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This will be a Xbox Live GamerScore Team Challenge open to all those who would like to participate with the object to score more Gamerscore points during a set period of 7 days.

The challenge will be polled by, with the challenge ladder displayed here and at

A prize of forum badges and forum XP will be awarded, plus bragging rights.


The challenge is ONLY OPEN to forum members or staff of Easy Xbox 360 Achievements. A minimum of Forum XP level 5 is required to enter.

You will also need a 360Voice Full Membership (free and easy to register) and an Xbox Live Gold membership at the time of entry. These are both needed to poll the results.

All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited by law.

  1. Please read the RULES below first to make sure you understand what is expected.
  2. Visit and sign up for a full membership, if you have not done so already.
  3. A unique challenge code will be sent to you via PM confirming your intention to accept the challenge.
  4. Once all codes are in, the challenge will be launched Thursday 5th April. You will then have from FRIDAY 6th 12am PST (8.00am) 7 days to increase your Gamerscore. Participants score points by gaining achievements playing Xbox 360 or Windows PC Live enabled games.
  5. If you DO NOT SEND IN YOUR CODES, you will get zero points.
  6. All scoring is captured each night between 00.00am and 1.00am PST (8.00am -9.00am UK)

  1. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, ANY GAMESAVING, XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT SHARING, PROFILE GLITCHING OR USING EXTERNAL SOFTWARE They are deemed as ACHIEVEMENT STEROIDS and thus treated as doping would be. You will be disqualified and BANNED from the forum and leaderboard. Your career will be finished. If you are unsure what GAMESAVING OR ACCOUNT SHARING IS, click here
  2. ANY game can be played for points - there are no BANNED games
  3. ANY alternative Gamertag can be used. You do not need to use your primary account. However it must be a Gold account and you must declare the tag at the start.
  4. You are free to play offline during the competition.
  5. If you are banned from the forum for any reason during the challenge, you will disqualified from the challenge.
  6. Posting in the Competitions Forum constitutes an entrant's full and unconditional agreement and acceptance of these Rules.
  7. All participants must have a minimum Forum XP level 5 to enter.
  8. Should there be a TIE, the player with the highest Gamerscore will be deemed the winner.

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