly and we have a thousand points before we have even clocked up three minutes. Here is a guide to how easy this game is and understand there will never be a game like it again.




You have to move to your PC for this one, but it will be well worth it. Almost as fast as Avatar, as it all depends how fast you can type in the cheat codes. You enter codes, achievements unlock, even the ones for the DLC! The best thing is you don't have to buy the DLC's to get the achievements either. There is a video guide to this cheat here




Time to get another thousand before thirty minutes is up. After Avatar we have all been doubtful we would ever see a super easy game again, then along comes Backyard Football 2009. The whole thousand points can be picked up in one quarter and the difficulty is marked as 0/10. Interested? Of course you are and the guide is right here.




There are only five achievements in this game, however the last one "Penalty Shot" for 250 points can be tricky for some. Because we are pressed for time, pick up the first four in one game using two controllers and then attempt the Penalty Shot achievement. If you can't get it, move on as the clock is ticking. You can find the achievement guide here.




You will need to invest in a microphone controller to play this game, yet it is super easy as all you are doing is answering truth or dare quiz questions. You can get around 600 points in the first 45 minutes if you are desperate, and catch the next 400 later. Click here for the achievement guide.



This game is appalling, so use the "All Levels Unlocked" cheat and you only have to complete the levels with achievements. You will not get the "Game complete" achievement and of course you will miss out on some of the levels, but believe me, you are not missing out on much. Click here for the achievement guide.




There are only five achievements in this game and they all can be picked up by playing one game. The trick is to set it up and plan it right. Max out all your stats and you can't miss the hoop. Click here for the achievement guide.




You can probably complete this game in 30 minutes, however the controls can somewhat be a little tricky and it might take some people an hour. There is a guide right here.




There are only five achievements in College Hoops 2K6 and all can be picked up in one game. Again you need to fiddle with the gameplay sliders and create a player who is seven foot and with stats at 99. This player should help you with the blocks. All the achievements can be unlocked using a second controller as well. Click here for a guide



Time out. Five hours and 50 minutes and we have gained a massive 9,100 points. Do you want to call it quits? No, I didn't think so, as we are so close now and only four hours and ten minutes left.



There are quite a few games that can be completed in four hours, but this is one of the easiest simply because there are no collectibles. Just button bash your way through each level and you will gain achievements. The game is also very, very linear so unlikely you will get stuck. There is a guide here for extra hints.



There you have it, a total of 10,100 points in just slightly over 10 hours. Perfect game plan if you intend beating a rival in one night or simply fattening your Gamerscore. Feel free to comment if you feel this guide could be improved.








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