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Crackdown 2 DLC Borked
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 03 September 2010 04:26


UPDATE : It has been fixed; see below.


I could say the whole game is borked but I won't. If you are about to download the Crackdown 2 Toy Box DLC, step off for a while as the DLC is apparently borked and causing freezing issues as reported in Xbox.com forums.  Incidentally this happened with the first Crackdown...


To be fair that was Realtime Worlds and this is Ruffian, two different developers. Maybe the Crackdown series is cursed with DLC as Fallout 3 was. Not for a lack of testing I am sure, yet these things happen more often than not lately. Any fix by Ruffian coming? Hopefully soon.


Crackdown 2 Toy Box DLC is out now on Xbox Live (however think about what I just wrote above)


UPDATE : It has been fixed. As the DLC was re-issued yesterday. You will need to delete the previous version (if you have downloaded it) and download the new one.




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Mile High Club - 10 points

Get a club and boost into the air to club at least one enemy from a height


Hung Out to Dry - 15 points

Hang 5 enemies off the floor using Mag Grenades


Burnt Offerings - 20 points

Set 20 people alight with your thrusters in a single airborne flight


Tac Loc Takedown - 20 points

Successfully complete 5 Tactical Locations with all agents in the same Squad Chopper


Wing-a-Ding-Ding - 20 points

Soar to over 500 meters in a single flight using your thrusters and Wingsuit


Run! Get to the Chopper! - 25 points

Kill 100 enemies in one minute using the Squad Chopper


Rocketeer - 30 points

Kill 50 enemies with your thrusters in a single airborne flight


Never Give It up - 30 points

Win a Vehicle Tag Quick Match without ever having the Orb stolen from you


One Careful Driver - 30 points

Win a Vehicle Tag Quick Match without ever destroying your vehicle


Beyond the Infinite - 50 points

Develop all skills to level 6



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