Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Glitch
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Saturday, 16 January 2010 00:13


Yes way, there is a glitch to beat Modern Warfare 2 Veteran difficulty on Recruit. Much like Call of Duty : World at War Veteran glitch, you can trick the game giving you veteran while playing on easy, but this time, there's no need to fiddle about during the loading screen. Before I tell you how to do it, there is a few things I need to point out.....


Firstly, this was sent in anonymously and I myself have not tested it. I personally believe you do not have to do this glitch as Veteran on Modern Warfare 2, is considerably a lot easier than Veteran modes on previous Call of Duty series. I very highly recommend you do this Veteran legit first, especially if you have never attempted Veteran before, as it very rewarding when you do. There are no infinite re-spawns so it is very do-able, if you take your time. If I can do it legit, anyone can!



However, what ever you decide to do with the game is entirely up to you and I am only giving out this glitch for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This is between you and your God and if you decide to cheat at Veteran then make sure you confess on your deathbed. If you are struggling and you want to move on and get Veteran out of the way, then this may be helpful. Besides Modern Warfare 2 isn't about Veteran anymore, it is about Special Ops. No cheats on that yet, anyway.



That said, we come to my final point. Comments like "omgz this is so lame, Veteran is easy" or " You all suck if you do this" is negating the point above I just made. This site is ALL about getting easy achievements. If someone is struggling, we are here to help and doing this glitch is no different from using a second controller to obtain achievements. If you are pure as driven snow and of course never ever cheated before, then I suggest you Google "HardLegitXbox360Achievements.com" ( a sister site that YouStayClassy once suggested)



OK now I have got that out of the way, here is the glitch. You will need two separate save locations e.g. A Hard Drive and a Memory Unit. When Modern Warfare 2 saves the game, it only saves the last checkpoint, and the difficulty is saved on your profile. To make this work, you will need to complete only the last checkpoint on Veteran, which are short and easy. This is very similar to the Bourne Conspiracy Assassin Cheat.



Here's how to do it



Step 1


Play the level on Recruit (Easy) until the last checkpoint, and then save and quit.


Step 2


Change the storage device . Go to Menu >Options >Select Save Device and restart the level on Veteran, then save and quit.


Step 3


Go back to the original storage device and continue the last checkpoint on Veteran.




There you go. Remember I am only giving this out for informational purposes so it it is entirely up to the individual should they wish to cheat on Veteran.



Credit goes to TOkani for also pointing me to kero's forum post about this glitch at Xbox360achievements.org.





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