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Hard Games Made Easy!
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Saturday, 16 January 2010 03:28


There is nothing more rewarding than beating a game on the hardest difficulty and having the undeniable right to brag. Unfortunately some games push the boundaries of common decency and demand hours of play, superhuman skills or worse, doing it legit. Fear not, this article is for those who are bone idle and just want to beat a game on Hard to brag, but wish to put as little investment as possible. In other words, cheat....


Below are some methods and cheats for beating certain games on Hard the easy way. If you have never unlocked a hard difficulty before, here's your chance to earn a hard achievement using a freeway instead of a dirt track. I have only listed so-called 'credible' games because let's face it, beating Kung Fu Panda on hard is not bragging material. Look to the very last method if you are still struggling and desperate for a hard achievement.




Kind of defeats the purpose, but some developers have allowed the use of cheat codes not to affect you gaining a achievement for completing the game on Hard. Makes no sense why they do that, but you would be stupid to be tearing your hair out on a Hard difficulty and not activate a cheat to help you?



Medal of Honor Airborne Hard: There are cheats that give you unlimited ammo and full health. You can't save while you activate these, but it sure makes Hard easier. CLICK HERE for the cheats.



Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Hard: Forget actually about dying on Hard, because there is an invincible cheat that stops that silly interruption to your gaming. Be sure to re-enter the cheat after every extraction. CLICK HERE



Battlestations : Midway Veteran: Use the unlock all levels cheat before you even played the game and then all you have to do is play the last mission of each level. It will still be hard but at least you do not have to complete the entire game on Veteran. CLICK HERE






If you can't find a cheat, time to see if you can glitch it. Of course the developers never intended you to achieve the game on Hard this way, so doing so is at your own risk.


Left 4 Dead 2 Expert:  Easy way to beat Expert just by playing the last mission. Here's a video below. Credit goes to member acidglow for the video. 







Modern Warfare 2 Veteran: The infamous Call of Duty Veteran can now be beaten by playing on Recruit. CLICK HERE.



Street Fighter IV Hard : More of an exploit than a glitch. Use Zangief. He has a move called the Double Lariat that you can easily spam beating the arcade mode on Hard easy. You can also get gold medals in the time attack and survival challenges. Check the video below. Credit goes to wii60own for the video.





Darkest of Days Chest Hair : Not exactly the most exciting game on the Xbox 360 but there's a way of just completing it on Hard by switching your difficulty and then loading in your last save of the game. CLICK HERE for the glitch.



Terminator Salvation Hard: If you are finding Hard on this game a bit more than you bargained for, try this trick CLICK HERE.



Bourne  Conspiracy Assassin :  Here's a cheat where you only need to complete the last checkpoint. There will be only two boss fights and a gun fight that could be tricky, but the rest is a breeze. CLICK HERE for the guide.



Blacksite Area 51 Hard : Another game where you can just can complete the last level of each chapter for the achievement to unlock. CLICK HERE for the guide.






Here is another handy trick that some might find useful. Sprint past your enemies instead of fighting and you will either reach the next checkpoint or in some cases the end of the level. Cowardice doesn't always work as soon or later you will be trapped, but I know this method definitely works during levels in some games. You can beat Mini Ninja's on Hard this way including the last level before the end boss where there are hordes of enemies, and you get to the gate, level ends. However lets mention some 'credible games' shall we?



Left 4 Dead Expert :  Run to the bog (toilet) when you need time to heal and close the door behind. Zombies for some reason cannot break down toilet doors.



Mass Effect Insanity : I ran about 60% of this game on Insanity especially if I was in the Mako vehicle. You cannot save while enemies are around, so make sure you run quite far away. Eventually when you hit a cut scene, you are safe. CLICK HERE for our achievement guide.



Call of Duty 2 Veteran : Pop a smoke bomb and run like the wind to the next checkpoint. This works most of the time unfortunately you only start with three smoke bombs a level so use them wisely.






If all the above methods are still giving you grief, below are a couple of games that are marked as Hard, but are actually real easy. Beating them on Hard is like playing on Recruit in Call of Duty. I wouldn't brag about these except to non-gaming friends, family or maybe your kid sister.



History Channel : Battle For The Pacific Hard: Hard on this game was really pathetic to be blunt. I only died once and that was because I accidently stepped on a land mine. CLICK HERE for our achievement guide.



History Channel : Civil War Secret Missions Hard: Another History Channel game and just as bad. One shot kills and using your skill points make this even super easy on Hard.




There are more games that can be beaten on Hard easily and most of them are kids games. Please feel free to comment below if I have left any game out.



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